Kingfisher Reflection


The Kingfisher Reflection (Listen while you read) 

Once upon a time there was a dreamer who dreamed a dream. The dream repeated over and over again. And what was the dream about? The dream contained a message for the dreamer; a message that, if taken to heart, would bring about wonders of extraordinary intent.

We see this happening for many. They, the dreamer, dreams of wondrous things; things, that if taken to heart could be the beginning of splendid happenings for the dreamer. Some hearken to the dream, whilst others do not. Those who do, enjoy the fruits of their dream. Those who do not, do not.

A simple message does our Kingfisher share; a message for the dreamer who dares. Yes, my friends; those who dream and put their dream in the forefront of their lives can, and some do, have much to contemplate and share.

Do you have a dream? Do you dare to dream? Do you dare to share your dream to the stream of dreams coming true?

This takes courage, my friends; courage and a good deal of perseverance, patience, endurance and good will if you truly want your dream to come true.

We suggest nurturing your dream. We suggest preserving your dream unto yourself. Hide it until it is becoming a reality. Then, my friends; revel in your dream as you see it becoming reality.

© Carolyn Page 2017

ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World 


Her Time to Shine


It has been a long journey for our dearest; a lifetime, in fact.

Now is her time to shine, Dear Ones. Yes, our dearest Carolyn is now engaging upon yet another chapter; a chapter that shall promise much love; not only for our dearest, but also for those who seek her company.

We are pleased to present the first of many world trips ensuring all Light Workers have the opportunity to speak with and/or see our dearest.

The purpose of this, our first journey, is to enlighten our dearest to the multitude of Light Workers seeking advice. This advice shall be forthcoming through our dearest as she allows the understanding to be given to each individual who desires to know their role and the intricate personal happenings that may be troublesome. Yes, Dear Ones; we can now give to you the knowledge that shall hold you in good stead as you journey on towards Love and Perfection. Avail yourself of our dearest as she intentionally allows her life journey to unfold.

Carolyn’s Travel Itinerary:

In the coming month of June 2017 Carolyn will be visiting, with her life partner Keith, the island of the UK. Yes indeed, Dear Hearts, her first overseas journey will be London to York and the North York Moors. She will be there for approximately 12 days whereupon she will make herself available to all Light Workers who appreciate a need for advice. This she will, Dear Ones. Know that her services are free to all Light Workers, yes indeed.

Hurry along, Dear Hearts; make your arrangements to see our dearest by contacting her through our Contact Page; she will delight in meeting with you.

Her itinerary is as follows:

June 16 – 25 ~ York & the North York Moors

June 26 – 28 ~ London

June 29 – July 3 ~ Tokyo


Many Blessings, Dear Ones.

© The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page 2017

ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World 

We Have Something Nice To Say!

Well, well, well; so you’d like for us to have something nice to say. Yes?


So be it, dearest. This we will.

To begin: For all those open to this suggestion we invite you to read on, as we have something nice to say!

The world is changing, dear friends; this it is. All around the globe there are a good deal of problems. Yes, I believe we can all agree upon that. However, Dear Ones, for those within the Light Worker brigade those problems will not touch your sphere of life, unless you allow it to be so. This is right, Dear Ones. Unless you deliberately place yourself in harms way, harm cannot touch you. This is a guarantee.

This is as it is planned and is spoken of within our published book ‘Bringing of Light’.

(For those who prefer to hold their reading matter it is also available in Softcover from many on-line bookstores including Amazon and Barnes & Noble ~ ISBN:  978-1366482761 )

Within its pages, Dear Hearts, are answers to many questions you may not have yet asked. We jest, Dear Ones. We jest, and yet we do not. The Light Workers of the World have questions within, Dear Ones. These questions will reveal themselves as you read the answers. Sounds funny; yes we know; this is indeed true. However, until you read the answers, the questions lie dormant within.

Avail yourself of the answers; they are safe within your mind, for now. You will be surprised, and some will be enthralled. We await your pleasure, dear Light Workers of the World.

Many Blessings, Dear Ones.

© The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page 2017

ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World 

Keith, Carolyn’s Life Partner, Backward Ages

Keith & Carolyn ~ Selfie taken 2012 ~ at Veronica’s husband’s 37th.

Keith, Carolyn’s Life Partner, Backward Ages.  (Listen while you read)

We will not always be successful in our attempts toward perfecting ourselves; no indeed, dear friends. We will falter and fail; this we will. It is not in the plan for perfection to come easily, no, Dear Ones; we have deliberately made obtaining Love and Perfection an achievable yet hard goal. The rewards on offer, Dear Hearts, such as Backward Aging, are purely obtained parallel to your intention and the effort you put forth.

