Coffee & Conversation – Money, Land and Travel

Our dearest has asked if there is something we wish to say; yes indeed she has. We say, dearest; it will not be long before you are in receipt of the monies to begin the projects before you.

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Project one, dearest, is the finding of the land upon which to build the house which you and your Dear Heart, Keith, will occupy for many years. With this in mind, dearest, a thorough investigation will be required to find the perfect block of land.

Yes, dearest, this is always the beginning of any project; i.e., the ‘thorough’ investigation of the land upon which to build; whether this be to build a house, or thoughts upon which to build a strong foundation. Yes? Yes indeed, dearest, all strong foundations are built upon strong investigation; to be sure.


Project two, dearest, will become a rather delightful event. Indeed dearest, you will be quite excited by the prospect of spending many days and weeks in the pursuit of good company, happiness and pleasantries. Yes indeed, dearest. Do not underestimate the delights before you; they will come with rapid succession, indeed.

We speak of your travels to come, dearest, indeed we do. They will begin, as we have spoken, within the land of the United States. Here you will meet with those who choose to be met, so to speak. Yes, dearest, we are open to one and all. We expect many to come forward, once your itinerary is known. You, dearest, will be journeying here and there meeting, laughing, and enjoying good company, indeed.

We shall leave this here for now

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Coffee & Conversation – Merpeople, Bucharest & a New Home

As happens more often than not, The C.C. informed me there was a need for me to attend the keyboard. This invariably means a conversation……  a conversation that is always a joy for me…..


Is there something to write?

Indeed, dearest.

Do go ahead.

Right, dearest, we shall. We would like to introduce more understanding regarding the Merpeople. Yes?

Yes, Thank You, that would be wonderful.

Yes, dearest, we know you have been wondering when we would return to the subject. On we go, dearest:

The Merpeople or Merfolk will make their appearance within the next few years; indeed they shall. We know this is not what you wanted to hear, dearest. No, we understand you want this introduction to occur now, or sooner. Yes?



And why is that, dearest?

Humans find waiting an unpleasantry, at times.

Yes indeed, dearest, this is truth. However, the Merpeople will make their arrival with great gusto, at the appropriate time. And this brings us to another introduction.

And what, pray tell, is that?

This is of a personal nature, dearest.

Please do go on.

Right, yes dearest, this introduction is to you.

I’m all ears!

Indeed, dearest, we shall elucidate. Yes?

Yes, please.

It will please you to know, dearest, that your world travels will begin soon. Yes?

Yes, that is pleasing, though; the means to do this have not as yet arrived, so to speak.

No indeed, dearest, this is true. However, dearest, the means will arrive rather soon.

Can you advise how this will occur?

Indeed, dearest, we can.


Yes; however, dearest, we shall inform you firstly of where your travels will take you. Yes?

Yes please.

Right, dearest. Your travels will begin in the United States of America. From there you will travel to Canada and Bucharest, capital of Romania. This surprises you, dearest.

Unirii Square, Bucharest

This absolutely surprises; yes.

There will be many surprises over the coming years, dearest. However, we have informed you of your travels, dearest; travels that will take you around the world. Yes?

Yes you have, though; there are many countries I’ve never thought about visiting. Romania would be one.

Indeed, dearest, yes indeed.

Can you now advise regarding the means to achieve this?

Monetary means, dearest?


Indeed, dearest, we shall inform you of the means becoming available to you to achieve your world travels; this we shall. You will be surprised to learn, dearest, that a rather large sum of money will come into your possession within the coming days. That is right, dearest. A rather large sum of money has been awaiting its due date, so to speak, to come into your possession, as it were. This large sum of money is to be used to purchase the house of which you have been awarded as a reward for the work thus far. Does this excite, dearest?

Yes, it does. Although our home is adequate; the home I have been made aware of will be so much more compatible with the lifestyle of which you have shown me.

And why is that, dearest?

I believe we will invite many to share time with us. In order to do this we will be in need of a larger home in order to provide guests suitable lodgings for a comfortable stay.

Indeed yes, dearest; your guests will be most appreciative of a comfortable stay, as you said; yes indeed…..  You wish to say, dearest?

I’m just a little overcome with this advice. It is taking a little time to process!

Indeed, dearest, yes we appreciate this advice has come ‘out of the blue’, yes indeed. We expect more questions in time, dearest. However, for now, we shall allow you the time to become settled. Yes?

Yes, Thank You; that would be appreciated.

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Coffee & Conversation – Rowing Machine & Silver Sheens

As a little prelude to this writing I’d like to let you, my dear reader, know that The C.C. often have little conversations with me. The following is one such one. I must also add how delighted I am with our little chats –

Is there something to write?

Indeed dearest, there is.


Something close to your heart, dearest.

And that is, pray tell.

Yesterday held many opportunities, dearest. Did it not?

Yes, it would have held many opportunities for everyone.

And what, dearest, did you do with the opportunities?

I believe I utilised my time quite well.

What did you do, dearest?

I exercised upon rising on my new rowing machine. I then did a few stretching exercises. I showered, dressed and had a healthy breakfast.

You are saying, dearest, that you occupied yourself well?

Yes, I believe I did.

Indeed, dearest, we know you did. Are you enjoying your new rowing machine?

I am, very much.

Why is this, dearest?

For the past few years, since the illness of 2013 – 2016 I haven’t been able to keep up a definite exercise routine. This irks me because I enjoy being active and fit.

And you are now active and fit, dearest?

No, not as yet. I am more active and fitter than I was; however, I believe I have a way to go before I am as active and as fit as I’d like to be.

And the rowing machine is assisting, dearest?

Yes it is. I’ve been inspired to increase the reps from 3 by 2mins to 3 by 4mins.

And this, you believe dearest, is assisting?

Absolutely yes. I was only saying to Veronica yesterday that I know I am stronger in just this short period of time – almost 2 weeks.

And how, dearest, do you know this?

Yesterday I pruned a number of our silver sheens in the backyard, and this morning I completed the task. The last time I pruned them I was exhausted and my arms ached even whilst pruning. Today I’ve not felt the same exhaustion, nor are my arms sore.

Our beautiful Silver Sheens made it through summer, thankfully. We’ve had very little rain and extremely hot summer weather.

And this, dearest, feels good?

Yes it does feel good. I do enjoy feeling strong and able to do those things I like to do.

Very well, dearest, we shall enjoy the feeling with you. Yes?

Yes, please do.

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It’s Just a Pesky Trifle!

Oftentimes, we believe in something untrue; indeed we do. There is only one truth, in everything. However, for the most part many of us rationalise (to our best possible) the answer to that which confuses us. This may be in regard to a million and one things occurring throughout the day.

We may question a greeting:  Was that cynicism we heard, or is he/she a little overwrought? Did that vehicle deliberately cut me off? Is his/her silence, rudeness, or did he/she perhaps not see me?

Oh yes, Dear Hearts, millions upon millions of nuances, good and bad so-called, afflict our day. And what, if anything, should we do about such trifles?

The answer is in the question. Yes, Dear Ones, many millions upon millions of ‘trifles’ such as these will plague us ad-infinitum; should we allow.

The answer lies in not allowing such trifles to assault us. And how, you ask, can this be done?

It is not easy, however, Dear Ones, it is a simple answer. The trick is to learn this quickly and apply it constantly. Yes, Dear Hearts; if we want to be free of confusion, second guessing and manipulation we will work steadily toward that which our dearest has learned.

Distance from the minor trifles will satisfy your desire for peace of mind. Yes, Dear Ones; learn how not to be affected by the trifles that beset you.

Firstly: Desire to be free of those pesky troubles, and free you will become.

Secondly: Be consistent in naming those trifles when they arise. That’s right. Name the trouble! Once named, a pesky troublesome trifle disintegrates into the nothingness from which it came.

And from where did it come?

That’s an easy question to answer:  It came from your mind.

You think not? You think it did not originate in your mind, Dear Heart?

If you answered no; then do tell, Dear One; from where did it come?

We have engineered the mind of man (the brain) to be troublesome, Dear Hearts; yes indeed. In order for perfection to be achieved, the troublesome mind must be understood in order for it to be soothed and calmed.

And what, pray tell, soothes and calms the mind? We shall tell you:

You, Dear Heart:  Yes, you; armed with the knowledge of truth.

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Coffee and Conversation- Birthday & Exercise!

My birthday came and went, leaving me one year older! Thanks to Backwards Aging, I certainly don’t feel older; in fact, I feel quite a lot younger than my 68 years.

68th Birthday with my man K.

This evening, though, I’m feeling a little sore around the hip/waist area in particular. And why?

I’ve been working out on my new ‘rower’. Yeah!

No, this isn’t me. When I’m svelte and looking great I’ll use an image of me. Til then, gets that honour… 🙂

It arrived the day before my birthday and took an hour or so to assemble. I couldn’t wait to get started.

The C.C. had advised I shouldn’t row for more than 2mins at any one time. This sure made me want to prove them wrong. But, as usual, they were right; I used muscles I don’t think I’ve ever used.

Within a couple of days of rowing 2mins times 3 over a half hour period, my little body was definitely feeling it…  Yeah again!

Am I the only one who loves the pain of sore muscles? Am I a masochist? Do I need to hang up my delight? Please let me know if you too love the feeling of a great muscle exercise; I need a little comforting…

So, it’s been one week of rowing on my rower. I luvvvvv it. I also luvvvv it because now, with the muscle soreness and stiffness, comes the need to stretch…  Another YEAH!

I love yoga, so, you guessed it; I’m now doing yoga, too. I’m just hopping onto youtube and joining in on a video; there are absolutely so many choices.


(I’d say yeah again, but, I don’t want to overdo it!!!)

What about you? Do you love/hate exercise? Does the word send you to the kitchen for a little ‘reassurance’? Do you enjoy a little reward like an extra biscuit because, after all, you’ve just been exercising; something I do all the time!    🙂



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Merpeople/Folk Continued

Listen while you read  

Ahaaaa…. our dearest appreciates our asking her to join us at the keyboard; especially in regard to our topic for the day. Yes, Dear Ones, we shall continue our revelation about Merpeople, or Merfolk.

The Merfolk will be joining the merry band (Earth inhabitants) in the not too long distant future. We shall begin to ‘think upon them’ soon, Dear Ones.

They shall be seen, firstly, by sea going merchants; who shall not be taken seriously. However, Dear Ones, you will know the truth of their sightings and will revel in that which is to come. And what is to come?

What is to come will be revelations of a future based upon change. Yes, Dear Ones, the Merfolk will herald a time of many introductions, so to speak.

As has been written in a previous article, we need only ‘think upon’ the new and it will come to be within The Earth Fantasy. However, there are currently many creatures, both great and small as yet to be discovered by man; yes indeed. We are not referring to these creatures, Dear Hearts, but, with this advice, will herald the introduction of a number of ‘new’ species for The Earth Fantasy. We shall not disclose their precise names and anatomical structures. However, what we can disclose, Dear Hearts is that they will be evidenced by all, in one way or another.

There must be some surprises; as we often remind our dearest!

Many Blessings

A conversation I’ve just had with The C.C. this morning at 4 am on the 27th Feb 2018 follows:

As you know, I am doubting the current advice regarding the new introductions to the Earth Fantasy. It’s a biggy!

Backwards Aging came as quite a shock, and I did doubt the truth of it for some time before my own transformation ruled out the doubt. I couldn’t discount it; my younger appearance resolved the doubt.

However, new introductions to The Fantasy has me questioning and doubting the validity of your word. I keep telling myself that Backwards Aging, an undeniable truth became my reality; so why not Merpeople?

But, I don’t want to have to wait for the Merpeople’s introduction before the resolution eases my aching gut and mind. Can you advise please?

Indeed we can, dearest; yes indeed we can. It will be necessary for you to have an open mind; indeed it will.

Are you saying this is the mindset I need to employ; that of being open to the possibility.

Indeed, dearest, this is precisely what we are saying.

Okay, this makes sense. It eases the doubt, somewhat, and sounds more realistic, so to speak. Just saying these words (to myself) takes on a more mature outlook. As you know of me, I am a realist; I do not enjoy ‘fantasy’ as such; give me cold hard facts and I’m happy. Okay, I am ‘open to the possibility’.  Thank You…

My aching gut, by the way, has eased…..

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A Surprise For My Birthday!

Listen while you read  

As a young girl I believed I would never grow old. At that time, and for many years to come, I believed this to my core. So, when I became very ill during 2013 it didn’t surprise me to find myself dying. In fact, one night when my blood pressure was quite elevated, and my heart rate bumbled along over 140 bpm I said my goodbyes to my beautiful daughter and my life partner; I didn’t expect to last the night!


Indeed, Dear Hearts, our dearest thought she was dying; which would have proved the thoughts of her childhood. However, Dear Ones, this was not to be the case. No, Dear Hearts, our dearest is to live to a very ripe old age, as the saying goes. However, she will not grow old; no indeed.

Today we celebrate our dearest’s 68th birthday; a day of great celebration for, not only our dearest, but for those near and dear. We speak of all Light Workers, Dear Ones. Yes, the Light Workers of the World are those near and dear to our dearest. You think not, Dear Heart? You think our dearest does not hold the Light Workers of the World in great affection?

Indeed, Dear One, you are the reason our dearest is here. You are the reason our dearest has sublimated herself to live without many of the luxuries that could be afforded someone of her intellect, passion and incentive. Yes indeed, Dear One, our dearest allows much of the world to pass her by in order for her mission to be accomplished.

However, as a birthday gift to our dearest we are disclosing, within this writing, a decree. It will become evident to our dearest, as she continues to backward age which, along with youth and the vitality of youth will come wealth of a monetary nature.

We shall not disclose, at this juncture, how this will come about. Suffice to say, Dear Ones, our dearest will utilize the coming wealth to venture out and about; yes indeed. You may see our dearest as she travels the world connecting with you, and many other Light Workers.

We have written elsewhere about her travels to come. This will come to the fore during this year, Dear Hearts. Our dearest has already planned a journey where she visualises meeting with certain figures. Yes, Dear Ones, you may be one.

Many Blessings to you

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ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

Merfolk Introduction Video


Hello, Carolyn here,

Recently The C.C. spoke in regard to a new introduction to The Earth Fantasy. The video above speaks upon this subject, and introduces this video as being the first of many to come. The C.C. advise the videos will be a series of learnings for those of us who wish to have a better understanding of ourselves and the fantasies we enjoy.

Do Enjoy!  😀


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All is Prearranged

Listen while you read  

We have advised our dearest that, in the future, she will know the love and acceptance of family. This came as quite a surprise to our dearest; indeed it did. To explain:

Our dearest has a mission; a mission to be fulfilled within this lifetime, indeed. Her mission is to bring about a beginning; a beginning that shall be told for centuries to come. And what is this beginning?

It is the beginning of love and perfection. Do you not see the beginnings, Dear Ones? Do you not feel a change in your perception? Yes; no? Indeed, Dear Hearts, many are feeling the changes within. This is due to prearrangement.

All is prearranged, Dear Hearts. This is not an easy thing with which to come to terms; no indeed. Humans like to think that all is serendipity; coincidence. Alas, many even believe all is haphazard, as such.

No, Dear Ones; all things, in the scheme of life, are planned to the nth degree.

For those suffering hardship, this is not an easy thing with which to come to terms; no, Dear Ones. Why would we place ourselves in such suffering; we hear you say.

All things are planned; all things have a plan, and all things are relevant in the scheme of your life; per se.

We expect a degree of consternation at the words we speak; yes indeed. We expect some to enquire for more knowledge as we venture forward. We are here to answer your call.

Many Blessings

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

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