Ferret Reflection

Ferret Reflection  (Listen while you read) 

imageUp we go to the heights.

Up we go higher.

You thought that life was good.

 Life’s good.

 It can be better!

(Yeah! You thought that if it didn’t get any better that would be okay. Yeah!

Well, my friend, let me assure you that life can be sooooo good; it would cause you to re-think that attitude.

I’m telling you bro’; life is something that can be even greater; in fact ‘reaching dizzying heights’.

You don’t believe me? Honest. You don’t believe me? Okay, I’ve got some questions for you.

Do you believe that you are living life to the full? Yeah! Do you believe that it’s as good as it gets? Yeah! Well I’ll tell you something. Life ‘can’ get better and better and better and better. Yeah. I didn’t think so, either. Some time back I didn’t think so either. But now, bro’, I ‘know’ it can continue to get better and better and better and better. Yeah. I hope that you too will come to know this truth. You have all you need, within you, to achieve this incredible state of aliveness; assurity; inclusion; mental agility; fun; toughness; sweetness; compassion; humility; the list goes on and on. Not that you don’t already possess much of the above. Yeah bro’, you have some, that’s for sure. But, there’s so much more.

What is that you say? How do you get it? Well bro’ that’s the 64 million dollar question. It’s ‘inside’ you. That’s right. It’s there inside you waiting to be found. Sure it takes effort. Sure it takes work. Sure, nothing’s for free. Well, nothing worthwhile, that is. Take a look, go on. Take a look, inside. What do you see? Do you see you, or do you see me? Yeah sure; riddles are for the birds. But not this riddle; this one’s for you. I’ll give you a hint bro’. When you can truly see you; then you’ll have it.

Yes, it’s true. Life can be better and better and better for those of us who love the little creature Ferret. Give it a go. Allow the energies of the Ferret to have their way. Excitement and adventure await you. These are some of the energies held for those of us who are attracted to him. Enjoy!)

I first published this Reflection in 2011…  Hope you enjoyed!

©2011 Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World 

Image Credit:  jurra8/Shutterstock.com

Cockatoo Reflection

Cockatoo Reflection (Listen while you read)

cockatoo-sulphur-crestedGet out of my way. It’s MINE…

Yes it is; it’s mine. You took it from me; but that doesn’t mean it’s not still mine. No, it doesn’t. Just because you decided to ‘take it’, doesn’t mean it’s yours. No way!

And this is the personality of the Cockatoo. He’s a no nonsense type of fellow who agrees with right action. That is right, dear friends. The Cockatoo personality agrees to do that which is right.

When the ‘right’ does not prevail, the Cockatoo personality will falter. Yes, it will falter. And why will it falter?

It will falter because the ‘right’ is not always done. That is right, dear friends. The ‘right’ does not always prevail.

When this happens, the Cockatoo personality will falter in the sense that it will lose its inner core.

It’s ‘inner core’?

Yes, that is right. It will lose its inner core; its stability.

That is sad.

Yes, it is quite sad.

What can the Cockatoo personality do?

The Cockatoo personality cannot do very much at all.

Surely there is something the Cockatoo personality can do to change this reaction.

Yes indeed; however, the Cockatoo personality must firstly be aware of this preponderance within. Without this awareness, the Cockatoo personality will continue to flounder within.

So, awareness is the key?

Yes, awareness is the initial key; there are many more. However, without this initial key of awareness, there cannot be change…….

© Carolyn Page 2016 – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World 

Blue Jay Reflection

Blue Jay Reflection (Listen while you read)

bluejayOk, wise guy; who put the bi-carb in the water?


The Blue Jay personality is a trickster.

Yes indeed; a trickster who loves to play pranks on unsuspecting victims.

Oh yes, we have your measure; you Blue Jay lovers.

Oh yes, we know how much fun you have at other’s expense. Oh, yes we do.

We are not saying you are a ‘devil may care’ type of fellow. No, that is not what we are saying.

We are not saying you enjoy seeing others embarrassed. No, that is not what we are saying.

What we are saying, dear friend; is that you encourage good hearted repartee with those who are not as quick thinking as yourself. Yes, this is what we are saying.

You revel in the energy you find in-between the serious and the frivolous. Oh yes, dear friend. You find a placement in which to squeeze your temperament.

And where is that?

You know where it is, dear friend. It is in the hollow between bored and boring. Is it not?

© Carolyn Page 2016 – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World 


Bringing of Light


Bringing of Light  (Listen while you read) 

The third in our series of Paperbacks ‘Bringing of Light’ will be available early 2017, Dear Ones. In the meantime we have for you our second Paperback


Available in Paperback from on-line bookstores such as Amazon.com

‘Changes’ almost now ready to hit the on-line bookstores.


Click here to preview

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Get ready, Dear Ones; we know those of you who delight in truth will guard this knowledge with eager anticipation.

For, Dear Hearts, we herald the advent of more knowledge of who you are and what you are doing here upon the Earth Fantasy.

Yes, Dear Ones, do not allow yourself to forego the knowledge that shall take you one step closer to Love and Perfection. Indeed, Dear Ones, Love and Perfection await you as you take within the knowledge of this age.

