Pleasantries Become the Norm

Our dearest, for reasons too numerous to mention, has been estranged, for the most part, from her family members. Yes, Dear Ones, our dearest has led a life far from the norm; all prearranged, of course.

Earlier this year we advised our dearest we would be writing about her life and how it has been necessary to keep her, somewhat, separated from her siblings and other relationships. Yes, Dear Hearts, it has been necessary to keep our dearest, for the most part, isolated from the activity created by close family structures. This has allowed our dearest to focus upon the work she has agreed to do, and, in fact, instigated. Yes, Dear Ones, it has been a long time coming, as the saying goes. However, there comes a change in the proceedings.

Our dearest has found, of late, a decidedly different avenue presenting. Many are now attracted to our dearest, and find great solace in her company; this ranges from waitstaff to her friends in the dancing fraternity. Yes indeed, many are finding her company to be a pleasantry; and want more.

This is, naturally, as prearranged. Our dearest is taking this in her stride. To be sure, our dearest finds the company of most to be a pleasantry to which she looks forward. However, and this is part of the purpose for this writing; our dearest shall find herself engaged in many more pleasantries. Yes indeed; there be many hours of pleasant company awaiting.

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Coffee & Conversation – Diet, a Healthy Attitude & an Exercise Programme to Suit

And here we sit, dearest, once again at the keyboard. And what shall we speak about today? Shall we speak about that which we advised when with ‘the daughter’ earlier this day? Yes? Yes indeed we shall, dearest. On we go:

Earlier today our dearest and her daughter, Veronica, met for a tête-à-tête, which is their norm. Oh yes, Dear Ones, our dearest and her dearest meet often for brunch and coffee at their local mall. At such meetings, we, The C.C. advise our dear ones of those things needed for the continuation of their journey toward perfection.

We advised both of their progress, congratulating them for their endurance, willingness and the matter of fact mindset both have toward doing those things needed for the rewards of Backwards Aging to become factual.

We see many physical changes for both, Dear Hearts. In the not too distant future we shall be creating a video in which you shall see the changes first hand.

However, we must advise that shortly our dearest will be taking a sojourn of sorts as she acquires those things needed for her onward journey. We have kept many things secret from our dearest, indeed. With this writing will come advice in the form of a value our dearest will hold open to all who wish to join her in this endeavour to attain Backwards Aging.

Our dearest understands the demands we have placed upon her in this regard. However, Dear Ones, in order for our dearest to attain said Backwards Aging, there is a need for her to concentrate her energies upon herself.

We have commenced the physical needs required for Backwards Aging in the sense of a refined diet, a mental attitude of health, along with an exercise programme to guarantee the body is free of those aging cells. Yes, Dear Ones, all aging materials within the body must depart. To further this process; exercise, the correct exercise for our dearest must ensue. This will be a necessity for all who wish to Backwards Age. Diet, a healthy mental attitude coupled with an exercise programme specifically geared to suit each individual.

Our dearest will not be departing completely; oh no, Dear Ones. However, we shall require our dearest to now concentrate fully upon herself. She will keep you all updated, as inspired.

Should you wish to follow our dearest’s example we would be only too pleased to enlighten you regarding those things required for Backwards Aging:

Diet, mental attitude and an exercise programme to suit your needs.

Many Blessings, Dear Ones

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Coffee & Conversation – Exercise, Illness and Good Health

Exercise is not to be attempted when one is ill.


Over the past weeks our dearest has had the flu. Yes indeed, Dear Hearts, it is flu weather for those down under, and will be for the short term. We advise, for those subject to illness, a cessation of physical exercise.

We are not speaking of an illness that spans many months and years. No Dear Ones, this type of illness demands more of you; indeed it does.

For those suffering long term illness there is a need for movement; as much as the body allows. Once saturation point has been achieved, the individual must take care not to over indulge. Yes, Dear Ones; there are those who, subject to their energy levels, will overdo exercise particularly when ill.

No, Dear Ones, it is not to those individuals we are referring. We are referring to those suffering the short term effects of climate changing illnesses. To you we speak, Dear Heart.

Do not expect too much of a body already absorbed in removing waste. Yes, Dear One; waste is the by-product of illness. Is it not? And herein lies a clue for all suffering illness; short or long term.

The body’s ability to deal with waste is undermined by illness, and should not be underestimated.

Over the past few weeks our dearest has been laid low by illness; yes indeed. Her natural calling is to exercise. However, we advised a cessation until her energy levels increased. This morning our dearest spent two minutes on her much loved rowing machine; engaged in twenty squats, one hundred steps on her mini stepper, and followed with a number of body stretches.


