Listen while you read 

There is a story, Dear Ones, we would like to share.

Yesterday, when all the world was still, there came a voice of reason. Many heard the voice, whilst others did not. And why did some hear the voice, whilst others did not? We shall tell you:

Some were meant to hear, whilst others were not. Yes, Dear Brave Hearts; know that all is known; all is preordained. Together we are working toward Love and Perfection becoming the basis for The Earth Fantasy. Those who hear and those who do not are all working toward the same end.

Therefore, Dear Ones, we ask that you take this information within where it will, in time, take root. The result will be a calming of the so-called injustices you see. Yes, Dear Ones, the so-called injustices are a known condition within The Earth Fantasy.

This is not to say we expect you not to see the injustices, nor are we saying not to engage in the battle toward balance. What we are saying, Dear Hearts; is not to take the so-called injustices to heart.

This, at the beginning, is nearly impossible for you; we appreciate. Until you have had many experiences of calming yourself whilst thinking about/engaging within the realm of balancing the injustices, you will find this almost impossible. Yes, Dear Ones; we appreciate. However, with time, and many instances of finding yourself unnerved, imbalanced, regretful and dissatisfied with your behaviour you will find yourself asking for help to remain still, balanced and sure of your ability to garner strength within. This will be your crowning glory, Dear Heart. When you can still the impulse to drama; when you can be aware of the atrocities and remain bound to progress, then, Dear One, you will know of what we speak. A calming of the mind will have occurred, leaving you able to negotiate any condition with balance by your side.

Our dearest has asked that we speculate on some of the so-called injustices you may encounter:

The animals of the earth, Dear Hearts, require balance. Yes, Dear Ones, they, the animals of the Earth have been, in general, demoted to a state of annihilation; with few in the scheme of Earth capable of appreciating the possibilities forthcoming should they continue to be forgotten.

The air, sea and sky require assistance if they are to remain stable. Man’s continuous rebellious nature pollutes his home ad infinitum.

Greed is a constant drain upon the resources of Earth; removing its life blood to satisfy the hunger of mind and body.

Yes, Dear Ones, many imbalances are in need of your thought and action. However, as we have written: Firstly man must address the imbalances within, as indeed many are doing, before he can tackle those imbalances without.

Many Blessings, Dear Ones

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

We Have Played a Trick Upon Our Dearest One

Yes, we, The Collective Consciousness have played a trick upon our dearest Carolyn in order for balance to become the order of the day. We are pleased to report that balance has been achieved; yes indeed. And what was the trick we played?

Our dearest was at one end of the balance scale; balance being within the middle sector; you appreciate. Yes indeed, our dearest sat, for many a year, at the end of the scale which denotes ‘present for the purpose of supporting others’.

For understanding sake, Dear Ones, we advise the other end of the scale denotes ‘present for one’s self alone’; the two ends being ‘out of balance’.

In order to relieve our dearest of her position of imbalance we opted to advise our dearest to enter the world within a ‘worldly arena’. The worldly arena being a career; something our dearest longed for ad infinitum. This worked, Dear Hearts. For the past number of days our dearest has been wringing her hands, and her thinking, into knots. And why has this been so?

This has been so, Dear Ones, because; once our dearest became engaged with the world, so to speak, she became appreciative of her role as medium personified. Yes, Dear Hearts; our dearest began to appreciate being a medium for the evolution of The Earth Fantasy, in all its glory. However, Dear Ones, she has also become balanced in the sense that she now appreciates time for herself.

Yes, Dear Hearts, now our dearest has struck a balance between her role, and the effort of ensuring its efficacy, as well as her duty and responsibility towards ensuring a balance between her outward duties, and those with respect to herself.

We herald our dearest’s balance, and look forward to carrying onward with the work of creating Love and Perfection for The Earth Fantasy.

We have asked our dearest to say a few words.


When The C.C. advised I was to be engaged in a ‘worldly career’ I was overjoyed. I immediately set sail initiating various avenues of thought, leading to possible future employment/self reliance. Oh how different this was to the way I’ve lived for the past three decades. It took a very short time for me to realise this was not the way I wanted to live. I am now so relieved to know this was their way of getting me to realise that firstly; I needed to come to balance between assisting others and taking  care of me.  Secondly; to come to appreciate my role as being the one I have agreed to; the one I am equipped to do, and am now very pleased to know I will be continuing to do.


Hear, hear, dearest; we know we cause confusion. However, confusion is a means to an end; an end that, in general, guarantees balance.

Many Blessings, dearest ~ Many Blessings

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

A Timely Piece of Advice ~

Is there something to say or write about?

Indeed, dearest; there is.

And what, pray tell, is that?

You, dearest.


Yes, indeed, dearest; we wish to speak about you.

I’m all ears!

There is a need to investigate the inner workings, once again. There are some things that are not quite known. Yes?

I’m sure that is the case. However, to what are you referring?

We refer, dearest, to the mind’s inability to be still. Yes, indeed; we refer to the mind’s incessant need to think.

Well, I can honestly say there are times when this aspect of human nature tends to disturb me.

Indeed, dearest, we know this to be true for you.

Do you have a cure?

We always ‘have a cure’, dearest; the solution resolves this event of tedium so many suffer from whilst within The Fantasy.

Pray tell.

Indeed we will, dearest:  Firstly we must assure one and all that this condition is one that is extremely common. Yes, the mind’s reaction to ‘change’ is generally one of thinking things through, as the saying goes. However, we hasten to remind one and all:

Patience and perseverance are generally all that is required of you. Yes?

Yes; I’d say that is generally the case for me, and yet it is generally the hardest thing to do.

Indeed, dearest; yes indeed.

Many Blessings

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

Am I to Do a Video for This Month?

You have said that all Light Workers will go through this process of wanting independence. I feel quite separate and can’t seem to feel united with anyone; not even the dogs. This doesn’t seem right to me. Being 100% there for others and feeling completely separated from others seems just as unbalanced as each other.

Here, here, dearest. Yes indeed, they are two sides of the one coin; yes indeed.

So obviously there is a balance.

Indeed there is, dearest.

And am I to find this balance?

Undoubtedly so, dearest; you will find the balance.

Can you explain the balance to me?

The balance, dearest, is being neither 100% there for others yet not being separate from others. Yes indeed, dearest, it is a simple equation. Is it not?

Yes; though, in everyday language. How is this achieved?

Ah, dearest, when this is known all will be known. We envisage, dearest, all Light Workers having this opportunity to create balance within their lives as they progress through the process toward Love and Perfection. However, dearest, we know you are enquiring for yourself. As the leader of many Light Workers to follow, we can assure you, dearest, you will find the way. Have you not already discovered changes occurring?

Yes I’ve experienced many changes. Are you referring to the latest changes?

Indeed, dearest, we are referring to your changed state of mind; a mind that, as of recently, does not want to live purely for others. Yes?

Yes, that is definitely the case. I have tried, for instance, to create a backwards aging video for this month (October 2017) and can’t bring myself to do it.

The reason being, dearest?

I watched last month’s video and saw someone who wholeheartedly was there for others; it showed in my every word, and in my eyes. This month I can’t recreate that feeling. I am not 100% for others anymore. To say I am would be a lie. This is not to say I don’t want the very best for others; I most certainly want all Light Workers to achieve their goals in the process toward Love and Perfection, and receive all the wonderful rewards, such as backwards aging, throughout their progress. But I now lack the motivation I believe it takes to present this to others. I now really want a more balanced life holding, not only others, but also myself in my loving arms and thoughts.

We know this to be true for you, dearest. This will be the case for the multitude of Light Workers who will follow your example. You have played your part, dearest; your example will continue, in various forms, to inspire and lead.

Many Blessings, dearest ~ Many Blessings

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

Making Money

Money, or the lack of money, determines how self regulatory your life is.

This is a statement made by our dearest this day, October 27 2017.

Yes indeed, dearest, this is true. Without available funds life is limited to that which can only be done without money. In this there lie many opportunities. Naturally, this can be open to debate! There are many who agree that within money lie the root of all evil, as has been written. Conversely, there are many who, having money and the opportunities money present, agree to disagree. Yes dearest, money, or not having money is open to many an argument for and against. What is your opinion in regard money, dearest?

Having not had a lot of it throughout my life, I’m rather of the opinion I’d rather have it than not.

An enviable state of being, dearest; that of having money. Yes?

