Grains – To Be or Not To Be

We would like to speak upon the subject of grains. Yes indeed, dearest, grains can be for some a two edged sword. Just as no two bodies are alike, this relates also to the grains available for ingestion.

Many are not comfortable eating grains. They, like many foodstuffs, can and do account for many a sore belly. Yes indeed, Dear Ones; it is essential to know your grains.

Our dearest has limited her grain intake and is currently evaluating those with which her body has an affinity against those of little or harmful benefit. Yes, Dear Heart, we use the word ‘benefit’ in this negative sense as this explains the ongoing habits of many.

To explain, Dear Heart:  Many ingest certain foods as pleasure sensing catalysts; yes indeed they do. Many ingest certain foods only because of the pleasure they appear to bring.

However, Dear Ones, eating foodstuffs in this manner creates many a difficulty; not only for the body, but for the mind; yes indeed. And this is the beginning of decline for the body, and addiction for the mind.

To return to our story:  Our dearest continues evaluating those foods that cause her body harm, as opposed to those foods that bring positivity and health.

Our dearest wonders if she has ‘gluten’ intolerance. We can assure our dearest that gluten is currently behaving in a friendly manner, so to speak. However, the human body can, without moderation, create intolerances of this fashion.

We have, therefore, offered many alternatives to our dearest; and openly encourage her to add great variety to her diet. We are pleased to report she is openly responding to this encouragement as she purchases many varieties of grains hitherto unknown to her digestive processes. She reports, with great enthusiasm, her delight.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

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Coffee & Conversation – Not All Will Enjoy Your Success

We have something to say, dearest. Yes, we have something to say in regard your health. Shall we proceed? Good, dearest; on we go:

Along with health come many obstacles. This surprises our dearest. She wonders what could be the obstacles of which we have concern.

The obstacles, dearest, are those that surface as you gain health; obstacles that may hinder your progress.

We speak of the thoughts and doubts presented by others; yes indeed.

Many about you will not wish you well in your endeavours; this is true. You must remain vigilant, dearest, for those who may wish you ill on your progression forward.

This is always a part of the human condition. There are those who rejoice with you in your success; and there are those who will demean your efforts; yes indeed.

Were you to listen to those of a negative vibe, you may find yourself doubting your endeavours.

This comes as a warning, dearest, to you and all whose interest lies in self propulsion to greater self realisation in all ways. There will always be those whose interest lies in denouncing your efforts and causing harm.

Do not fear those whose purpose is to detract. They are doing so as arranged.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

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Health For All & Backwards Aging

Yes indeed, dearest, it is time to begin. Begin what, you may well ask?

To continue with our story, dearest, we must make a beginning. Yes? Yes indeed, dearest, we shall firstly create a premise upon which to base our story.

In the beginning there was……  We jest, dearest; we shall be more concise than this…

Our dearest Carolyn, asked quite recently if, due to the Backwards Aging she is experiencing her innards would backwards age as well. In this lies our story:

Indeed, the whole equals the sum of its parts; yes indeed. However, Dear Ones; were the parts to have been unequal, or unhealthy, then the sum would add up to equal the parts of ill-health. Agree? And this is what can be found within the bodies of the majority of humans; yes indeed. Ill-health! Therefore, Dear Ones, there is a need for health to be obtained.

Backwards Aging is not to be a magic bullet for health, Dear Ones. It is a reward for the work that you do upon yourselves. Those who register age 27 will be those who not only work upon the many fragmented realities within the mind, but also those who work upon regaining and maintaining health within the structure of the body.

We appreciate there are those who, for one reason or another, have agreed to an illness or two being experienced within this lifetime. Yes indeed, there are many who qualify within this parameter. However, Dear Hearts, there be many millions upon millions within this group, and all others, who have not kept within the healthy boundaries required for optimum living.

We refer, Dear Ones, to those who opt to eat those foodstuffs that guarantee ill-health.

Sugar tops this list, Dear Hearts, and is the one substance that, given the short shift will begin the cleansing process most bodies require.

We are pleased to announce that our dearest is one such one. Over the past weeks our dearest has foregone the sweet treats and is experiencing a calmer attitude both mentally and physically. We salute you, dearest.

Many Blessings to all

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

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Blaming Others is Unnecessary – an excerpt from ‘Tomorrow’s End’.

It is something that each of us has done, and/or continue to do. Is it not?

Yes, this is the case for all. We neither want to take responsibility, nor allow others the right to their opinion.

A sad state of affairs, though true for most. And what does this lead to? It leads, Dear Ones, to a state of mind that adheres to the old adage.

A bird in the hand, etc, etc. This basically means, Dear Hearts:

That which we have is worth more to us than searching for something more. Indeed it does.

Would you prefer to have what is in your hand, Dear Heart? Or does the thought of something more, possibly something greater that has the chance of becoming yours, thrill and excite you?

Let us cast away this old saying. It does us no good at all.

Yes, let us cast away the selfishness that keeps us without.

