Q5. Why Is the World Round?

Recently, The C.C. and I created a ‘Page’ where you, my dear readers, could ask questions of us.  The following is one such question. Should you care to see the questions already asked; they can be found on our Ask a Question page.

Why Is the World Round?

Listen while you read   

Why is the world round, indeed? We shall tell you, Dear Ones. The world is round because if it were not, you would fall off.

Our dearest, Carolyn, is somewhat perplexed by this. Are you not, dearest?

Yes I am somewhat perplexed. If we were a physical body I could understand the roundness of the Earth with its gravitational pull to keep us upright, etc. However, as a consciousness we are not in need of a physical form upon which to live.

Precisely, dearest; we are not a body and, as such, do not require a physical body upon which to live. This is truth, dearest. However, for the sake of our enjoyment we create fantasies for fun, and development, naturally.

The Earth is one such fun fantasy. For most it is fun, and for some it is a means to progress, you appreciate.

Perhaps we had better explain this a little more?

Indeed, dearest, we shall.

There are currently approximately 7.5 billion individuals upon Earth (we speak of the human form only, Dear Hearts). Of those 7.5 billion are 4 billion Light Workers; 1.5 billion here to circumnavigate their innate negativity, and approximately 2 billion here to enjoy the fantasy in all its wonder.

The Light Workers are here to instigate the change we have agreed upon for the Earth Fantasy from one of hatred, violence, greed and angst to our new desire for Love and Perfection to become the norm for this particular fantasy. To explain:

We, the majority, have agreed to implement a new beginning; a beginning toward the evolution of the Fantasy of Earth. We have tired of the negative premise and now wish to implement change. This will require at least three centuries before the new is guaranteed. However, there will be a gradual shift to the new; beginning now.

At the end of the first century 30% of those here for the purpose of circumnavigating their innate negativity will have achieved their goal. By the end of the second century almost all will have achieved the perfected state of consciousness with the third century having a small contingent of souls/consciousnesses struggling to gain perfection. They will be almost imperceptible, Dear Hearts. That is right, Dear Ones. Those struggling consciousnesses remaining during the third century from now will be so small as to be almost ‘invisible’. (A little consciousness joke, Dear Hearts.)   😀

So to you who has asked this question we say:

Thank You. We appreciate your intention to be all that you can be, Dear Heart. Much great love to you.

Many Blessings, Dear Ones.

©2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness

ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

Q4. Why Do We All Want a Partner?

Recently, The C.C. and I created a ‘Page’ where you, my dear readers, could ask questions of us.  The following is one such question.

Why Do We All Want a Partner?

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You tell me! Why do ‘you’ want a partner?

Yes, that is right, Dear Hearts. Company. Company. Company. It is that simple.

Though there are those who choose to be alone, and this is right for them; the majority enjoy company; even if that company is not pleasant. And why is this? This is so because, for man, company enables progress. We shall explain:

Man/woman need the company of others in order to develop and grow; for the most part, you understand, Dear Heart. Company means controversy; indeed yes, Dear Ones. Do we not encounter opposition when in company? Yes? No? Most agree that company provides opposition. And what is the general result when we meet opposition?

This varies for the individual; however, in the main we (man, you appreciate) encounters ‘self’ when he meets opposition. Without company and the ensuing opposition, man would remain stagnant, still, without forward momentum, you appreciate, Dear Heart.

Yes, company, in any form requires of us more than solitary aloneness.

Our dearest, Carolyn, reminds us that some can feel ‘alone’ when in company. And this is certainly true for many. Our dearest suffered this stance herself not so long ago. And this we say to those who suffer aloneness when in company.

Be assured that, given time and a desire to overcome this debilitating state, you will, Dear One. Time is your friend in this regard. Our dearest overcame, and so too will you.

Many Blessings, Dear Ones.

©2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness

ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World



Q3. Why is there so much Violence in the World?

Recently, The C.C. and I created a ‘Page’ where you, my dear readers, could ask questions of us.  The following is one such question.

Please be aware: When The C.C. speak about our achieved perfection, they are referring to our lives as a consciousness only.

Why is there so much Violence in the World?

Listen while you read 

This is an easy question to answer, Dear Hearts. The reason why there is much violence in the world is because we have created man to be of a violent nature. This was done to remind him of our beginnings.

We would love for you to read about our beginnings, Dear Hearts. When you do you will begin the process of change. “Change”, we hear you say!

Yes, change, Dear Ones. And to what will you change? Once again an easy question.

You will begin the change from ignorance to truth.

We shall not go into this subject more than to say, Dear Ones. It is now time to awaken to the truth of our beginnings. For, Dear Hearts, it is now time to move on from ignorance of the truth to knowing consciously why you are here, and what is expected of you.

You, Dear Heart, have agreed to change. You, Dear One, have agreed to accept the challenge of change. You, Dear Heart, will, at some time, resolve the doubts and move forward to change.

Our dearest, Carolyn, wishes for us to say more about the challenges to come. We shall, dearest; yes, we shall.

