The Rewards of Backwards Aging Continues

Our dearest Carolyn has had yet another delightful weekend; indeed she has, Dear Hearts; three social dances; yes, three.

We inspired our Dear Ones, Carolyn and Keith, to attend a social dance last Friday evening. Then on Saturday our dearest knew that they would be attending a favoured dance of yesteryear with the host and hostess with the mostess. Yes, they were surprised, for, of late, they have been attending just one social dance each Sunday, except when busy with other life happenings.

This morning, after a good night’s sleep, our dearest is ‘pain free’ and feeling fine. We say ‘pain free’ because, Dear Ones, this was not always the case when our Dear Hearts strung together a set of social dance events. No, Dear Ones, it would take our dearest a couple of days to recover from such a dance hop.

We hastily remind our readers of Backwards Aging. Yes, my Dear Friends, our dearest Carolyn is stronger, younger and more agile than ever. Being now in her late thirties, age wise, our dearest is experiencing the value of a more robust frame.

Won’t you join with us in this ultra new and inviting quest? Backwards aging is available for all Light Workers. And you, Dear Heart, who has read to the end, are one such one.

Our previous article shines the brightest light on how to achieve Backwards Aging. The choice, as always, is yours.

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What are the steps to be taken in order for Backwards Aging to begin?

We would like to address this question that shall be on the lips of many in time to come. We have written about this many times, Dear Ones. However, our dearest Carolyn would welcome a synopsis of Backwards Aging for those whose curiosity will not be quenched easily. That is to say, Dear Ones; there will be many looking to acquire a ‘quick fix’ as our dearest has spoken. To assuage the curiosity not engendered to search through the many articles written upon this subject; we offer the following:

Without a ‘backdrop’ of knowledge, Dear Hearts, Backwards Aging will remain only words. That is to say: Backwards Aging is independent from your belief structure; your economic structure; your religious, family, race, etc., etc.; you understand.

However, Dear Ones; Backwards Aging will be enhanced when you consciously allow the truth of our beginnings, our middle, and our end to become a part of that which you live on a daily basis.

We are not expecting the truth to be taken easily. No, Dear Ones, we are not. However, when the truth is heard it cannot be unheard; you appreciate, Dear Heart. A minor aspect, or two, will remain. With further ‘hearing’, more and more will become a part of your conscious understanding. With this conscious appreciation will, in time, become more and more a part of the truth by which you live.

This, more than any other means, will enhance Backwards Aging.

And this, Dear Hearts, is why we advise:  Read, read, and reread our free books. They, more than any other reading, will allow the truth to penetrate.

Our dearest reminds:  “This is not as easy as it may seem.”

Yes indeed, dearest. However, this is the advice we give to those whose goal is to Backwards Age.

A beginning, Dear Heart; just a beginning.

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Agreed Upon Age – 1

Whilst enjoying brunch together our Dear Hearts, Carolyn and Keith, Veronica and her husband Michael were swapping joyful memories of their weekend’s happenings. Both couples had been engaged in adventurous doings.

Their iPhones were in full swing. Images showing their delights, were in hand; each couple having many to share.

It was during this time our Dear Heart, Keith, was inspired to take a picture of our dearest Carolyn and Veronica.

We present this image to you, Dear Ones, with this understanding:

Our dearest Carolyn is to reach the age of twenty seven before our Dear Heart, her daughter, Veronica; this is as arranged, you understand.

Our dearest, being almost twenty four years Veronica’s senior has, understandably, further to backwards age than our Dear Heart, Veronica.

This has been known to the two for some time. However, Dear Ones, the proof of backwards aging will become evident as we publish more and more images of our Dear Ones.

It is with our Dear Heart, Veronica’s approval that we do so. This will not be an easy assignment, although agreed upon, by our Dear Heart. Yes, our beloved will feel the pinch of envy as she witnesses her mother becoming younger looking as each month passes.

We hasten to add, Dear Ones; this will be a grievance for only a short period of time. For, Dear Ones, as soon as it is evident that our dearest Carolyn has reached the age agreed upon, then, and only then will our Dear Heart, Veronica, be the second to reach the agreed upon age of twenty seven.

© Keith Compton

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Where Are We Going Tonight?

Our dearest is home, Dear Hearts, yes she is. Indeed, our Dear Ones enjoyed to their heart’s content a moment of moments. And what do we mean by this?

