Am I to Do a Video for This Month?

You have said that all Light Workers will go through this process of wanting independence. I feel quite separate and can’t seem to feel united with anyone; not even the dogs. This doesn’t seem right to me. Being 100% there for others and feeling completely separated from others seems just as unbalanced as each other.

Here, here, dearest. Yes indeed, they are two sides of the one coin; yes indeed.

So obviously there is a balance.

Indeed there is, dearest.

And am I to find this balance?

Undoubtedly so, dearest; you will find the balance.

Can you explain the balance to me?

The balance, dearest, is being neither 100% there for others yet not being separate from others. Yes indeed, dearest, it is a simple equation. Is it not?

Yes; though, in everyday language. How is this achieved?

Ah, dearest, when this is known all will be known. We envisage, dearest, all Light Workers having this opportunity to create balance within their lives as they progress through the process toward Love and Perfection. However, dearest, we know you are enquiring for yourself. As the leader of many Light Workers to follow, we can assure you, dearest, you will find the way. Have you not already discovered changes occurring?

Yes I’ve experienced many changes. Are you referring to the latest changes?

Indeed, dearest, we are referring to your changed state of mind; a mind that, as of recently, does not want to live purely for others. Yes?

Yes, that is definitely the case. I have tried, for instance, to create a backwards aging video for this month (October 2017) and can’t bring myself to do it.

The reason being, dearest?

I watched last month’s video and saw someone who wholeheartedly was there for others; it showed in my every word, and in my eyes. This month I can’t recreate that feeling. I am not 100% for others anymore. To say I am would be a lie. This is not to say I don’t want the very best for others; I most certainly want all Light Workers to achieve their goals in the process toward Love and Perfection, and receive all the wonderful rewards, such as backwards aging, throughout their progress. But I now lack the motivation I believe it takes to present this to others. I now really want a more balanced life holding, not only others, but also myself in my loving arms and thoughts.

We know this to be true for you, dearest. This will be the case for the multitude of Light Workers who will follow your example. You have played your part, dearest; your example will continue, in various forms, to inspire and lead.

Many Blessings, dearest ~ Many Blessings

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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A Statement by The Collective Consciousness

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Hello Dear Ones,

Our dearest asks that we make a statement regarding the entrance to the rewards of being a Light Worker. We must firstly create a premise from which to begin. It is, Dear Hearts:

We, you and I and all that you see are consciousness. Indeed, Dear Ones, we each are a consciousness having an experience. Some agree, and some do not.

However, Dear Hearts, to benefit, as our dearest Carolyn benefits; i.e., the rewards of ridding oneself of the negatives that are all too common within all; you, Dear Heart, do not need to agree with our premise. Indeed, Dear One, you do not need to agree with the lifestyle your brother, your sister is experiencing in order to benefit from the rewards of ridding yourself of the innate negativities within.

You, Dear Heart, have chosen a particular experience for this particular life time, so to speak. You may be, as our dearest, enjoying the benefits of being clairvoyant. This is true, Dear Heart. You may be experiencing being a southern redneck, as the saying goes, Dear Hearts. We use this vernacular, Dear Ones, so that you will understand our words simply and clearly. Yes, Dear Ones, it matters little your degree of appreciation for our written word. However, Dear Heart, should you work to rid yourself of negativity by allowing ‘calm’ to enter, you will reap the rewards of your work.

Yes, Dear Hearts, you may be a so-called religious individual, you may be a so-called atheist. Yes, Dear Hearts, your interest may be in avenues far removed from the spiritual. However, the premise for the Earth Fantasy is one which is inclusive of all. The farmer, the grocer, the writer, the saint; all fantasies on offer; this is true.

We ask only that you hear the words, and listening carefully you will discover we have no care of your particular resonance of experience. That which counts in the backward aging stakes, and all that this envelopes, is your participation in the removal of all that is negative.

Our dearest is quite happy with our statement. Are you not, dearest?

Yes I am. Thank You very much.

And why has this been of importance to you, dearest?

I’m sure there are those reading now and will read at some future time who may believe they need to agree with the spiritual basis of which we write. I want those, who do not and cannot agree due to their particular role and beliefs; to feel they can engage wholeheartedly. As you have so eloquently said:

Indeed, Dear One, you do not need to agree with the lifestyle your brother, your sister is experiencing in order to benefit from the rewards of ridding yourself of the innate negativities within.

And this includes backwards aging.

Indeed, dearest, we know this is true for you. All, regardless of their religious, political, financial, social, race; in fact, all, dearest, will benefit from the ridding of the innate negativity we accept when we enter the fantasy.

Many blessings, Dear Ones, Many Blessings.

