Evolution; a Surprising Reward of Backwards Aging

Evolving, Dear Ones; that's the word our dearest has used recently to describe the changes occurring within and without. Evolving.....  And what is the definition of the word evolving? Develop, progress, advance, move forward, mature, grow, expand, extend, alter, change, transform, adapt, metamorphose. The word that has caught our dearest's eye is the word 'metamorphose': …

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Sweet Potatoes with Quinoa & Avocado Dressing

We encouraged our dearest to cook the following recipe, Dear Ones. We also encourage you to have this delicious concoction on your dinner plate. You will not be disappointed. As we have spoken previously, Dear Hearts, our dearest is to eat on a vegetarian basis. We alluded to the reason why, Dear Ones, as being …

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Hindrances to Backwards Aging

Listen while you read Our dearest wishes to speak upon the subject of: Hindrances to Backwards Aging We have spoken of the benefits gained by the ridding of fear; indeed 'tis true. And this will be the case for the many who are currently upon the path our dearest is travelling; i.e., the continued path …

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Roller Skates

I’d love to share my beautiful daughter’s most recent post highlighting her newest adventure. Roller Skating! Not only is she currently enjoying this new/old activity; Veronica has entered her name for the local Roller Derby League. 🙂 Go Vronnie! 🙂

Children Say The Funniest Things

After a 27 year absence I laced up some roller skates last October. Purchased custom made skates in December and have now put my name down for the local Roller Derby league.

As a child I always felt freedom and love for skating.

I informed a friend of my new purchase and he exclaimed. Veronica people our age are getting away from those kind of sports, you know the ones, where agility and balance are needed. To that I laughed and shook my head in agreement.

This is precisely why I had never put my skates back on.

Fear of falling and injuring myself, fear of peoples response to me while on skates and of my discussions with them about my love of roller skating.

How times have changed. I know longer fear……..

Newcastle Foreshore

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A Compendium of Joy!

We present this compendium of narratives from our site:  Light Workers of the World. We know there are many now interested in reading the material our dearest Carolyn offers. Click on the image to download the PDF document, Dear Ones It is a joy to present, not only this reading matter, Dear Ones; it is …

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Boredom Circumnavigated

Our Dearest has a problem; indeed she has. It reflects a level of consciousness we all suffer, Dear Ones:  Boredom. Yes, Dear Brave Hearts, boredom is the known antigen we all must suffer, at times. And what can we do when boredom presents? There is little that can be done, per se, Dear Ones. The answer …

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Who Said Anything About Living Longer?

Yes indeed, Dear Hearts. This comment our dearest made in reply to a statement made by a follower of her blog; yes indeed 'tis true. Our dearest has been wondering whether or not she and others following her journey of becoming younger (Backwards Aging) will indeed live longer than would otherwise occur. As a premise, …

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Halcyon Days!

Our dearest is having 'the time of her life'; yes sir'ee. What is meant, Dear Hearts is; our dearest is enjoying life to the full. It has been explained that for those interested in Backwards Aging will come, in time and with great work upon ridding yourself of fear, a period of halcyon days. These …

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Renewed Interest in Dance!

Our dearest Carolyn cringes; yes she does. And why does she cringe, Dear Ones? She cringes because we have requested she offer an amusing video of her dancing days with her life partner Keith. During 2011 our Dear Hearts were climbing the ladder of success; yes they were, Dear Ones. They were climbing the ladder …

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