What is meant, Dear Ones is:  In the scheme of your life there are moments that bring enormous joy; this is true. A moment in time encapsulated in joy is a moment all shall have.

You don’t believe this is true?

Indeed, our dearest Carolyn would have agreed with you some years past. However, now our dearest has experienced many moments of joy; this she has.

And this we say to you, Dear Heart. There will be moments of joy for you, too. Fear not. If you are a Light Worker you will experience, as our dearest Carolyn, many moments of joy.


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One Special Night

Yes, our dearest is heading out for a special night out; this she is, Dear Ones. And where shall this special night take her? It will take her to another state; yes it will.

Her home state, New South Wales will be lost to her, for an evening within the state of Queensland. Yes, Dear Ones, our dearest will travel by plane to meet with her life partner, Keith, and together they shall experience this special night of joy; yes indeed ’tis true, Dear Hearts.

We shall keep this our secret. We shall not tell you why our Dear Ones are having a special night out; just that they are!

When our dearest returns we shall again write telling of their adventure. Until then, Dear Ones, we shall say goodnight and goodbye for a time.

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War Mongering – A Challenge to be Met Openly, Honestly and Without Fear

Listen while you read  

Our dearest has a problem; one that has been overwhelming her of late. This problem will be one that shall cause angst for many Light Workers; yes indeed.

The problem arises because many Light Workers involve themselves in the day to day lives of the world. That is right, Dear Ones. Many Light Workers see the ‘big picture’. And what does the big picture entail? It entails disorder and destruction, not only for many species of animals, etc., upon Earth, but also, Dear Ones, for man.

We cannot achieve anything without a ripple effect; this is a universal law, Dear Hearts. We cannot achieve a single act without that single act having repercussions upon the whole. And this, Dear Ones, can be seen worldwide. Yes, the repercussions of actions are becoming quite visible for those with eyes to see.

However, and this is the point of this writing. We ask, Dear Hearts, that you hold the emotional body in check. This we have asked of our dearest this day. Hold to the spiritual values that are your task for this life experience. Placing yourself, emotionally, in the hands of the warmongers is not your task; no Dear Hearts. Your task is to bring about perfection within. This cannot be achieved if you are involved in anger, distrust, violence and greed.

Our dearest asks for the solution.

The solution, dearest, is to know about the world and its troubles; yes this is correct. However, dearest; know and remain at ease, calm within the knowledge that war and destruction is inevitable.

A challenge to be met openly, honestly, and without fear.

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Queen Conch Reflection – A Guest Post by Resa McConaghy

© Resa McConaghy

Our Dear Resa of:

Art Gowns.comGraffiti Lux & Murals – Queen’s End & Author of ‘Nine Black Lives’ has offered the following reflection – one very close to her heart.

The Queen Conch Reflection

I am the Queen Conch, and I am very loved. So many have loved me over the centuries, that I am now, endangered.


Humans have adorned themselves with my pearls, with cameos & wedding bracelets made of me. I’ve been used as a trumpet to announce funerals, dawns and festivals, as building material, as a jagged razor addition to the top of walls to protect homes.


I have come to speak up before it’s too late, before I’m loved to death, all used up.

I say, it is now your time to listen. With an ear to me, many hear the ocean, some hear divine words. With an ear to your own heart, to your soul you will find direction, answers and more. Perhaps you will hear the Light? Perhaps I won’t have to be loved to death; just loved?

It’s time to listen!




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Dear Kitty offered an article with video (see the comment section below). I feel inspired to add the video here for those who would like to learn more about the current conservation efforts – Florida Keys – Queen Conch Transplant Part 1 – WATERWAYS

(The video covers both the Queen Conch – first 16 mins, and the remainder – the Gulf Pipefish.)


Coming Out Of The Closet

We advised our dearest, quite recently, that life would be taking a turn toward a more structured social life; this we did, Dear Ones. To this end we foresee our dearest having more time for the pleasantries of life.

Hers has been a life of duty until now. All social activity has been the scene by which she has been given the opportunity to develop and grow, so to speak; a deliberate and conscious knowing that, at a deeper level, has been known to our dearest.

We mentioned in this advice that our dearest would soon be subject to pleasantries for the sake of pleasantries; something quite foreign to her. Yes, we have kept our dearest quite separate from the norm, as stated, due to the work she has come to achieve.