Over the coming century there will be an abundance of violence. Do not fear this statement; it is intended not to alarm; but to forewarn you of things to come. For the Light Workers of the World this will not cause you harm; you will not, unless you choose, be affected by the violence. You are safe, Dear Heart; this is not your intent to be affected nor present in violent circumstances. Know this is not your mission and all will be well. Those who are to be affected are those here strictly for the purpose of circumnavigating the innate negativity, which we all suffer. Know also, Dear Ones, that you, as a Light Worker, have already achieved this state of perfection and, as such, do not need further challenges in this regard.

Do not also be concerned for those who have yet to perfect themselves. They will be given ample challenges by which to achieve perfection. Compassion for their plight is all that is expected and required from you.

Violence: a necessity for those who have yet to perfect themselves.


Note: When The C.C. speak about our achieved perfection, they are referring to our lives as a consciousness only.

©2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness

ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

Q2. How does a Light Worker live more effectively in the present moment?

Recently, The C.C. and I created a ‘Page’ where you, my dear readers, could ask questions of us.  Following is a question to get the ball rolling, so to speak. It is not the first question asked; however, it is the first to be posted using our new format. The remaining two questions will appear as I am inspired to reveal them…… mine is not to question why!   xoxoxo

How does a Light Worker live more effectively in the present moment; in particular, when the brain tries to interfere with intrusive thoughts?

Listen while you read 

This is a common problem amongst Light Workers, Dear Heart. In fact, it is a common problem for man.

How to deal with this? We shall tell you, Dear One.

Awareness is your greatest tool to prevent this and many other inordinacies of the brain. Yes, Dear Heart; you would do well to keep in mind the inordinacies that intrude upon your daily living. Be not afraid of the inordinacies; but, bear in mind they will intrude as often as they dare.

We say this, Dear Heart, because the brain is an instrument under your control. Is it not? Is there another within your mind directing your thoughts, Dear Heart? No, Dear One, there is not; there is only you. Therefore, Dear Heart, we make this comment to bring this to your conscious awareness. There is nought but you controlling, or not controlling your thought processes.

With this as the premise from which all things emanate; i.e., you, Dear Heart, being the controller at the computer as it were – you, and you alone are in command of the buttons, Dear Heart. The buttons of thought you either push, pull or regard as ‘off limits’.

When you appreciate this in its totality, you must, by adherence to common sense, make every effort to be the best controller available. You get the drift, Dear One!


When this awareness, and possible visual image; i.e., you as the controller sitting upright before any matter at hand; adjust your thinking to your powerful position, you then, Dear Heart, must manage said computer with diligence and calm.

Yes, Dear Heart; calm is always your dearest friend. Is it not?

We have spoken with you upon this subject, Dear Heart. Have we not? It can be, and is the answer for many of the brain’s inordinacies.

Before, during and after a happening, Dear One; calm is the only cure. Indeed, Dear Heart; awareness and calm will always win the day.

Many blessings, Dear Heart; Many Blessings.

©2017  Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness

ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World 

Are You a Light Worker?

Are You a Light Worker? (Listen while you read)

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We are writing this because we feel many do not appreciate what a Light Worker is.

Firstly: A Light Worker is one who feels an enormous pull toward right. That is, Dear Hearts; doing that which is right.

This applies, not only to their own world and perspectives; but also to the world in general. You see, Dear Ones; the Light Worker has a mission. This can only be achieved by those who fear the worst being done. Sounds confusing? Yes, it is a little confusing. However, Dear Hearts, be that as it may we can only speak truth; even when confusion reigns.

Our dearest, Carolyn, has great insight into the hearts and minds of Light Workers. Hers has been a tale of a Light Worker constrained ad infinitum. By this we mean, Dear Hearts; Carolyn has not been able to achieve very much by way of her mission until now.

Yes, Dear Hearts; now is the season for our dearest to respond to the undertaking she agreed upon before embarking upon the Earth Fantasy.

And this we say to you, Dear Light Worker:

Your quest, for many, will have its beginnings now. You may feel overwhelmed; you may feel undeserving of such a title. However, no matter your internal conversation you will not be able to refuse the promptings of your soul. Be it now; or be it in some future time your soul will begin its work. And what is your soul’s work?

This is an easy question to answer, Dear Ones. Your soul’s work is to enlist your help. Indeed this is true, Dear Ones. Your soul’s intent is to assist you in your quest of perfecting yourself.

As a Light Worker your consciousness, or soul, is perfect. However, Dear Heart, to bring peace and calm to the Earth Fantasy there is a need for the Light Workers of the World to attain perfection. And what is perfection?

That is right, dear friends; perfection is a state of being devoid of fear.

Many now are understanding. It is not a matter of perfecting the world. It is a matter of perfecting one’s self. As in spirit, so in human form.

We would delight in you reading our free books (below) in which is given our beginning, our middle and our agreed upon end for the Earth Fantasy. This information will awaken the truth within you. This may take some time, or, for some, will be an instant appreciation of their mission.

Many Blessings, Dear Hearts

Welcome to our series of Free Books.


ABC of Spirit Talk 1. In The Beginning

3in1 160x240completeWe are pleased to announce the first of many books detailing our lives as consciousnesses.

Yes, Dear Ones, read on for the beginning of our tale.

