Q9. Are All Light Workers Clairvoyant?

Are All Light Workers Clairvoyant?

This question was asked by ‘The Daughter’. Yes indeed, our dearest’s daughter has asked this question.

It will take almost an essay to answer this question, Dear Heart; so we shall put it sharply and to the point.

All Light Workers, upon attaining a certain degree of progression to Love and Perfection, will be given the set of skills pertaining to the role they have agreed to play.

Our dearest, for instance, is embarking upon a career that has been sparked by the desire to be independent; yes indeed. This was always going to be the case, Dear Heart; as it will be the case for each Light Worker.

Our dearest would not have considered this as a career, nor as a suitable manner in which to attain independence. And this will also be the case for many Light Workers as they attain a particular development; yes indeed. They will be presented with opportunities; opportunities presented as a matter of course, Dear One.

You, for instance, Dear Heart, are not currently aware of the possibilities that shall be presented to you. You are indeed nearing that level of progression, however, and will find yourself, as our dearest, delving into matters not before entertained. This is pre-ordained, Dear One, and will come matter-of-factly as has been the case for our dearest.

We ask, however, that you not pre-empt this condition; this will only bring angst and bewilderment. Until you are ready, as in a particular frame of mind, any investigation of the future will be not only futile, Dear Heart, but also detrimental.

And this we say to all Light Workers:

Know that the future will hold for you those things agreed upon before entering The Fantasy. And be assured you will acquire the set of skills needed to procure that which is imminent.

Many Blessings, Dear Heart. Once again your question will assist many Light Workers attain a better grasp.

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

Q8. How Does One Fill One’s Moments?


Recently, The C.C. and I created a ‘Page’ where you, my dear readers, could ask questions of us.

  • Our dearest Carolyn has a question, Dear Hearts. It is:

How does one fill one’s moments/days once the mind no longer fills each moment with the thoughts of another?

(After speaking with my beautiful daughter, Veronica, this morning and mentioning that the past few days I have had an enormous amount of energy (which was previously spent occupying my time with the thoughts of another/others) I came to appreciate I needed help.
The C.C. inspired me to offer my question for all to see.)

Yes, indeed, dearest; this will come to pass for all who diligently work towards success. Indeed, this is true, Dear Ones.

We offer this:

As a matter of course, the road will become clear to each and everyone as they turn the corner to success. It is not a matter of finding ‘something to do’; it becomes ‘doing that which you have come to do’.

There is a plan, dearest; yes indeed. The plan will unfold. What is needed is patience. No amount of thinking will bring the plan into being. No, dearest; this is not the case. The plan, which you chose for yourself, will unfold slowly but surely.

A simple answer, dearest; for a simple remedy.

Many Blessings are yours, dearest. Many Blessings will be yours.

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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(Should you have a question you’d like us to answer we’d love to hear from you.)

It’s the Little Things


Listen while you read  

“It’s the little things,” our dearest says.

Yes indeed, Dear Ones, it is the little things of life that hold the greatest challenge. And what is meant by this?

What is meant, Dear Hearts, is:

As you go through your day acquiring greater knowledge ~ Oh yes, Dear Hearts; this is what living is all about. You think not? You think that life is not for learning and gaining greater command over yourself? Yes, indeed, Dear Hearts:

Life is for living. If you are living, you are learning. If you are ‘alive’ and not learning; well, Dear One; what can we offer you? That is right, Dear One; we can not offer you very much at all. For this is life, Dear Heart: Constant learning.


Back to the beginning, Dear One. We have now established that life is for living; life is for learning. If we are not learning; we are ‘dead’. And what is ‘dead’? You, Dear Heart; if you are not learning.

It is not book learning we speak of. No, Dear Ones; there is learning that far overrides the knowledge that can be found within books. No, Dear Hearts; it is the raising of your consciousness by gaining command over those things that once baffled you. We shall give some examples:

  1. Command over yourself.
  2. Command over yourself.
  3. Command ~ indeed, Dear Ones; you get the drift.

And this is what is on offer for those who choose to be conscious throughout their day.

Our dearest advises this is somewhat tiresome, at times, and demands a lot of energy on her part. However, the results are spectacular; to use her word!

Yes, Dear Ones; to be conscious of your self is what we are speaking about. Not being conscious of another; no, Dear Ones. This, being conscious of another, demands all your strength, and drains you of the precious energy given for you to enjoy life. When this energy is used, in the mental sense of having another upon your mind, so to speak; you, Dear One, are drained, indeed.

Our dearest, via our advice, has many moments; indeed, hours of being at one within herself. She no longer is drained by having another upon her mind.

And you, Dear Heart? Do you go through your day with another upon your mind? Only you can answer this question. Only you can alleviate this condition. Only you have the power to circumnavigate this erroneous condition. Only you are depleted by allowing another to have such sway upon your thoughts. Only you will benefit to the highest degree when you, willingly, allow such incontrovertible and demanding energies to leave.

We wish you well in your endeavours.

