Carolyn’s Tipz ~ To Your Health!


Carolyn’s Tipz ~ Your Health  (Listen while you read)

‘Your health’ is a euphemism for a more deliberate attempt to cover a huge area of concern. The health of the organism, any organism, is vital to its ability to enjoy its life. Is it not? Without, so-called, health, the organism can be considered restricted, unable to function at its best. And this is what we see when we look about us.

Illness is as much a part of human life as is breathing. Yes, dear friends; do not admonish yourself for the illness you may be enduring; it may be simply an agreement entered into before entering the Earth Fantasy.

Our dearest, Carolyn, suffered illness in the form of exhaustion some short while past. Today she has recovered to the degree whereby life, once again, is enjoyable. Yes, Dear Hearts, this is the case for our Dear Heart. However, there are always surprises.

Our dearest wonders what is to come. Do you not, dearest?

Yes, I’m somewhat bemused by what may be to come.

Do not fear, dearest; we do not wish to cause alarm. However, and there is always an however; we are here to foretell a future episode that may cause you to be somewhat concerned for others.

Yes, dearest; we proclaim illness will be at the forefront for many within your sphere. And what will be the cause of said illness? We shall tell you:

Sadness; yes, dearest; sadness is an illness. When we allow sadness to infiltrate our beings we are opening ourselves to illness.

You think not, Dear Hearts? You think that sadness will not create illness? We can assure you, Dear Ones; sadness will cut you down just as quickly as any illness. It will rob you of vitality; it will destroy cells; it will guarantee you age prematurely. This is certainly will, Dear Ones. And what can we do to prevent sadness?

We can be aware of the damaging results to be experienced were we to allow sadness to go unchecked.

A timely warning for those of you who are currently allowing personal and worldly events to cause alarm, Dear Hearts.

Sadness; a debilitating condition of limitation.

Carolyn and The Collective Consciousness

©2017 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World

Carolyn’s Tipz ~ A Better View!

A Better View  (Listen while you read)


Ask for a better view. Does this sound funny, Dear Ones? Yes, to some this may indeed sound funny.

And why would we ask for a better view?

We may wish to ask for a better view when the view we have does not entertain us.

Entertain us?

Yes. When our view; our mental view does not entertain us, we need to ask for a better view.

And why would we want a better view?

Sometimes, we need a better view when the view we have causes us strife.

Strife, you say!

Yes, strife.

And what is strife?

That’s an easy question; yes it is. Strife causes us conflict; indeed it does. Whenever we are in conflict, our view is not pleasant. No, indeed, my dear friends; conflict is not pleasant.

And what can we do when we feel conflict within?

We can ask for a better view; that’s right.


Give it a go! When you feel conflict within; ask; that’s right; ask. And if your desire is true, a better view will come to you.

©2017 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World

Backwards Aging No: 1


Backwards Aging or Aging Backwards 

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(Listen while you read) 

Backwards aging; a phenomenon for the Light Workers of the World.

Hello, Carolyn here. I’d like to welcome you to my YouTube channel. For those of you who have read my About Page, you’ll have a little understanding of who I am, and why I have created ABC of Spirit Talk; and, more recently, Light Workers of the World.

My journey has been quite wonderful, over the past months. I have been watching myself aging backwards; as The Collective Consciousness (The C.C.) advised would happen. This, they say, is the result of the diligent work I have been doing upon myself to rid the negatives from my mind and body.

This process, that of removing the negatives, allows the Light to shine, so to speak. Calm, and a quiet resolve become the watchwords for those of us whose intention is to become all that we can be.

Should you feel you are a Light Worker, someone who needs to be continually growing and developing, you may be interested to follow my YouTube journey over the coming year. Together, it is my hope, we shall see the physical changes occurring for me.

©2017  Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World 

Exercise – UG! or YAY!

Exercise – UG! or YAY!  (Listen while you read)

exercisewoman-36446_960_720Since beginning my recovery from the debilitating illness I suffered I have slowly reincorporated exercise into my life.

Previous to the illness, which began in August/September of 2013 my gorgeous man and I participated in competition Ballroom Dancing. Overall I would say we practised and danced about 8 hours of every week.

Apart from this wonderful exercise I would do a little yoga, definitely squats and lunges (to keep my legs strong) and walked quite a few kilometres each week walking the dogs. All in all I enjoyed my physical strength greatly and was exceedingly dismayed when the illness prevented me from doing any physical activity for the first year, and very little for the second.

To say my body suffered extremely throughout this time would not be to overstate the truth. My muscles atrophied leaving me very weak and unable to enjoy walking, dancing, or any of the activities I once enjoyed.

Beginning March this year, 2016, I felt strong enough to go to our Sunday Dance Social; a wonderful mix of fun, social engagement and stepping the light fantastic. However, I didn’t, for a number of weeks, have the strength to last the distance, so to speak. Though, I did enjoy the comradery, the music, the people I’d missed so much, and just being able to regain some physical activity.

Some nine months later, I’m a bird of a different nature. Some days I feel as though I have wings, and quite capable of flying, which I do often (every Sunday) around the dance floor now. It’s so wonderful to have lungs that can take in bucket loads of oxygen that make me feel lighter than air. I’m getting my physical back in shape, and loving it.