Yes, I would say that is true. I’ve been fortunate, this past decade or so, to be with a partner who is capable of producing funds, and who has been very generous to me. However, there comes with such an arrangement, certain limitations and obvious indebtedness.

And what are they, dearest?

There are limitations with spending. Although the funds I’ve been given have been sufficient to procure my daily needs such as clothing; I haven’t been able to determine my own course.

In what way, dearest?

I have, in general, had to agree with my partner’s desires in regard holidaying; the general day to day purchases for the home, etc. I don’t mean to sound disrespectful; however, I would like to make purchases based upon my needs and desires. I’d also like to know the funds were self propelled and not given; although generously, by another.

You are saying, dearest, that you would prefer to be self reliant.


Then why, dearest, are you hesitating?

I don’t find the opportunity given to me, as the means to procure funds, one that stands up to my standards.

Standards, dearest?

Yes. I’ve always had an opinion of making money for money’s sake to be a little empty, so to speak.

Indeed dearest; we know this to be true for you. Would you care for this attitude to be changed?

I can’t see myself embarking upon this opportunity with my current attitude. So yes; I believe this to be necessary.

So be it, dearest. Over the coming days you will see and feel the old being removed.

Many Blessings, dearest.

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

Living For Me

Listen while you read  

I don’t care about helping others at the moment. I know I am being given these energies.

Indeed, dearest, you are not caring.

I seem to be more interested in looking after me. I want the best for me. I want to live for me. I want my life, now, to be about me.

And this, dearest, is different for you?

Absolutely different, yes. I was 100% engaged in making life better for others, up and until a very short time past.

And now?

Now my every thought is centred upon me, and a handful of my dearest loves; my very close family.

Indeed, dearest, we know this is true for you, and will remain so. Is this a problem for you, dearest?

It is taking a little time to get my head around this. After spending an entire lifetime (67 years) of placing others before me, it is quite surprising to find this enormous change in my outlook.

Well said, dearest. Yes, we appreciate this change of outlook must be, and will continue to be quite surprising, as you’ve said. However, dearest, this is the case because of a prearrangement entered into. Yes, dearest; this prearrangement cannot be broken, you appreciate.

Yes, I do understand, however, I now wonder what will become of ‘the work’. Will I continue to write (transcribe) the understandings to assist others attain this level of progression toward Love and Perfection?

No, dearest, you have achieved your goal and will be the greatest example of the process, which will continue, via others, in the Love and Perfection stakes. It will be of interest to you only, dearest. The writings within our free books and those available on-line will continue to be the mainstay for those Light Workers wishing to fulfil their arranged goals. However, dearest, as we have written; your goal has been achieved.

Many Blessings, Dearest, Many Blessings

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

Q9. Are All Light Workers Clairvoyant?

Are All Light Workers Clairvoyant?

This question was asked by ‘The Daughter’. Yes indeed, our dearest’s daughter has asked this question.

It will take almost an essay to answer this question, Dear Heart; so we shall put it sharply and to the point.

All Light Workers, upon attaining a certain degree of progression to Love and Perfection, will be given the set of skills pertaining to the role they have agreed to play.

Our dearest, for instance, is embarking upon a career that has been sparked by the desire to be independent; yes indeed. This was always going to be the case, Dear Heart; as it will be the case for each Light Worker.

Our dearest would not have considered this as a career, nor as a suitable manner in which to attain independence. And this will also be the case for many Light Workers as they attain a particular development; yes indeed. They will be presented with opportunities; opportunities presented as a matter of course, Dear One.

You, for instance, Dear Heart, are not currently aware of the possibilities that shall be presented to you. You are indeed nearing that level of progression, however, and will find yourself, as our dearest, delving into matters not before entertained. This is pre-ordained, Dear One, and will come matter-of-factly as has been the case for our dearest.

We ask, however, that you not pre-empt this condition; this will only bring angst and bewilderment. Until you are ready, as in a particular frame of mind, any investigation of the future will be not only futile, Dear Heart, but also detrimental.

And this we say to all Light Workers:

Know that the future will hold for you those things agreed upon before entering The Fantasy. And be assured you will acquire the set of skills needed to procure that which is imminent.

Many Blessings, Dear Heart. Once again your question will assist many Light Workers attain a better grasp.

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World