Many Blessings, Dear Ones

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

Positive and Negative Light Workers Working in Tandem (5) A New Life


Listen while you read 

Here we are again, dearest, at the keyboard, indeed. And what shall we speak about? Oh yes; perhaps we could speak about the new life you will be living. Shall we?

Yes, please do.

Right, dearest, we shall. The new life – this sounds as if there are two lives. Does it not? One before the latest realisation; and one after. And this is true, dearest. The life that lies before you bears little resemblance to that which was before. This is as the result of many changes for you dearest. Yes?

Yes, this is indeed the case.

And what was before? Before the current realisations, your life, dearest, was one of duty, responsibility and honour. However, dearest, these were not duty, responsibility and honouring yourself. No, dearest. These were favours you bestowed upon all and sundry; leaving little appreciation for yourself. Would this be a true statement?

Yes it would. I certainly put everyone before myself. I may not have thought that, at the time; though, it is true. I was living life for others.

Yes indeed, dearest; this we know was true for you. And now?

Now I am finding myself doing things but without the thought of someone else on my mind. I’m now realising that there was very little time, if any, when I didn’t have someone else’s needs or desires on my mind.

Once again, dearest. And now?

I am relaxed. I’m doing things with myself in mind. That is; I’m beginning to appreciate that ‘I’ have a life, and I want to live it. I want now to do those things that I’ve denied myself. I don’t want the desires of others to be those things I do. I would have to say; I’m beginning to see my life as something to be enjoyed and not to be endured; as I have often thought.

It is exciting, dearest?

Yes, it is somewhat exciting. Only yesterday I mentioned to my daughter, Veronica, that I felt like a young schoolgirl about to leave and enter the wider world. I felt excited, a little nervous and a lot naive about many things; one of those things being the unfamiliar feeling of placing myself first.

And are you enjoying yourself?

Yes; though I do know that Rome wasn’t built in a day. There is still ‘work’ to be done with my partner of the Negative. We, as a team, are changing for the better; however, I believe this will take a little time for it to become the norm for us.

In what sense, dearest?

There is far less meanness and control on his part. However, occasionally he criticises or complains.

And how do you handle this?

You advised for me to use humour, though, you did say that there were varying ways to circumvent these energies. One of the ways you mentioned was to go to the ‘dream’ I now know is to become my future. This most certainly has the effect of transporting me to a place all my own, so to speak. I am quite surprised to find I am totally encapsulated in a very sweet energy; one that seems to obliterate the sense of being in company.

Being in company, dearest?

Yes. When I’ve returned, so to speak, from my reverie I realise I have not been cognisant of being with my partner for that period of time. The mood has changed, during my so-called absence, and it is as if the meanness hadn’t occurred.

You have not been affected, dearest?

Yes, that is precisely the effect.

Good, dearest; this is good. We shall leave this here for now.

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

Positive and Negative Light Workers Working in Tandem (4) The Beginning of the Releasement of Fear and Loathing


The following is an excerpt of our previous writings. Listen while you read 

Hear what we say, Dear Ones. Your team member of the Negative unconsciously emits negative energies toward you. They are the result of us, The Collective Consciousness who, by agreement, cause your team member of the Negative to violate your thoughts with negativity.

Today’s ordeal is tomorrow’s victory. Yes indeed, Dear Hearts; we ask that you take these words to heart. In essence they ask you to surrender. And what surrender is that? It is the surrender of energy; energy that has accumulated in error. Yes, Dear Ones; energy is energy is energy; it is not real, as such; it is an intangible. Indeed, Dear Ones, we speak of the energy of feeling, of emotion, of misinformation. This is the energy of which we speak. It is, ironically, the greatest purveyor of terror within the Fantasy; a harsh word, a violent response, a sarcastic grin, a sneer, a menacing glance; all purveyors of negativity, indeed.

An implied gesture of malice can and does carry enormous energy. In fact, Dear Hearts, an implied menace can be an overwhelming burden carried forever, should it be allowed. This can have devastating results upon the intended victim; just as horrific as physical abuse, yet an abuse that lingers in the thoughts making life unbearable for the Light Worker of the Light.

And this is the game, Dear Ones. We, you and I and all playing the game agree to the rules; once the rules are known, the victor changes hands. In so doing, the victim becomes the victor, and the purveyor of terror gains freedom from the promptings which, for most, cause constant bewilderment.

Hear what we say, Dear Hearts. For the purveyor of terror, the changeover brings peace from the eternal promptings that saw them bewildered by their conduct.

With this knowledge, Dear Hearts, you will evidence a surrendering of fear. This may take moments; it may take days; it may take weeks. However, Dear Ones, should you take this information within, it will take root. A beginning of your appreciation of the game will commence. The game and its rules will begin to make sense. You will feel a softening toward your aggressor. You will evidence this softening slowly yet surely. This softening will allow you to reduce the fear and loathing you may have within.

This is the beginning. We shall speak more about this in the coming days.

Many Blessings

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

Positive and Negative Light Workers Working in Tandem (3)

parasailing-826056_960_720 (1)

Listen while you read  

Another day; another remembrance.