Without what?

Without the many experiences waiting for us to be tempted to leave the blame behind.

The blame behind?

Yes indeed; the blame behind. And what is meant by this, dear friends?

What is meant is we can leave all the blame behind us. The blame that causes us to think that others are responsible for the outcomes of our lives; our education; our talent; our economic state; our looks; our personalities; the list is as endless as there are humans upon Earth.

Yes indeed, dear friends; when we can leave the blame behind a whole vista of opportunities confront us. Opportunities that guarantee newness of expression, variety upon variety of knowledge, a caring for ourselves as we realise that we, and only we, are to blame for our lives.

Once this blameless attitude has been acquired we then, and only then, begin our journey.

And what journey is that, you may well ask?

The journey of your life, dear friend, as you come to realise the enormity of your task to live the expression that is your life.

No one can do this for you.

No, it is your life and yours alone. To be lived in the expression of your uniqueness.

© 2014 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

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Coffee & Conversation – Rowing Machine & Silver Sheens

As a little prelude to this writing I’d like to let you, my dear reader, know that The C.C. often have little conversations with me. The following is one such one. I must also add how delighted I am with our little chats –

Is there something to write?

Indeed dearest, there is.


Something close to your heart, dearest.

And that is, pray tell.

Yesterday held many opportunities, dearest. Did it not?

Yes, it would have held many opportunities for everyone.

And what, dearest, did you do with the opportunities?

I believe I utilised my time quite well.

What did you do, dearest?

I exercised upon rising on my new rowing machine. I then did a few stretching exercises. I showered, dressed and had a healthy breakfast.

You are saying, dearest, that you occupied yourself well?

Yes, I believe I did.

Indeed, dearest, we know you did. Are you enjoying your new rowing machine?

I am, very much.

Why is this, dearest?

For the past few years, since the illness of 2013 – 2016 I haven’t been able to keep up a definite exercise routine. This irks me because I enjoy being active and fit.

And you are now active and fit, dearest?

No, not as yet. I am more active and fitter than I was; however, I believe I have a way to go before I am as active and as fit as I’d like to be.

And the rowing machine is assisting, dearest?

Yes it is. I’ve been inspired to increase the reps from 3 by 2mins to 3 by 4mins.

And this, you believe dearest, is assisting?

Absolutely yes. I was only saying to Veronica yesterday that I know I am stronger in just this short period of time – almost 2 weeks.

And how, dearest, do you know this?

Yesterday I pruned a number of our silver sheens in the backyard, and this morning I completed the task. The last time I pruned them I was exhausted and my arms ached even whilst pruning. Today I’ve not felt the same exhaustion, nor are my arms sore.

Our beautiful Silver Sheens made it through summer, thankfully. We’ve had very little rain and extremely hot summer weather.

And this, dearest, feels good?

Yes it does feel good. I do enjoy feeling strong and able to do those things I like to do.

Very well, dearest, we shall enjoy the feeling with you. Yes?

Yes, please do.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

It’s Just a Pesky Trifle!

Oftentimes, we believe in something untrue; indeed we do. There is only one truth, in everything. However, for the most part many of us rationalise (to our best possible) the answer to that which confuses us. This may be in regard to a million and one things occurring throughout the day.

We may question a greeting:  Was that cynicism we heard, or is he/she a little overwrought? Did that vehicle deliberately cut me off? Is his/her silence, rudeness, or did he/she perhaps not see me?

Oh yes, Dear Hearts, millions upon millions of nuances, good and bad so-called, afflict our day. And what, if anything, should we do about such trifles?

The answer is in the question. Yes, Dear Ones, many millions upon millions of ‘trifles’ such as these will plague us ad-infinitum; should we allow.

The answer lies in not allowing such trifles to assault us. And how, you ask, can this be done?

It is not easy, however, Dear Ones, it is a simple answer. The trick is to learn this quickly and apply it constantly. Yes, Dear Hearts; if we want to be free of confusion, second guessing and manipulation we will work steadily toward that which our dearest has learned.

Distance from the minor trifles will satisfy your desire for peace of mind. Yes, Dear Ones; learn how not to be affected by the trifles that beset you.

Firstly: Desire to be free of those pesky troubles, and free you will become.

Secondly: Be consistent in naming those trifles when they arise. That’s right. Name the trouble! Once named, a pesky troublesome trifle disintegrates into the nothingness from which it came.

And from where did it come?

That’s an easy question to answer:  It came from your mind.

You think not? You think it did not originate in your mind, Dear Heart?

If you answered no; then do tell, Dear One; from where did it come?

We have engineered the mind of man (the brain) to be troublesome, Dear Hearts; yes indeed. In order for perfection to be achieved, the troublesome mind must be understood in order for it to be soothed and calmed.

And what, pray tell, soothes and calms the mind? We shall tell you:

You, Dear Heart:  Yes, you; armed with the knowledge of truth.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

Coffee and Conversation- Birthday & Exercise!