Our Dear Heart Carolyn has seen this result upon her beloved life partner, Keith. It was only recently we advised her that he would too, backward age. This delighted our Dear Heart; yes indeed. The changes upon his demeanour, both physical and mental, have uplifted our dearest as she contemplates a life spent with her great friend in spirit. Yes, Dear Hearts, our dearest now looks forward, not only to enjoying her life, but also enjoying her life spent in the company of another who shall Backward Age. And this is on offer to all whom so choose.

You have already made your life choices before entering the Earth Fantasy. However, to you shall come many surprises as you gently unfold your path pre-ordained.

Many Blessings, Dear Ones.

© The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page 2017

ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World 

Parasites Reflection

Parasites Reflection  (Listen while you read) 

In all kingdoms (mineral, plant, animal) parasites symbolize the ‘living off another’s life force’. This is against universal law; an indication that one must view his/her thoughts which are parasitical in nature, and; therefore, not acceptable to the overall good.


(In General)

I am here because you put me here. Your thoughts, your actions, placed me here.

Jealousy, anger and pain contribute to the overwhelming energies which control so many of you; eating away at your love.

I represent destructive energies, which encompass your world.


Don’t hate me; understand that I am you.

What you see me do, is what you do.


It’s hard to accept; we know it’s true.

If we all work together, we’ll get through._____

© Carolyn Page 2017 – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World 

Backwards Aging No: 4


Backwards Aging or Aging Backwards

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Welcome to the fourth video on Aging Backwards. I delight in you viewing the changes that have been occurring for me over the past months.

The following is a duplication of the first in our series on Backwards Aging.

(Listen while you read) 

Backwards aging; a phenomenon for the Light Workers of the World.

Hello, Carolyn here. I’d like to welcome you to my YouTube channel . For those of you who have read my About Page, you’ll have a little understanding of who I am, and why I have created ABC of Spirit Talk; and, more recently, Light Workers of the World.

My journey has been quite wonderful, over the past months. I have been watching myself aging backwards; as The Collective Consciousness (The C.C.) advised would happen. This, they say, is the result of the diligent work I have been doing upon myself to rid the negatives from my mind and body.

This process, that of removing the negatives, allows the Light to shine, so to speak. Calm, and a quiet resolve become the watchwords for those of us whose intention is to become all that we can be.

Should you feel you are a Light Worker, someone who needs to be continually growing and developing, you may be interested to follow my YouTube journey over the coming year. Together, it is my hope, we shall see the physical changes occurring for me.

©2017  Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World 

Monarch Butterfly Reflection

I first published this reflection back in October 2012.  I hope you enjoy its second airing!

Monarch Butterfly (Listen while you read)

The way to your heart; indeed. The way to your heart is via the beauty that you see.

(Oh yes, my friends; beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

And what, pray tell, do you see?

Come with me on a journey; a journey that could take as little time as it would take to blink an eye.

We do not mean to confuse, dear heart. No, it is not our intention to confuse. However, we see many being confused by their surrounds.

Indeed, dear ones; if it is death and destruction one sees in their surrounds, there would seem to be a need for compensation to be given should they perceive the ‘entire’ world in this fashion. This is not the case, dear hearts. There is most certainly death and destruction happening in the world; however, we would ask that you confine your thinking to ‘your’ world.

If you are one who is experiencing death and destruction we would ask that you turn your thinking to those who are not experiencing this situation.

Should you be one of those who is not experiencing death and destruction we would ask that you place your thoughts, not on death and destruction, for this will only enhance those energies; making them more powerful than they already are.

Does this seem like an impossibility, dear heart? Does it seem to be a significant ideal within the lives of humans? Is it possible to discount the death and destruction in the world, and allow yourself to refrain from thinking about it?

Some would say this is turning a ‘blind eye’, as it is said. Some would say that this is ignorance breeding ignorance.

We would suggest, dear ones, this is ‘life’ preserving. We would suggest that if you cannot do anything substantial by way of making this condition better; then your thoughts will only contribute to the negativity.

Live your life with a sense of ‘presence’. Yes, that’s right. Live your life in whatever circumstances you find yourself. Do not place yourself in energies that are not of your making, or your good. No, dear hearts. This is what the Monarch butterfly suggests to those who enjoy its beauty:

Live; not your brother’s; not your sister’s life. No, dear ones; this is their experience. Live your own life, and leave others to live theirs.)

2012 Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World

Image Credit: James_Laurie