We went Halloween dancing last night!

Yes, we did and we had a wonderful time. It was a Halloween dance with all participants dressed in ghoulish garb. All except me; that is!

We’d decided in the morning to go to our dear friend’s social dance (strictly adhering to social distancing practises, of course). We soon found out that all the Halloween paraphernalia had sold out; there were slim pickings in the stores. What was a girl to do? Keith was okay; his cupboards are filled with braces for every occasion; socks and bowties of various colours to suit every celebration, and the usual black dance trousers. His job was done!

I chose a lacy black handkerchief skirt with a sparkly black and silver top. Then I remembered I had some beautiful jewellery I could wear.

A pair of gorgeous beetle earrings, a spider ring, a snake ring and a silver bracelet. But what did all this amount to?

You guessed it – A ‘dark’ Fairy God Mother – less her wand, of course!

No pics, I’m afraid. Just some really great memories.




  1. Charlee: “Our Dada says he and Mama are notorious for failing to dress up at the Halloween dances at their studio.”
    Chaplin: “Yeah, he says if they ever did show up in costume, everyone would faint.”
    Charlee: “Apparently one time when they went the studio gave them toilet paper and said to wrap themselves up like mummies, so they did.”
    Chaplin: “But the toilet paper kept falling apart.”
    Lulu: “That sounds like it could be a serious problem, under certain circumstances …”

    1. I truly relate to your Dada, Charlie and Chaplin.
      K loves to dress up. In fact, he would be absolutely miserable if he couldn’t. But, not me! I generally try to wear the ‘colour’ if that’s all that is required. I’m also known for that minimalism, too, However, this year I thought I’d join in the fun. Guess what?
      I was told how ‘wonderful’ I looked. No-one thought me ‘dressed for the occasion’ – no blood, no gore. I had to show them my beetles, spider and snake before anyone realised I ‘was’ dressed up!!!
      Oh well – I tried… 🙂
      Hi Lulu. Good to see you

    1. Hahah…. Yes, Anjali, me too!
      The skirt was in fashion about a decade past; I used to wear it to the dance socials. It was quite the in trend then. And the top was also of another time – they went together beautifully.
      As for the jewellery. One of my secrets is I don’t wear a lot of jewellery because I really love this type of jewellery – very ‘over the top’, and of animals, reptiles, butterflies, etc. They are such fun to wear! And, so pretty, too.

      1. That’s nice, you are like me I also don’t wear lot of Jewellery but I have habit of collecting it. Sometimes I give gift to loved ones. This Jwellery look fun to wear. Nice collection. And your dress don’t look like it’s decade old. Beautiful 🌹.

  2. Carolyn, you must have looked adorable in that outfit! Glad you got a chance to get out and shake it a bit. Now that it’s the holiday season, perhaps there’ll be more opportunities.

    1. Aha… Barbara, I don’t know about looking adorable, but I sure was comfy! And I luv wearing that type of jewellery; so, all in all it was a great night.
      And, Keith danced beautifully, even though that was only our second outing in the past year his energy was fabulous. We enjoyed dancing together so, so much.
      I do adore him!

    1. Well, Rebecca, I’ve never been called that before… hahahah… But, yes, it was such good fun, and wonderful to see our friends again.
      Hopefully, we’ll be inspired to go to the Christmas Dance and/or the New Years Eve Dance. It truly is such fun to dress up for those occasions. Both men and women can be seen in their finest.
      What a joy it is…

    1. There are so many replies to that remark, Dorothy. You know what they say about the moon and its influence upon us mere mortals!
      However, if there is any truth to those sayings it showed at our dance with all those ghoulish costumes on show. Hahah…
      Such fun!

          1. I had my 7-year-old granddaughter the night before until Halloween noonish. We had a pre-Halloween dinner, carved a pumpkin, danced on the front porch to the full Blue Halloween moon, and she trick-or-treated in the house from room to room (we live in a big Victorian which she decorated with lots of cobwebs). It ended up being lots of fun.

            1. Dorothy, I just fished your reply out of my spam folder – naughty folder – fancy mistaking you for spam! (Oh, there are so many remarks one could make – spam – cooking – no Thank You!) 🙂

              The moon was gorgeous, indeed. Just the thing for Halloween! And your granddaughter is one lucky little girl to have the opportunity for such fun. Joys she will always remember.

    1. Hello Markus and Micah,
      I’ve taken a look at your blog – really enjoyed the trip! You have some wonderful energies that I’ll explore more when time permits. Lovely to meet you both.
      Here in NSW Australia the restrictions aren’t as strict as in other countries. We have been in two short lockdowns. However, for the most part here in my state the infections are extremely low. Because of this our lives, mine, my friends and family, continue to live relatively freely. We abide by the ‘rules’ of social distancing and the limited numbers imposed upon ‘gatherings’. Though, all in all, life continues on (for us) simply and enjoyably.

    1. It is, Christy, it is.
      I luv ‘overt’ jewellery. Never have I used that word to describe jewellery. And yet, Christy, I do believe it sums up my taste in jewellery remarkably well.. Hahah…

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