We also stated, within the advice, that the work of ‘backwards aging’ is, to a great degree, a fait accompli. Yes, Dear Ones, it is now an obvious fact; our dearest, and her daughter, Veronica, can no longer deny.

This is also true for many with whom our dearest comes into contact; and this is the prime reason for this writing.

We have, in the main, prevented many from consciously accepting the truth of our dearest’s backward aging. Yes, Dear Hearts, we, in spirit, manipulate the mind of man in order for progress to be made. This answers many questions our dearest has had in regard to her changing appearance, and the lack of surprise by some.

However, we have allowed some to be conscious of the changes. One such individual is a dear and special friend of our dearest. For the past two years she has commented regarding the youthful changes she has witnessed upon our dearest’s face, in particular.

The time for honesty came very recently; our dearest was given the opportunity to speak openly, for the first time, in regards her backwards aging and her role as the example of Love and Perfection.

A great weight lifted off her shoulders, indeed. With this removal of weight came the realisation that this will become the norm, over time. Yes, our dearest will be speaking the truth of backwards aging to many within her social sphere; something she thought may never happen.

Our dearest is looking forward to ‘coming out of the closet’, so to speak. It has been a lonely life our dearest has led. She is now looking forward to speaking and living her truth.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

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Q12. Positive and Negative Light Workers Working in Tandem (8) Those Close To Us Hurt Us More!

Our Dear Heart, Megala of Megala’s Kitchen has asked a question:

Earlier I was of the opinion that we have to be careful with strangers, but as I grow matured I find people hate, tease, punish others who are close to their hearts than anybody else. It seems relatives & friends do more harm than strangers, and I don’t see any logic here.

Why can’t they just get away from the person whom they don’t like? What could be the reason/psychology behind this attitude?

We have spoken in regard to this phenomenon, Dear Heart, in our Positive and Negative series. We shall place a link here: Positive and Negative Light Workers Working in Tandem.

To remind our readers:  Of the four billion Light Workers currently abiding in The Fantasy of Earth; two billion are Positive Workers of the Light, and two billion are Negative Workers of the Light.

A short synopsis, Dear Heart: A Positive and a Negative are required in order for progress to be made; the Negative works as the catalyst for the evolution of the Positive.

Our dearest allows us to use her experience with her partner of the Negative as an example.

Without a catalyst progress would not be possible. To this end our dearest’s life partner, Keith, a Light Worker of the Negative, acts as a catalyst for our dearest’s progression to perfection: A lack of Fear.

To this end, our dearest Keith, and all Light Workers of the Negative, are prompted by their soul, or consciousness, to perform dastardly acts. Do remember, Dear One, this is an agreed position all Light Workers of the Negative willingly place themselves within.

This is extremely difficult for the human brain to absorb, Dear One. However, all participants within The Fantasy have made a commitment to the evolution of The Earth Fantasy to one of Perfection. This can and will only be achieved by Light Workers of the Light, and their opponents, so to speak; the Light Workers of the Negative, working side by side.

Many Light Workers of the Negative regret their actions after the event, Dear Heart; they do not consciously know why they behave in such mean ways; no, Dear One. They regret, yet cannot control their meanness, no indeed.

You, Dear Heart, are a Light Worker of the Positive. Therefore, Dear One, you will find many Light Workers of the Negative behaving badly. Yes, indeed, Dear Heart, this you will.

As you bring the light of our words to your consciousness you will find yourself accepting the truth behind them. With this acceptance will come a ‘softening’ toward the aggressors. Yes, Dear One; you will find yourself agreeing to their plight.

In retrospect, Dear Heart, you will come to appreciate the truth of which we speak. You will understand that in order to ‘mature’, as you have spoken, the so-called ‘harm’ the Light Workers of the Negative emit has been the catalyst by which you have matured; maturity being a ‘lack of fear’.

Yes, Dear One, it has been ‘fear’ you have overcome and, by which you have evolved.

Our dearest would like us to mention that, as she has overcome the negative emissions from her partner of the negative, the negative emissions have decreased accordingly. And this, Dear Heart, allows the evolution to Love and Perfection to become a tangible quality for, not only The Light Worker of the Positive, but also for the partner; The Light Worker of the Negative.

Yes, indeed, Dear Heart; both parties reap the rewards of their efforts conjointly.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World