And this brings me to the purpose of this post: Exercise!

Oh yes, I know it’s a dirty word for some; an extreme annoyance at times; a duty and a bore. However, I also know my body needs it like it needs to breathe. Without it I’m stuck in gobbly stuff that glues my cells together in such a way it seems I’m melting, as gravity takes my skin and bones lower and lower; with the added insult of wrinkly skin adding to the unsightly scene.   UG!

I’ve always loved movement; any kind of movement, and now I’m back to doing a few sets of squats, a set or two of lunges, some planks, a few tummy exercises, arm exercises (without weights) and am loving it.

What do you think? Do you exercise? Can you exercise? Do you love / hate / are you ambivalent regarding it? Have you any suggestions we may use? I’m always up for learning something new. So go on; have your say. I’m waiting to hear from you!

© Carolyn Page 2016

Ferret Reflection

Ferret Reflection  (Listen while you read) 

imageUp we go to the heights.

Up we go higher.

You thought that life was good.

 Life’s good.

 It can be better!

(Yeah! You thought that if it didn’t get any better that would be okay. Yeah!

Well, my friend, let me assure you that life can be sooooo good; it would cause you to re-think that attitude.

I’m telling you bro’; life is something that can be even greater; in fact ‘reaching dizzying heights’.

You don’t believe me? Honest. You don’t believe me? Okay, I’ve got some questions for you.

Do you believe that you are living life to the full? Yeah! Do you believe that it’s as good as it gets? Yeah! Well I’ll tell you something. Life ‘can’ get better and better and better and better. Yeah. I didn’t think so, either. Some time back I didn’t think so either. But now, bro’, I ‘know’ it can continue to get better and better and better and better. Yeah. I hope that you too will come to know this truth. You have all you need, within you, to achieve this incredible state of aliveness; assurity; inclusion; mental agility; fun; toughness; sweetness; compassion; humility; the list goes on and on. Not that you don’t already possess much of the above. Yeah bro’, you have some, that’s for sure. But, there’s so much more.

What is that you say? How do you get it? Well bro’ that’s the 64 million dollar question. It’s ‘inside’ you. That’s right. It’s there inside you waiting to be found. Sure it takes effort. Sure it takes work. Sure, nothing’s for free. Well, nothing worthwhile, that is. Take a look, go on. Take a look, inside. What do you see? Do you see you, or do you see me? Yeah sure; riddles are for the birds. But not this riddle; this one’s for you. I’ll give you a hint bro’. When you can truly see you; then you’ll have it.

Yes, it’s true. Life can be better and better and better for those of us who love the little creature Ferret. Give it a go. Allow the energies of the Ferret to have their way. Excitement and adventure await you. These are some of the energies held for those of us who are attracted to him. Enjoy!)

I first published this Reflection in 2011…  Hope you enjoyed!

©2011 Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World 

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Cockatoo Reflection

Cockatoo Reflection (Listen while you read)

cockatoo-sulphur-crestedGet out of my way. It’s MINE…

Yes it is; it’s mine. You took it from me; but that doesn’t mean it’s not still mine. No, it doesn’t. Just because you decided to ‘take it’, doesn’t mean it’s yours. No way!

And this is the personality of the Cockatoo. He’s a no nonsense type of fellow who agrees with right action. That is right, dear friends. The Cockatoo personality agrees to do that which is right.

When the ‘right’ does not prevail, the Cockatoo personality will falter. Yes, it will falter. And why will it falter?

It will falter because the ‘right’ is not always done. That is right, dear friends. The ‘right’ does not always prevail.

When this happens, the Cockatoo personality will falter in the sense that it will lose its inner core.

It’s ‘inner core’?

Yes, that is right. It will lose its inner core; its stability.

That is sad.

Yes, it is quite sad.

What can the Cockatoo personality do?

The Cockatoo personality cannot do very much at all.

Surely there is something the Cockatoo personality can do to change this reaction.

Yes indeed; however, the Cockatoo personality must firstly be aware of this preponderance within. Without this awareness, the Cockatoo personality will continue to flounder within.

So, awareness is the key?

Yes, awareness is the initial key; there are many more. However, without this initial key of awareness, there cannot be change…….

© Carolyn Page 2016 – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World 

Blue Jay Reflection

Blue Jay Reflection (Listen while you read)

bluejayOk, wise guy; who put the bi-carb in the water?


The Blue Jay personality is a trickster.

Yes indeed; a trickster who loves to play pranks on unsuspecting victims.

Oh yes, we have your measure; you Blue Jay lovers.

Oh yes, we know how much fun you have at other’s expense. Oh, yes we do.

We are not saying you are a ‘devil may care’ type of fellow. No, that is not what we are saying.

We are not saying you enjoy seeing others embarrassed. No, that is not what we are saying.

What we are saying, dear friend; is that you encourage good hearted repartee with those who are not as quick thinking as yourself. Yes, this is what we are saying.

You revel in the energy you find in-between the serious and the frivolous. Oh yes, dear friend. You find a placement in which to squeeze your temperament.

And where is that?

You know where it is, dear friend. It is in the hollow between bored and boring. Is it not?

© Carolyn Page 2016 – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World