2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness  –  ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World

Bengali Warrior ~ Sharmishtha Basu

Bengali Warrior (Sharmishtha Basu)  (Listen while you read)


Sharmishtha (Trisha) is a warrior of high esteem. Her role is to bring truth to the fore.

Being afraid is not a part of Trisha’s personality; time and experience have moulded her character to one of strength, determination, and grit.

Shall she succeed? Indeed she shall. And what will she succeed in bringing to the fore?

~ Absolute truth and justice ~ is to be her watchword.

Will others allow her truth? Not always; no.

However, Trisha’s personality will garner strength from her adversaries. Not only will she garner strength from her opposition, she will bring their strength to a decline by usurping their power and presenting it to them in a fashion they will not match; no, dear friends.

To her adversaries ~ Know that Trisha will not only utilise your energies for the good, she will also drain you of the energy you may try to use against her.

This is the strength of the Warrior. And what is a Warrior?

Sharmishtha Basu is a Warrior: One whose purpose is to bring truth and justice to the fore.

May we herald Trisha’s courage as she sets about to change the status quo from one of atrophy to one of great reward for the many who shall come to know the Bengali Warrior ~

Sharmishtha Basu


© Carolyn Page 2016 – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World 

Advice For All Light Workers


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Hello Dear Friends,

We are here to inform you of our new website – Light Workers of the World – indeed we are. We have much to tell you over the coming years. Oh yes, Dear Hearts, we mean to inundate you with the information you will need to become all that you are. You think not? Indeed, Dear Hearts, we shall lead you to you. That is to say, Dear Ones; we shall delight you with the information needed to remind you of who you are.

And who are you, Dear One? We shall tell you:

You, and all you see, Dear Hearts, are a consciousness. That is right, Dear Heart. You and all that you see are a consciousness. Does this surprise? Yes? No?

We shall endeavour to supply the information needed for you to attain the highest degree of understanding whilst on Earth. That we shall, Dear Ones; that we shall.

Suffice to say, Dear Hearts, we be here to answer any question you may care to ask. That is right, Dear Ones. We, those of us who cannot be seen, shall endeavour to proffer advice to assist you on your journey of the Earth experience. Indeed, Dear Ones, this we shall do.

Carolyn is our Earth Medium extraordinaire. She blushes, Dear Hearts; indeed, she does not like to be included in our advices. She is a humble being, Dear Ones, and does not wish to take the space of what she believes to be ‘more important information’. Though, Dear Heart (we speak with our dear one, Carolyn) we hasten to remind you. Without you, Dear Heart, there would be nothing to advise, so to speak. Without your interest, without your determination, without your energy we could not do as we do, dearest.

Therefore, Dear Heart, you appreciate the need we have to delight in your commitment to do as you’ve agreed. That is, Dear Heart, to, without thought to self, allow the words of love to be spoken through you. For this, Dear Heart, we are truly delighted and look forward to a most welcome change for many as they agree to do that which is their quest.

Yes, Dear Ones, the quest of the ages is yours. Light Workers you are, and your quest is to attain the highest degree of accomplishment. And what is the highest degree of accomplishment? The highest degree of accomplishment, Dear Heart, is to be successful in your quest of becoming perfection upon Earth.

We shall not minimise the enormity of your task, Dear Hearts. No, this task shall need every ounce of strength, every moment of your day if you are to be successful. Not for the feint hearted, Dear Hearts.

May we invite you to ‘follow’, Dear Hearts. We shall begin at the beginning and work our way through the process of becoming, as you are, perfect.

Many Blessings, Dear Ones, Many Blessings.

The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page


© Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

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About Carolyn 

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Image Copyright: Seqoya @
Image Copyright: Seqoya @

Born in Australia, Carolyn, the daughter of a working class couple, led a privileged life as she bore the burden of a knowing few share.

Indeed, this was the case for her as she travelled life’s pathways, meandering here and meandering there.

It wasn’t until a life threatening event in her early thirties did she recognise what many fail to recognise. Yes, dear heart, Carolyn recognised her immortality, indeed.

This advent came to her in the form of a spirit being who gave her succour, and revealed much of the life that lay before her.

Carolyn has led a somewhat sheltered existence. We say this; for, dear heart, we, those who assist her upon her journey, have guided her as no other. The reason being, dear ones, Carolyn’s soul asked to be the precursor to the new fantasy for Earth. And what is this new fantasy, dear heart?

The new fantasy for the Earth experience is perfection. That is right, my dear ones. The new experience, we have in process, is for perfection upon Earth.

No more the harrowing experiences of old, dear heart. No, we are in agreement:

The new fantasy for the Earth experience is to be one of love and perfection.