We hope you find yourself within its pages.




ABC of Spirit Talk 2. We Who Have Nothing

WeWhoHaveNothing160x240ThesecondWhere shall we begin, dearest? Shall we begin by telling our readers a little about ourselves? Indeed, we believe this is a fine place to start. For those who have not read our first book, In The Beginning, we shall speak briefly of ourselves. Indeed we shall, dear hearts.

We are consciousness, Dear Hearts. That’s right. We are a consciousness. We, and you, and all you see, Dear Ones, are a consciousness, to be sure.


ABC of Spirit Talk 3. Our Time Has Come

ABC160x240ourtimehascomeGreenBorder1Our time has come for yet another book, dearest, indeed. And what shall we talk about? Ah, yes; we can talk about our lives as (so-called) spirit. Yes?

Yes, I’m sure our readers would enjoy that.

And you, Dear Heart; would you enjoy talking about our lives as consciousnesses?

I would indeed. Yes, I’d love that topic to be discussed.

Indeed, dearest. On we go:


Carolyn & The Collective Consciousness

©2017  Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World 

Love & Perfection, Terror & Angst

LoveandPerfectionTerrorandAngstLove and Perfection, Terror and Angst  (Listen while you read)

What a beautiful day! The sun has risen, the birds are chirping; all is well with the world…

We all know this is a fantasy for many. The sun may have risen, the birds may be chirping. However, Dear Hearts, all is not well with the world. Do not fear this state; it is as it is meant to be.

Our dearest Carolyn has returned from a whirlwind romance with the world. She visited England, where she came into contact with joy and a newfound respect for terror. Indeed, Dear Ones, our dearest Carolyn found many Light Workers entangled in energies they have no part of. By this we mean, Dear Hearts:

The Light Workers of the World are having a singular experience; one that encompasses love and perfection.

We hope you have availed yourself of our free books, Dear Hearts; they tell all, so to speak, of the mission of the Light Worker. Our latest book Bringing of Light speaks, in depth, of the multitudes of consciousness, and their particular reasons for being within the fantasy of Earth. We hope you allow this information into your conscious reality; it will help you to fathom, in a simple way, your role and the roles of all.

Returning to our story, Dear Hearts:

We have, in previous writings, spoken of those here for the purpose of ridding themselves of negativity. As a Light Worker you have already achieved the perfected state, i.e., able to circumnavigate our core, which is based on negativity. We know and appreciate that for some these words will cause consternation. However, they be true, Dear Hearts. Once accepted the Light Worker is free to do that which he/she has come to achieve. And what is that?

Love and perfection is the goal of the Light Worker. This cannot be achieved until the truth is accepted. You are perfect, Dear Heart. As a consciousness, you are perfect. And how has this been achieved?

It has been achieved by your conscious appreciation of our core of negativity. Yes, Dear Ones; this sounds funny, we know. However, this is true. Once achieved, love and perfection become your watchword, as is the case for our dearest Carolyn and many reading the words of love offered within this writing.

You, Dear Heart, are one such individual. You have achieved perfection and are now here to stabilise this state into being. We suggest, Dear Heart, that you avoid, as much as possible, the angst, terror and negativity of the world. We are not suggesting a ‘head in the sand’ attitude; no, Dear Ones, this will never do.

What we are suggesting, Dear Ones, is to live your life bringing love and perfection to all you do, and leave those who are still perfecting themselves to their work. This will mean being objective to the terror, pain and misery of many. This does not mean being without compassion; no, Dear Ones. However, avoiding the unnecessary angst involved in overloading yourself with the misery of the world will effect the change you have come to achieve. Maintaining your joy and love of life will evince the core long worked for, and will ripple out to many without your awareness or intent.

This is your work, dear Light Worker:  To be free of the negativity you see about you, without which many millions of consciousnesses cannot achieve perfection.

Carolyn & The Collective Consciousness

©2017  Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World 

Advice for All Light Workers

Hello, and welcome to the new.

My name is Carolyn Page; I hope to see you some time in a future planned for us. You will know if this is to happen; there will be a softly spoken part of you that knows.

I look forward to meeting with you in person; over the phone; on a screen applicable to the technology of the day.

Yes, dear friend, won’t you join with me in celebrating that for which we are here:

The advent of the new Fantasy for Earth.

Together we shall discover the new, and what that entails for you.

Know that you will have your own journey, your own particular set of plans; no two alike, dear friend.

You will, if you have chosen to be a part of the Light Worker team, have a sense of belonging, with perhaps, a tinge of fear. Yes, I too know what it means to fear the unknown.

Know that I have conquered that fear. Know that I know how to deal with that fear. Know that, if asked, I will assist you to overcome that fear, and more.

We will discuss your needs.

We will, at your command, address those things that bind you to the earthly nuances that disturb and prevent you from attaining that which you have agreed to do.

Oh yes, my dear friend; know that I look forward to meeting with you. Know that I am ready to play my role in your life.

Seek me, and you shall find me. Together we shall have the adventure of our lives.

My travel itinerary for June/July 2017 can be found here.

Many blessings await, dear friend, indeed.

Carolyn Page

© Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World