Our Published Paperbacks & E-Books, Dear Ones

1 ~ Click to purchase Tomorrow’s End in EBook or Paperback 

We would delight in you reading our offering, Dear Ones. Our hope is that you will read with the expectation of Love and Perfection becoming your watchword. Many blessings, Dear Heart.

ISBN – 978-1367475434 Paperback

2 ~ Click to purchase Changes in EBook or Paperback

The second in our series, Dear Ones. Won’t you join with us in bringing this knowledge to the fore, Dear Heart; to the fore where all will see the changes to come. Many blessings, Dear One, Many blessings.


ISBN – 978-1366482761 Paperback

3 ~ Click to purchase Bringing of Light in EBook or Paperback

The third in our series, Dear Hearts, brings more knowledge for you. Within it can be found the various ‘chores’ the Light Workers of the World face today, and into the, so-called, future.


ISBN – 978-1366482761 Paperback

Many blessings, Dear One. Many blessings.


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