Carolyn has, throughout her life, known to a degree the path pre-programmed. However, dear ones, this is not to say her life has been an easy journey. No, indeed her journey has been fraught with danger, lack of love, and illness.

Indeed, at this present time, Carolyn is in a state of being home bound. Indeed, dear hearts. Carolyn is currently suffering the abuse of illness in the form of exhaustion. That is correct, my dear ones. Carolyn is, for the most part, bed ridden. Indeed she types the words we relay whilst sitting comfortably in her bed.

This has been the case for the majority of the writings, indeed. We have advised her this condition will continue for some good time to come; this being a preordained illness which she agreed to before embarking upon this fantasy.

We would like to say, dear ones:

Should you be currently suffering illness, know that this may also be a pre-programmed condition, dear heart; not brought about by wild living.

No, dear hearts; illness is not always as a result of self abuse.

The Little One (Carolyn) has, at times, wondered where she may have gone wrong, so to speak, to be stricken with her illness. We hasten to assure her that her soul’s choice must prevail, indeed.

This is not always an enjoyable experience, as are many of the experiences within the Earth experience. However, dear hearts, do not admonish yourself for your ill at ease condition; it may be strictly an agreement your soul has undertaken.

We shall be writing through our dear Carolyn (should she be in agreement) for some time to come, dear ones. We have much to say, indeed. We wish to enlighten all who so choose to read our words.

Our dear Carolyn is in thorough agreement, dear hearts. In fact, her little heart sings; as she would comment.

The Collective Consciousness


Thank You to my friends; my keyboard is yours. Please proceed whenever you wish.

To those of you who wish to read:  Enjoy the words of our souls/consciousnesses who prepare the way for a new beginning upon the Earth experience. My duty and my honour always.

Carolyn Page – 2014

Should you choose to read our series of free downloads here is the link.

(I am quite recovered now, and am gaining strength with each passing day – March 9th 2016.)

 ©2016 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

Healing the Mind

(Listen while you read)  One follower ‘Neighaway’ has asked about Healing and the various areas of healing. It needs to be noted that many of us work as healers unbeknown to ourselves. There is more than one way to ‘skin a cat’ as the old saying goes….

Healing is a general term that means to ‘help’, does it not? For helping others to acquire a certain degree of releasement from pain; be it mental, physical or emotional pain, has many benefits. Therefore, we need to ascertain what type of healing it is that we are speaking of. Is it to be healing of the physical body; as there are many and varied ways that healing of the physical body manifests; are there not? There are many who ascribe to the physical body’s ability to heal itself. Are we speaking of this matter? The point that we are making is this:

There are many forms of healing, so called. Now what we need is a premise, do we not? Indeed we do. Let us consider one type of healing at a time. Let us begin with the healing of the mind; for it is the mind that governs ‘all’ bodies, to be sure.

Healing of the Mind……

Firstly we need to appreciate that the mind needs healing. This is not an easy task for mankind. No, mankind tends to be a little arrogant in this regard. In the main, mankind believes his mind to be a wondrous tool capable of enormous deeds. This is an attitude based on this instrument’s wonderful capacity to perform lateral thinking. This is so, my friends. This instrument is capable of performing those things that come to it from its sensory perceptores. In this, it is quite limited. It believes itself to be ‘unlimited’ however; this is indeed not the case.

How do we know this? We know this for when the soul of man is discovered, the mind (or brain of man) becomes apparent in the sense of its limited capacity. That’s right; its limited capacity. Few understand the working of the mind. It, the mind or brain of man, has been devised as a limited thinking devise capable of performing deeds in a lateral sense. The soul, on the other hand, has unlimited capacity and performs deeds from multi-dimensional ability. And what is multi-dimensional ability? Multi-dimensional ability is the ability to know all things; that’s right; to know ‘all’ things. This state (of ‘all’ things being known) guarantees success of all undertakings; does it not? Indeed. If all is known, the only outcome must be success. And how is this success achieved? By understanding that your soul can and does achieve this state as a natural ability governed, not by outside persuasions; no, this is not necessary, so to speak. The soul achieves success by ‘being’ and not by ‘doing’. When this concept is understood, success is a necessary by-product.

Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

Animal Reflections

GrizzlyBear400Scott_E_Readshutterstock_80256091Animals reflect our behaviour.

Yes, animals; our cousins, so to speak.

What shall we say about animals?

We can say loved ones; babes in the woods.

We can say; those who abide with us.

We can say; won’t anybody take care of us?

We can say; hello, what ya doin?

We can say; it’s lonely here in this world.

We can say; why doesn’t anybody pay us any attention?

