Carolyn’s Tipz ~ Unapologetic

Carolyn’s Tipz ~ Unapologetic (Listen while you read)

caution-rattlesnakes-1110113__340In our lives as humans there are times when enough is enough! Do we continue to suck the apple when the juice is no longer? Do we eat the meat when it has soured and gone rancid? Do we allow others to exhibit unacceptable behaviour without question?

These, and many other parallel parables, arise throughout our lifetime. There must be an end to all things; and this we say to you:

To remain in a condition that asks more of you than you are willing to give, must do harm. To allow others to consistently abuse your good nature, will surely do harm. It is likened to placing your arm in a pit of snakes; they will bite.

Yes, dear friends; would you place your arm in a pit of snakes? We hope your answer is no; indeed we do. However, were you to be allowing others to abuse, in any form; this can indeed be likened to placing your arm in a pit of snakes.

Think this over carefully, dear ones, and see if indeed you are doing this. If you are, in a figurative sense, placing your arm within a pit of snakes, we would suggest withdrawing your arm as quickly as possible. The snakes may not appreciate the withdrawal. However, dear heart:

Is your arm important to you? Or do you care more for the opinions and idiosyncrasies of snakes?

©2017  Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness  –  ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World 

Carolyn’s Tipz ~ To Your Health!


Carolyn’s Tipz ~ Your Health  (Listen while you read)

‘Your health’ is a euphemism for a more deliberate attempt to cover a huge area of concern. The health of the organism, any organism, is vital to its ability to enjoy its life. Is it not? Without, so-called, health, the organism can be considered restricted, unable to function at its best. And this is what we see when we look about us.

Illness is as much a part of human life as is breathing. Yes, dear friends; do not admonish yourself for the illness you may be enduring; it may be simply an agreement entered into before entering the Earth Fantasy.

Our dearest, Carolyn, suffered illness in the form of exhaustion some short while past. Today she has recovered to the degree whereby life, once again, is enjoyable. Yes, Dear Hearts, this is the case for our Dear Heart. However, there are always surprises.

Our dearest wonders what is to come. Do you not, dearest?

Yes, I’m somewhat bemused by what may be to come.

Do not fear, dearest; we do not wish to cause alarm. However, and there is always an however; we are here to foretell a future episode that may cause you to be somewhat concerned for others.

Yes, dearest; we proclaim illness will be at the forefront for many within your sphere. And what will be the cause of said illness? We shall tell you:

Sadness; yes, dearest; sadness is an illness. When we allow sadness to infiltrate our beings we are opening ourselves to illness.

You think not, Dear Hearts? You think that sadness will not create illness? We can assure you, Dear Ones; sadness will cut you down just as quickly as any illness. It will rob you of vitality; it will destroy cells; it will guarantee you age prematurely. This is certainly will, Dear Ones. And what can we do to prevent sadness?

We can be aware of the damaging results to be experienced were we to allow sadness to go unchecked.

A timely warning for those of you who are currently allowing personal and worldly events to cause alarm, Dear Hearts.

Sadness; a debilitating condition of limitation.

Carolyn and The Collective Consciousness

©2017 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World

Carolyn’s Tipz ~ A Better View!

A Better View  (Listen while you read)


Ask for a better view. Does this sound funny, Dear Ones? Yes, to some this may indeed sound funny.

And why would we ask for a better view?

We may wish to ask for a better view when the view we have does not entertain us.

Entertain us?

Yes. When our view; our mental view does not entertain us, we need to ask for a better view.

And why would we want a better view?

Sometimes, we need a better view when the view we have causes us strife.

Strife, you say!

Yes, strife.

And what is strife?

That’s an easy question; yes it is. Strife causes us conflict; indeed it does. Whenever we are in conflict, our view is not pleasant. No, indeed, my dear friends; conflict is not pleasant.

And what can we do when we feel conflict within?

We can ask for a better view; that’s right.


Give it a go! When you feel conflict within; ask; that’s right; ask. And if your desire is true, a better view will come to you.

©2017 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World

Carolyn’s Tipz – How to Stop Worrying

 (Listen while you read) 

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How to stop worrying?

