We Have Played a Trick Upon Our Dearest One

Yes, we, The Collective Consciousness have played a trick upon our dearest Carolyn in order for balance to become the order of the day. We are pleased to report that balance has been achieved; yes indeed. And what was the trick we played?

Our dearest was at one end of the balance scale; balance being within the middle sector; you appreciate. Yes indeed, our dearest sat, for many a year, at the end of the scale which denotes ‘present for the purpose of supporting others’.

For understanding sake, Dear Ones, we advise the other end of the scale denotes ‘present for one’s self alone’; the two ends being ‘out of balance’.

In order to relieve our dearest of her position of imbalance we opted to advise our dearest to enter the world within a ‘worldly arena’. The worldly arena being a career; something our dearest longed for ad infinitum. This worked, Dear Hearts. For the past number of days our dearest has been wringing her hands, and her thinking, into knots. And why has this been so?

This has been so, Dear Ones, because; once our dearest became engaged with the world, so to speak, she became appreciative of her role as medium personified. Yes, Dear Hearts; our dearest began to appreciate being a medium for the evolution of The Earth Fantasy, in all its glory. However, Dear Ones, she has also become balanced in the sense that she now appreciates time for herself.

Yes, Dear Hearts, now our dearest has struck a balance between her role, and the effort of ensuring its efficacy, as well as her duty and responsibility towards ensuring a balance between her outward duties, and those with respect to herself.

We herald our dearest’s balance, and look forward to carrying onward with the work of creating Love and Perfection for The Earth Fantasy.

We have asked our dearest to say a few words.


When The C.C. advised I was to be engaged in a ‘worldly career’ I was overjoyed. I immediately set sail initiating various avenues of thought, leading to possible future employment/self reliance. Oh how different this was to the way I’ve lived for the past three decades. It took a very short time for me to realise this was not the way I wanted to live. I am now so relieved to know this was their way of getting me to realise that firstly; I needed to come to balance between assisting others and taking  care of me.  Secondly; to come to appreciate my role as being the one I have agreed to; the one I am equipped to do, and am now very pleased to know I will be continuing to do.


Hear, hear, dearest; we know we cause confusion. However, confusion is a means to an end; an end that, in general, guarantees balance.

Many Blessings, dearest ~ Many Blessings

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk 


    1. Just thought I’d mention:
      November 1 2017 ~ My Post ~ Am I to do a video for this month?
      Helen, your comment was:
      What you feel is fully for you to feel, dear Carolyn. You will find the balance…with both sides of the coin alive and well ❤

        1. Hahaaaaa…. It didn’t feel like that for me! The C.C. gave me a long rope, and I almost got to its end. 🙂
          But, yes, Helen, balance has been achieved. I’ve managed to acquire a point of ‘you’ and ‘me’ with equality for us both; as you’ve written.
          I do hope you are cognizant of your wonderful ability. It most certainly will and has held you in good stead.
          Thank You, my friend… ❤

  1. So, I see the balance you have achieved is one I strive still to achieve. Again, we come from different directions, but you have achieved balance. I, still unbalanced, struggle, grasping at every possibility within the Earth Fantasy.

    1. Not so easy, Dear One; no, The Earth Fantasy is not for the feint hearted, indeed. However, Dear Heart, we remind you of the progress obtained to date. Far be it from us, Dear One, not to favour you with congratulations for those things accomplished. Yes, Dear One, it is necessary to remind ourselves, whilst within The Fantasy, of our successes as well as those things we hope to achieve.
      That being said, Dear Heart, we appreciate your disappointment; without which there could be no progress. Yes, Dear One, remember your achievements when disappointment reigns.
      I do believe, my dear Resa, that you, like me, tend to be a little hard on yourself, more than most. It is a joy to know you; together we are progressing and, one day, will be masters of our own ships. ‘Til then, I’m thoroughly enjoying sailing with you… 🙂

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