We can say just about anything and it would be true.

No-one, no, no-one truly understands the animal kingdom.

No, dear heart, this be true.

The little one (Carolyn) thinks me harsh for saying this; however, dear ones, it be true, indeed. There are very few who even come close to understanding our furry friends; our friends of the oceans, of the land, of the sky, of the many and varied abodes in which they dwell. For you see, dear ones, man has been so caught up in himself, yes himself, that he only barely has any energy for others; including the animal kingdom.

Be this as it may, dear heart, we shall endeavour to proffer understandings which, to this date, have been veiled to those upon the earth plane; an exciting happening, dear one, indeed.

First First to be given information otherwise withheld, indeed.

Where to begin?

Firstly we must have a premise upon which to work. Yes, firstly we must have a premise.

Our premise is that those little creatures which we see running about the planet, or soaring in the skies above, or swimming to their heart’s content in the seas (or just about anywhere else one can imagine) are our cousins. You think not, dear heart? You think that man is so worthy, so wonderful, that he and he alone has a brain, has a heart, has the capacity to love? No, dear heart. Man is not alone, and man does not contain the only brain on the planet, and he does not alone love. No, dear heart. Man alone does not love. All creatures love, dear one.

Did we say ‘love’, dear one? Indeed we did. Love is not something only for humans, dear one. Do you think that only humans love? No, dear one, naturally you be aware that not only humans love, but all creatures love.

How do they love, dear one? They love by their very existence. That’s how. Yes, that’s how. They be spirit, dear one, yes spirit. Just as you and I are spirit, so too are our furry friends, our slimy friends, our hot friends, our cold friends. Indeed, dear one, all love, or at least they have the capacity to love. As we have previously noted, love is an energy manipulated within the physical being to produce good feelings. (This we put simply, dear one, for the sake of expedience.) Love is an energy, like all others, dear one, which is manipulated within the physical body of all; man, beast, creature, rock, water. Now you’re getting a little strange, says our dear one (Carolyn). She thinks that I have gone too far. Why, dear one? Cannot the brain compute? Does this stretch the mind, dear one, to think of all things as being capable of love? Yes?


Well we have a way to go before this understanding shall take root,;however, dear one, take root it will, for truth is truth is truth is truth. The truth shall prevail, dear heart.

All things are capable of being manipulated with the energy of love, dear one. Sounds funny; however, it is true.

And so it is with great pleasure that we open the way for others who shall be given similar understandings to permeate this level of being. You shall see, more and more, dear one, the understandings of truth filtering through the mist and arriving on your computer screen and various other means of communicating to the peoples of earth, indeed.

However, dear one, for our purpose we shall begin this new experience here and now. Indeed we shall. Let us begin.

Love, dear one, is a four letter word, indeed.

Love, dear one, is a four letter word. One of many, dear heart. One of many. We see this four lettered word bandied about like some little piece of trash, dear one. It is not taken seriously, as indeed it should (and it must) if it is to be seen in the clear light of day for the beauteous energies inherent within its fold. Surely, dear one, you have understanding of that which we speak. Yes?


Indeed, dear ones, this little word ‘love’ is bandied about, sullied, decried, spoilt and trashed.

We would ask that those of you who have ears to hear, and eyes to see, begin to understand that ‘love’ is given; it is a reward for right action by those whose love is true. Not for the fainthearted, dear ones, no. We see many disrespecting ‘love’, abusing its special power, and to them we say:

Beware, dear one, all has a way of returning. That which we project, we must attract, and in time, dear one, your lack of respect shall return to bite you, so to speak.

Love is not given only to the human, no dear ones; it is spread far and wide.

As we have said; ‘love’ is not only for humans, dear one, oh no, not only for humans. It be for all creatures. Humans, animals, water, rock, indeed all material used by spirit to manifest upon earth is infused (or has the potential to be infused) with the quality of love. Not all are given love ad hock, dear ones, no; there must be a reason for the entity to receive any substance which will change its metabolism. Not willy nilly is any substance changed within an entity, dear ones, no. There is always a reason.

And what are some of the reasons, dear ones, for changing the substance of an entity? Many and varied, dear one, many and varied.

An example: for instance; we fall in love, so to speak. What occurs?