By understanding that worrying is a game, dear heart; a game that will eat at your very soul, dearest. Indeed, this is what happens when you worry:

Your soul, or consciousness, is harmed; yes sir’ee.

This is what happens when you alter your chemical make-up when you worry.

Your entire structure is harmed. That’s right, dear hearts. Your entire structure; indeed all cells within, are harmed.

Have you ever wondered what the causes of old age are? Indeed, old age comes to those whose basic structure is caused irreparable damage when worry is allowed to abound. Indeed, this is true, dear hearts.

You ask how can one stop worrying? Yes?


Good, we shall tell you.

Firstly we need a premise. Yes, a premise is required in order for the tale to be told. Our premise consists of two things, dear hearts.

  1. Worry is ‘not’ insurmountable. Hear what we say, dearest.
  2. Worry is ‘not’ insurmountable.

Many disagree, dear hearts. To them we say: Each must act according to that which is held dear, dear heart. Should you be one who believes worry to be insurmountable, then so shall it be, dear heart. So shall it be.

However, should there be a little doubt in your mind, i.e., should you ‘hope’ that worry is surmountable; then, dear one, there is ‘hope’ for you, indeed.

We would ask, dear one, that you think upon this, and when next you find worry crossing your brow we would suggest, dear heart, that you remember your ‘hope’. We guarantee, dear one, should you make this a consistent habit, we assure you that within a short time you will find your new found hope becoming a reality.


Simple! Yes, dear ones, this is indeed simple; though, like all good things, it needs consistency and commitment.

We wish you well in your new found freedom, and will delight with you in your success.

©2016 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

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The Pig Reflection casts more understanding upon the matter of ‘not worrying’, dear hearts.

Carolyn’s Tipz – Oppression

Oppression   (Listen while you read) 

Zen400swprodshutterstock_168559829 copy


Don’t lean to oppression, my friends; else it have its sorry way with you.

Don’t lean to oppression, my friends; it will cause you much harm.


It will take away your soul, your love. Indeed it will take away your life.

For what is oppression but a double edged sword.


It shall rip you shreds to shreds. It will do with you as it will.

It has no fear of consequences, only its lust and needs to fulfil.


Yes, my dear friends; oppression has, at its heart, one desire only; that is to fulfil its own desires, with no thought for you.

I hope you look after you; I hope you see through oppression. I hope you can tear yourself away, should oppression have its hold.

©2014 Carolyn Page  ABC of Spirit Talk

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Carolyn’s Tipz – Confusion

Confusion   (Listen while you read)


We all suffer from confusion from time to time; do we not my dear friends?

Indeed, confusion can cause us much great alarm; for its purpose is to cause us to go around and around in circles.

Hahaaa, this it does. It causes us to stir around and around; like a spoon in a teacup.

I don’t particularly like feeling this ‘spoon in a teacup’ experience; and I doubt that you do too.

Therefore, we have a problem; a problem that needs a solution.

Has anyone a solution to this problem? If yes, pray tell us your solution.

In the meantime, I shall offer a solution.

Firstly; let go of the spoon. Yes my friends; let go of the spoon. Stop stirring; that’s right. In order to ‘stop the circling around and around’ we firstly need to stop stirring. That’s right. When we are not stirring, we can sit quietly. That’s right. When we can sit quietly, we allow the circling to cease. That’s right. When we can allow the circling to stop, we can see better the solution to our confusion. That’s right. When we have a better view of the confusion we are better able to come to a solution.


This is confusion –  this is what confusion asks of us:  It asks us to get our knickers in a knot.

If we can alleviate this knot, somewhat, we are already coming to a solution.

©2014 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

Carolyn’s Tipz – Remain Calm

Remain Calm  (Listen while you read)

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Image Credit: carballo/

Do remain calm in whatever you do;

A little good can come of the energy it woos.

A little tender loving, a little bit of jest.

It’s amazing how it makes everything its best.


We have a little rhyme for you. We hope you listen, dear.

For it shall save you from the rest; you know; grief and fear.

So know that calm will see you through in everything you do.

A blessing; not a curse is what we give to you.


©2014 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk