She’ll Be 47 in December!

Yes, this is true, my friends. Veronica, the daughter extraordinaire, will be turning 47 soon.

And this is what she is doing in her ‘middle age’…  Say what!


Only because of backwards aging can our Dear Heart do as she is doing. Only because she has worked upon herself to rid the fears, the negatives from her mind and body can she do as most others half her age cannot do.

Yes, Dear Hearts know that this is true. Backwards aging can be yours too!

Many Blessings to All

© 2020 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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    1. Hahah….. Yes, Rebecca, we’ve been a ‘dynamic duo’, as you so sweetly say, for most of our lives. Except for a brief period when she first married we have been inseparable!
      For the past fifteen years we have been each other’s confidant, and more friends than mother/daughter. And, as we have discovered, the past few years, we are looking more like sisters. So much so that Vron has been asked if I truly am her biological mum. For this reason she no longer introduces me as her mum. Most believe us to be friends. And this allows us to just be two girls enjoying each other’s company; rather than an oddity.
      Though, this is coming! Those I’ve handed flyers to for the upcoming presentations are a sample of what is to come.
      Not that I mind, Rebecca. I am getting a little used to people’s reactions. Who doesn’t want to appear younger?

    1. So true, Dear Anjali – special indeed.
      I know that you too are blessed with a wonderful union between mother and daughter. My little heart sings as I think of your precious Kyaraa. What joy she brings!
      I remember Veronica as a small child. She, like Kyaraa brought such joy wherever she went. And now as an adult she continues to do the same.
      Yes, we are so blessed.

      1. Yes dear Carolyn, I am so happy that I am blessed with Kyaraa. She is full of joy. I really want her to grow well like your daughter and I know she will. Yes we are blessed. Thank you so much. Lot’s of love and happiness ❤️🤗.

  1. She’s 46? Wow, 10x more flexible than I am at 32! 😂 I hope she has a beautiful birthday next month, despite the lockdowns. It’s wonderful you can have a close friendship and connection with her. I’m very close to my mum, and I couldn’t imagine it any other way. xx

    1. Only because of backwards aging, Caz, is she as flexible as she is today.
      Her reason / desire for backwards aging was to do as she most loves to do – movement of all kinds. She will be the first to tell you how surprised she is by her abilities today.
      I’m reminded of the post that instructed me in regard the differing reasons why individuals will be interested in this work. If you have the time, Caz, you may be interested to read. I know it was an eye opener for me, at the time. I now see it as plain as the nose on my little face.
      I’m also so pleased that you know the closeness of a great relationship with your mum. Such a special relationship indeed.
      Anyway, here’s the post that ‘shocked’ me somewhat some time back.

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