One: The individual is reassigned, so to speak. He/she is given a metabolic substance which has the capacity to change the brain waves within the individual’s brain. Yes, this be so. They are given a substance which will change the way they think. With this change come good feelings, particularly in relation to the individual for whom they ‘feel’ certain emotional cooings. Oh yes, this substance, administered by those in spirit to the individual concerned, makes him/her go all gooey when he thinks about the object of his so called ‘new feelings’, indeed; administered by those in spirit whose duty it is to allow their ‘charge’ in the flesh to have an experience which otherwise they could not experience. No, dear ones, it takes the quality called ‘love’ to allow an individual to experience a set of circumstances which otherwise could not occur. Get it? Yes, dear ones, this be so. Simple indeed. We, those of us in spirit, administer certain substances to the individual’s metabolism in order to achieve an effect which you call ‘love’. Once administered, the individual must react to this changed state with good feeling towards the one in question. Simple, yet not so simple.

Firstly he/she must agree to this changed state. How? By wishing for something more. Something other than he/she has. Why? In order for change to occur, dear ones, in order for change to occur.


C.C. (The Collective Consciousness)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

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Spiritual Differences

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Zen400swprodshutterstock_168559829It is too hard to explain simply the processes that I’ve been through over the past two decades. Suffice to say I am changed. I rather enjoy the change and yet to encapsulate it in an easy to read format is impossible for me. I shall simply post excerpts from which I have been changed. My road is not for everyone; we each have a different road to walk. However, you may find my walk of interest. If you do, or not, is not important. What is important is that we allow each other to walk in a fashion that is ‘right’ for us. I am a medium who converses with spirit. The following is a conversation between myself and The Collective Consciousness.


Current thinking is that there are great and magnificent souls, because of the contribution which they have made to earth and its inhabitants.

Are you saying that this is not the case?
Are you saying that they do not consider themselves as such?
Are you saying that (in spirit terms) we do not have a hierarchy; therefore, those individuals do not have this attitude because, in spirit terms, these attitudes do not exist?
Are you saying that an individual spirit/soul/cell/consciousness does not alone create great deeds but that these deeds are done as a collective consciousness of spirit and, by reason of human limitation, are seen by humans as to be done by one individual consciousness; thereby creating a hero, so to speak?

So, what is it that we are saying, dear heart? We shall tell you:

All of the above, dear heart; you have thought it out well, have you not?

You have placed certain understandings in my mind and they, the questions, are my evaluation of the said understandings.

Good, dear heart, your logic is good. However, dear heart, there be more:

Spirit, consciousness, etc., is having an experience in a body, yes? All get to experience, dear heart, all. Yes? A myth has been perpetuated upon humans, dear one, that a great soul continues his evolution constantly re-incarnating as yet another great soul, dear one; this too is a fallacy.

If what you are saying is true, then everything which we who have been given the standard spiritual understandings (those of us who have been in circles/developmental type groups) are a fallacy?

Indeed, dear heart. A great fallacy perpetuated upon many, dear heart, many; in order for you to have an experience.

And why is it now that this experience is not to continue as it has up to date?

Many shall ask this question, dear heart. We say to them that all things must change. There be new understandings coming, dear heart, of which we cannot speak. Until the old is removed we cannot instigate the new. However, dear one, we can assure you that that which is to come shall be far more interesting, equal, generous, uplifting, etc., etc., than the falsities currently generated.

And how can we be assured that that which is to come will not be a ‘nonsense’ as well?

Trust, dear one; trust. We assure thee that the time is now for all falsity to be removed from man’s experience. This, of course, will take much great time to be accepted, dear heart, into the hearts of men. However, dear one, the light workers of the world will begin this acceptance, and then the monkey/domino effect shall take place as indeed is the case for all new understandings.

This is going to take some time to sink in.

Indeed, dear heart; indeed.

Many blessings, dear one; many blessings.

The C.C. (Collective Consciousness) & Carolyn

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Collective Consciousness (That’s Us)

We are a Collective Consciousness

Compliments: K Compton (Cavansite)We are a group of merry individuals who are willing to remember. And what do we remember? We remember how wonderful it is to develop and grow. Yes, this we do; we develop and grow. And why do we develop and grow? We do this because this is all that there is to do. Funny, you say! Yes, dear hearts, this is all that there is to do. We are a collective consciousness who agree that to develop and grow is the only way. Our dear Carolyn agrees. Do you not, dear heart.

           Yes, I certainly do.

And why do you agree so wholeheartedly, dear heart?

          Because I know that I am a consciousness and not the physical body that I see. I know that I am here having an illusion in matter in order to defray the state of boredom brought about by being a perfect consciousness. I also know this as a human, because developing and growing is the only thing that keeps me happy and content. It doesn’t matter what the development is; it could be singing or dancing or learning about nutrition however, learning, developing and growing is the only ‘reality’ that sustains me. Have I wandered off course?

A little, dear one, however we know that this is true for you.

Wander through the pages of our website, dear hearts, and find your truth.


The Collective Consciousness & Carolyn