My birthday came and went, leaving me one year older! Thanks to Backwards Aging, I certainly don’t feel older; in fact, I feel quite a lot younger than my 68 years.

68th Birthday with my man K.

This evening, though, I’m feeling a little sore around the hip/waist area in particular. And why?

I’ve been working out on my new ‘rower’. Yeah!

No, this isn’t me. When I’m svelte and looking great I’ll use an image of me. Til then, gets that honour… 🙂

It arrived the day before my birthday and took an hour or so to assemble. I couldn’t wait to get started.

The C.C. had advised I shouldn’t row for more than 2mins at any one time. This sure made me want to prove them wrong. But, as usual, they were right; I used muscles I don’t think I’ve ever used.

Within a couple of days of rowing 2mins times 3 over a half hour period, my little body was definitely feeling it…  Yeah again!

Am I the only one who loves the pain of sore muscles? Am I a masochist? Do I need to hang up my delight? Please let me know if you too love the feeling of a great muscle exercise; I need a little comforting…

So, it’s been one week of rowing on my rower. I luvvvvv it. I also luvvvv it because now, with the muscle soreness and stiffness, comes the need to stretch…  Another YEAH!

I love yoga, so, you guessed it; I’m now doing yoga, too. I’m just hopping onto youtube and joining in on a video; there are absolutely so many choices.


(I’d say yeah again, but, I don’t want to overdo it!!!)

What about you? Do you love/hate exercise? Does the word send you to the kitchen for a little ‘reassurance’? Do you enjoy a little reward like an extra biscuit because, after all, you’ve just been exercising; something I do all the time!    🙂



© 2018 Carolyn Page
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

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All is Prearranged

Listen while you read  

We have advised our dearest that, in the future, she will know the love and acceptance of family. This came as quite a surprise to our dearest; indeed it did. To explain:

Our dearest has a mission; a mission to be fulfilled within this lifetime, indeed. Her mission is to bring about a beginning; a beginning that shall be told for centuries to come. And what is this beginning?

It is the beginning of love and perfection. Do you not see the beginnings, Dear Ones? Do you not feel a change in your perception? Yes; no? Indeed, Dear Hearts, many are feeling the changes within. This is due to prearrangement.

All is prearranged, Dear Hearts. This is not an easy thing with which to come to terms; no indeed. Humans like to think that all is serendipity; coincidence. Alas, many even believe all is haphazard, as such.

No, Dear Ones; all things, in the scheme of life, are planned to the nth degree.

For those suffering hardship, this is not an easy thing with which to come to terms; no, Dear Ones. Why would we place ourselves in such suffering; we hear you say.

All things are planned; all things have a plan, and all things are relevant in the scheme of your life; per se.

We expect a degree of consternation at the words we speak; yes indeed. We expect some to enquire for more knowledge as we venture forward. We are here to answer your call.

Many Blessings

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

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My Quest

Now is the moment to begin your quest.

And what quest would that be?

The quest of remembering who you are, dearest; the quest of remembering why you are here.

I thought I had remembered who I am and why I am here!

Indeed, to a degree, dearest, you remember who you are and why you are here. However, there is more.


Yes indeed, dearest; there is more. Shall we advise?

Yes please.

Indeed we shall, dearest; yes we shall. Firstly, dearest, you remember who you are. Yes?

Yes, in the sense that I was the one who initially instigated the desire for change here within The Earth Fantasy; taking it from one of remembering the harshness of our earliest beginnings as consciousness (and re-enacting those beginnings of negativity and fear) to one of creating a fantasy based upon love and perfection.

Yes indeed, dearest; this was and is certainly the case. And the quest of remembering why you are here?

I believe, from my example of achieving Love and Perfection – the ridding ourselves of all that is fear based 

and from the obvious rewards achieved – such as backwards aging

will come, for the Light Workers who follow my example, the same rewards. This will have the effect of producing, over the coming few centuries, a resolution of the past negativities, producing the change agreed upon:  Love and Perfection as the basis for The Earth Fantasy.

Hear, hear, dearest. Yes indeed, this will produce, in time, the resolution from the negativity as the basis for The Earth Fantasy, and will be replaced by the agreed upon new fantasy for The Earth Fantasy:  Love and Perfection.

How is this going for you, dearest?

It’s not all clear sailing, so to speak. I have had many moments of doubt and grief. However, lately, due to the inexplicable changes to my appearance (getting younger) I am beginning to feel more and more comfortable with the role I am playing.

Are you saying, dearest, you doubted the validity of our word?

Yes and no. As a human who has been hearing spirit voices now for 30 years, I have had no doubt about the validity of you, my soul, or spirit, so called; this has always been a known value in my life. However, as a human offering a socially new value; i.e., a concept unknown before; this has not been an easy road to travel.

Indeed not, dearest, yes we appreciate your position. We shall leave this here for now, dearest. Yes?

Yes, Thank You; though, you said there was more!

For another day, dearest…

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

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