Carolyn’s Tipz – How to Stop Worrying

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How to stop worrying?

By understanding that worrying is a game, dear heart; a game that will eat at your very soul, dearest. Indeed, this is what happens when you worry:

Your soul, or consciousness, is harmed; yes sir’ee.

This is what happens when you alter your chemical make-up when you worry.

Your entire structure is harmed. That’s right, dear hearts. Your entire structure; indeed all cells within, are harmed.

Have you ever wondered what the causes of old age are? Indeed, old age comes to those whose basic structure is caused irreparable damage when worry is allowed to abound. Indeed, this is true, dear hearts.

You ask how can one stop worrying? Yes?


Good, we shall tell you.

Firstly we need a premise. Yes, a premise is required in order for the tale to be told. Our premise consists of two things, dear hearts.

  1. Worry is ‘not’ insurmountable. Hear what we say, dearest.
  2. Worry is ‘not’ insurmountable.

Many disagree, dear hearts. To them we say: Each must act according to that which is held dear, dear heart. Should you be one who believes worry to be insurmountable, then so shall it be, dear heart. So shall it be.

However, should there be a little doubt in your mind, i.e., should you ‘hope’ that worry is surmountable; then, dear one, there is ‘hope’ for you, indeed.

We would ask, dear one, that you think upon this, and when next you find worry crossing your brow we would suggest, dear heart, that you remember your ‘hope’. We guarantee, dear one, should you make this a consistent habit, we assure you that within a short time you will find your new found hope becoming a reality.


Simple! Yes, dear ones, this is indeed simple; though, like all good things, it needs consistency and commitment.

We wish you well in your new found freedom, and will delight with you in your success.

©2016 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

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The Pig Reflection casts more understanding upon the matter of ‘not worrying’, dear hearts.


  1. Excellent post .There is a book for Dale Carnegie ., the American thinker .”Stop worrying and start living.” Talks about this important subject.This book helped me when l wasn’t doing so good in Baghdad university

    1. So good to hear, Jalal. It seems whenever the student is ready, the teacher appears. I’m so glad your teacher appeared when you needed it. Though, of course, we have to ‘do the work’, which I’m sure you did, and do.
      Thank You for visiting with me. Your comments are always appreciated.. 🙂

  2. Worry is annoying, which I why I often don’t bother. Nonetheless, it likes to creep into insecure crevices when I’m not looking… and suddenly I’m worrying. I make it go away (Usually) by saying to myself, that’s not worth worrying about.
    I like the pic of the swan you have posted here. It’s so pastel & peaceful. There are no worries, only smooth paddling.
    Makes me think…. Water off a duck’s back, or in this case a swan’s back. I will visualize this swan when worry sneaks in. TY Carolyn! xo

    1. Whatever works for you, Resa! Yes, the swan on the water is so peaceful and calming. 😉

      That’s the sneaky thing about worry; it is suddenly there (without an invitation) and likes to outstay its welcome. 😉

      Just knowing that worry is a choice makes ‘not worrying’ more real for me. To add the phrase ‘worry is not insurmountable’ has taken me to a new and different level. It has made the possibility of ‘never worrying again’ a reality I want, and I’m prepared to work for it. As the reflection says: ‘like all good things, it needs consistency and commitment.’ Already I feel the beginnings of a brand new day!!! I’d love your company!!! 😀

  3. Yes dear one . . .Stress is a aging accelerater and it deteriorates the body. It can be hard to learn not to stress over the things you have no control over but it definitely doable. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

    1. I had a wonderful example of this today. I was in what could have been a worrying situation. I chose to believe that ‘worry was not insurmountable’, which allowed me to relax. A probable uncomfortable situation dissolved, and I was left to marvel at the result. (Some others, in the scenario, were quite distressed, and probably continue to be.) However, Kim, I remain quite calm and at peace. I’m still quite chuffed by the experience. 😉 😉

    1. My main has been ‘impatience’, which I constantly keep my awareness upon else I fall prey to it.. 😉
      The other, without me being totally conscious of until this reflection, has certainly been ‘worry’.
      I’ve been maintaining a close eye on this and I know I’m improving! I’m using the phrase ‘worry is not insurmountable’, which has, with consistency, brought a change in habit. I want to reach a stage where ‘worry’ is no longer. I firmly believe this is doable (as long as I also use the little ‘Remain Calm’ poem in conjunction). It’s a journey; but, what else have we to do if not strive to make ‘life’ easier? I’m all for living a more calm and peaceful existence whatever I’m doing, wherever I am…! 🙂
      Here’s to ‘life’… 🍸

      1. This is a journey and we travel slowly, at least I do. But even little progress tastes like a small victory – and yes, I too have to keep a close eye on it 🙂 XO

    1. Hey Miss Dinie, good to see you… 🙂
      It’s hard to ‘turn off’, especially at night in the stillness. That’s when the mind is ‘as its best’. It does what it does sooooo effortlessly. It worries and worries.
      I used to say to my man: ‘Stop Worrying’. He’d say: Then I’d worry because I’m not worrying…!
      Yep, give it a go.. I’m having success. Miraculously it issss working for me… 🙂

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