Yes, Dear Hearts; another day brings more memories of previous days. This is a simple statement, yet one that has a deeper meaning when pondered.

Our previous two writings have offered much by way of information; this is true, Dear Ones. This day we bring more information to the fore; information that, if taken within, will evidence renewal. Yes, Dear Ones, a renewal of memory.

Our dearest is, once again, perplexed. She does not know to where we lead.

We are leading, dearest, to remembering; this we are. All knowledge is known, dearest; it may not be conscious knowledge. However, it is known.

We are consciousness. We are consciousness having a Fantasy. In this particular Fantasy we are human; i.e., four billion of us are Light Workers; two billion working as Light Workers of the Light, and two billion working on the opposite team.

As we have stated, there is need for a member of both teams working together in tandem in order for progress to be made. And to what progress do we work? We are working toward the progression of the Earth Fantasy to one of Love and Perfection. We shall not go into this more deeply, Dear Ones, there is ample written material upon this subject.

Yes indeed, Dear Hearts; we have spoken of the need for the Light Workers of the Light and the Negative to work in tandem. Only in this way will progress be made.

Our dearest has had, overnight, a joyful happening. May we dearest?

Yes, please do.

Right dearest, we shall.

Our dearest is a Light Worker extraordinaire. This is her life’s work; her agreed upon calling for this so-called lifetime. Hers has not been an easy task, Dear Ones; her work has demanded much from her. Her life has been devoid of a career, as such; it has been thwarted in its forward movement, so to speak.

Our dearest has the capacity to be whatever she may care to be. However, we, consciousness, have intentionally kept our dearest from being successful in her attempts to improve her financial/social status. Yes indeed we have. This was and has been done to keep her removed from the daily throng, so to speak, maintaining her within the sphere of spiritual work, you appreciate. Yes, Dear Ones, many a person has been blessed by her counsel; work that, in general, brought her little financial gain. However, this is to change. Our dearest now has the opportunity to re-visit. Yes, Dear Hearts, our dearest now will have the opportunity to do as she always wanted. We shall not speak of her dreams. Until they are becoming a reality it is best, by far, to keep one’s own counsel, lest the negativity of others cause setbacks. However, her dreams will be fulfilled.

And why are they to be fulfilled? They are to be fulfilled because of the work our dearest has done in the perfection stakes.

Yesterday our dearest was given a challenge. The challenge being to surrender all negativity toward her partner, our Dear One, Keith. Last evening saw her grappling with this challenge. Many hours saw her entangled within; on the one hand, love for her beloved; on the other, fear and loathing for some of his conduct.

Was she successful in surrendering the negative energies? Indeed she was. She was able to remain gentle, loving and with her usual humour in the face of the negative promptings which our Dear Heart, Keith, unconsciously rendered toward her.

Hear what we say, Dear Ones. Your team member of the Negative unconsciously emits negative energies toward you. They are the result of us, The Collective Consciousness who, by agreement, cause your team member of the Negative to violate your thoughts with negativity. And this challenge is now yours, Dear Ones.

Our dearest has been working upon herself for many a year. We do not expect you to surrender your negative thoughts toward a Light Worker of the Negative in an overnight forage; no indeed. You may take as much as, in Earthly terms, one year to relinquish those deeply embedded fears; you may take as little as a day, a week, a month. However, Dear Friends, know this is part of the agreement you made; and know it can and will be done.

Many Blessings, Dear Ones

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World


Light Workers/Sacrificial Lambs?


Listen while you read  

Our dearest is experiencing life in differing ways to yesterdays. Indeed, Dear Ones, our dearest is regretting having remained in many ways of the past. We shall explain:

As a Light Worker of the Light there are many and intriguing ways to deal with life. Firstly, the Light Worker has a built-in mechanism of Love. Yes, this is true, Dear Friends. Light Workers are born, so to speak, with this built-in ability to Love. This is not always the case for those of the Negative. Yes indeed, Dear Hearts; those of the Negative are not always able to love. This, our dearest, finds unusual, indeed.

“Yes, dearest, those Light Workers of the Negative (those two billion of the Negative) are not always capable of Love. And why is this?”

This is so, because, Dear Ones; this is the agreement of the two billion Light Workers of the Negative. They agree to this state of being before entering the Fantasy; yes indeed.

Our dearest has found, over the past few weeks, those of the Negative are rather dull. Yes indeed; they are not the sharpest tool in the box; as the saying goes.

This has quite surprised our dearest. And why has this surprised?

It has surprised our dearest because this was quite a surprising revelation. And how did this revelation come to be?

It came to be, Dear Ones, because of a suggestion from us, The Collective Consciousness. Yes, indeed, we asked our dearest to remain quiet. That is, Dear Ones; we asked our dearest to remain tight lipped in many situations where once she offered advice. A simple statement, Dear Hearts:

How can we know the inner workings of those near and dear if we constantly put words into their mouths? We cannot. No, Dear Ones; those near and dear to us, should they be Light Workers of the Negative, will remain in control should we fall into the trap of offering ourselves for sacrifice.

(For those who would like further information in this regard we invite you to read our further posting.)

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