And what, Dear Hearts, is the knowledge of this age? We shall tell you:

The knowledge to which we refer is the knowledge of our beginnings, our middle, and our end. Yes, Dear Ones, you are the beginning, the middle and the end. Without you, Dear Heart, we would not be here. That is right, Dear One. Without you there would be no ‘now’.

Steel yourself for more knowledge; knowledge that shall invest within you the absolute. And what is the absolute?

The absolute is all there is. Yes, that is right, Dear Heart. Steel yourself for all that is to become second nature to your otherwise limited knowledge.

With knowledge comes power. The power of absolute calm, lack of fear, and a joy far beyond your wildest imaginings.

The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page

© Carolyn Page 2016 – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World 

I Love Books

I wrote the following during 2012. I didn’t publish it then; but now I think I will…..


I Love Books (Listen while you read) 

I’m not a book reader…. I’ve become a blog reader over the past almost year; however, not books.

I really enjoy books – I really enjoy seeing them sitting side by side with their colourful covers. I love the smell of new books. I love to know that someone has reached inside themselves and pulled out words that offer solace, or adventure, or heart warming memories for another.

I love books; not to read. My partner, on the other hand, devours books. He reads everyday the works of his favourite authors. There are about 6 writers he loves to read. They are all of the same genre, which would bore me silly; however, he adores them. I adore buying them for him. I carefully caress the book to ensure that its quality is the best available. I ensure the salesperson doesn’t damage my purchase. I offer the book to Keith like a wholesome piece of cake fit for a king.

I love books. I love to watch him read knowing that he is devouring the words with relish. I love books…

We have many books decorating many shelves, nooks and crannies. I love books. I watch as the bookstores in my mall close down. I watch as small independent stalls spring up, here and there, offering books for $5 that once brought a princely sum of $29.95.

I hope that printed books will always be. I can’t smell a kindle, or caress a cover appearing on my screen. I love books. Maybe I will change. Maybe I will be inspired to read books, printed or e. I love books, and now I love blogging, where I can read the works of others like you. Isn’t that wonderful and mysterious…! I love books.

© Carolyn Page 2016

Raccoon (General) Reflection

Do remember (when reading the reflections) the personality of the reflection (in this case the Raccoon) reflects not only the personality of the Raccoon; but also the personality of those attracted to it…  Please enjoy…..

Raccoon (General) Reflection  (Listen while you read)

Imagine the scene

(The music) Bee Gees ~ Massachusetts…MusicalNotesx1

The lights all went down in Massachusetts. They bring me back to …..

(A vision)

Dreamy, Romantic, Raccoon!

Dreamy, Romantic, Raccoon!

One Raccoon; one five-piece band; one microphone; one Raccoon swooning into the mike.

 A would be star; a performer; a hopeless romantic!


And this is the adorable quality of the Raccoon personality.

Yes, my friends, for those who enjoy the antics of this active nocturnal creature, we say:

Allow the love you feel for life; yes indeed.

Allow the beauty of that which you feel within to shine; that is right, dear friend.

Allow all the loveliness inside to be seen. For, dear heart, yours is a love so deep, indeed. Yours is a love so wide; all could bathe in the light of your love.


Do we understand? Indeed we do. Do we herald that which is yours? Indeed we do, dear friend.

Know that we know. Know that others know; that is right, dear heart.

Know that you are known for that which lies within, and, do allow your light to shine……..

© Carolyn Page 2016 – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World 

Bengali Warrior ~ Sharmishtha Basu

Bengali Warrior (Sharmishtha Basu)  (Listen while you read)


Sharmishtha (Trisha) is a warrior of high esteem. Her role is to bring truth to the fore.

Being afraid is not a part of Trisha’s personality; time and experience have moulded her character to one of strength, determination, and grit.

Shall she succeed? Indeed she shall. And what will she succeed in bringing to the fore?

~ Absolute truth and justice ~ is to be her watchword.

Will others allow her truth? Not always; no.

However, Trisha’s personality will garner strength from her adversaries. Not only will she garner strength from her opposition, she will bring their strength to a decline by usurping their power and presenting it to them in a fashion they will not match; no, dear friends.

To her adversaries ~ Know that Trisha will not only utilise your energies for the good, she will also drain you of the energy you may try to use against her.

This is the strength of the Warrior. And what is a Warrior?

Sharmishtha Basu is a Warrior: One whose purpose is to bring truth and justice to the fore.

May we herald Trisha’s courage as she sets about to change the status quo from one of atrophy to one of great reward for the many who shall come to know the Bengali Warrior ~

Sharmishtha Basu


© Carolyn Page 2016 – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World 

Purva ~ Sunshine

From: Purva ~ The Daily Stroll

From: Purva ~ The Daily Stroll

Purva ~ The Daily Stroll ~ has nominated me for the

Sunshine Bloggers Award

for which I am delighted. I will not be carrying out the ‘rules’ of the award, only to Thank Purva for her generous gift, which makes my little heart sing!

Purva is a young university student with thoughts that take her readers into the dizzying heights of all that is good. It is such a joy to visit her blog; I always leave with a smile.

May I suggest Purva’s blog ~ The Daily Stroll to you.

Again, Purva, Thank You for your gift; I truly believe in you. ❤

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