To say our dearest enjoyed herself would be true, Dear Hearts. Her hope is for a progression back to her usual amount of time, stretching and challenging her body. She has not liked the lack of tone that has been the result of her inability to render her muscles flex.

However, Dear Hearts, and this is the point of our article. For those who willingly choose the path of the Light Worker, a shortcut of sorts will be given to those who choose to advance in the realm of health. We, Dear Ones, offer to you a reduction of sorts. Yes, Dear Ones; we shall assist in the sense of acquiring the result that you work for; yes indeed. We shall ensure your fitness goals are met with a decrease within your exercise regime. Yes, that is correct, Dear Hearts.

When your goal is health we shall assist in all manner of ways; reducing your need to overwork.

Many Blessings

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Coffee & Conversation – Not All Will Enjoy Your Success

We have something to say, dearest. Yes, we have something to say in regard your health. Shall we proceed? Good, dearest; on we go:

Along with health come many obstacles. This surprises our dearest. She wonders what could be the obstacles of which we have concern.

The obstacles, dearest, are those that surface as you gain health; obstacles that may hinder your progress.

We speak of the thoughts and doubts presented by others; yes indeed.

Many about you will not wish you well in your endeavours; this is true. You must remain vigilant, dearest, for those who may wish you ill on your progression forward.

This is always a part of the human condition. There are those who rejoice with you in your success; and there are those who will demean your efforts; yes indeed.

Were you to listen to those of a negative vibe, you may find yourself doubting your endeavours.

This comes as a warning, dearest, to you and all whose interest lies in self propulsion to greater self realisation in all ways. There will always be those whose interest lies in denouncing your efforts and causing harm.

Do not fear those whose purpose is to detract. They are doing so as arranged.

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Coffee & Conversation – Rowing Machine & Silver Sheens

As a little prelude to this writing I’d like to let you, my dear reader, know that The C.C. often have little conversations with me. The following is one such one. I must also add how delighted I am with our little chats –

Is there something to write?

Indeed dearest, there is.


Something close to your heart, dearest.

And that is, pray tell.

Yesterday held many opportunities, dearest. Did it not?

Yes, it would have held many opportunities for everyone.

And what, dearest, did you do with the opportunities?

I believe I utilised my time quite well.

What did you do, dearest?

I exercised upon rising on my new rowing machine. I then did a few stretching exercises. I showered, dressed and had a healthy breakfast.

You are saying, dearest, that you occupied yourself well?

Yes, I believe I did.

Indeed, dearest, we know you did. Are you enjoying your new rowing machine?

I am, very much.

Why is this, dearest?

For the past few years, since the illness of 2013 – 2016 I haven’t been able to keep up a definite exercise routine. This irks me because I enjoy being active and fit.

And you are now active and fit, dearest?

No, not as yet. I am more active and fitter than I was; however, I believe I have a way to go before I am as active and as fit as I’d like to be.

And the rowing machine is assisting, dearest?

Yes it is. I’ve been inspired to increase the reps from 3 by 2mins to 3 by 4mins.

And this, you believe dearest, is assisting?

Absolutely yes. I was only saying to Veronica yesterday that I know I am stronger in just this short period of time – almost 2 weeks.

And how, dearest, do you know this?

Yesterday I pruned a number of our silver sheens in the backyard, and this morning I completed the task. The last time I pruned them I was exhausted and my arms ached even whilst pruning. Today I’ve not felt the same exhaustion, nor are my arms sore.

Our beautiful Silver Sheens made it through summer, thankfully. We’ve had very little rain and extremely hot summer weather.

And this, dearest, feels good?

Yes it does feel good. I do enjoy feeling strong and able to do those things I like to do.

Very well, dearest, we shall enjoy the feeling with you. Yes?

Yes, please do.

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Coffee and Conversation- Birthday & Exercise!

My birthday came and went, leaving me one year older! Thanks to Backwards Aging, I certainly don’t feel older; in fact, I feel quite a lot younger than my 68 years.

68th Birthday with my man K.

This evening, though, I’m feeling a little sore around the hip/waist area in particular. And why?

I’ve been working out on my new ‘rower’. Yeah!

No, this isn’t me. When I’m svelte and looking great I’ll use an image of me. Til then, gets that honour… 🙂

It arrived the day before my birthday and took an hour or so to assemble. I couldn’t wait to get started.

The C.C. had advised I shouldn’t row for more than 2mins at any one time. This sure made me want to prove them wrong. But, as usual, they were right; I used muscles I don’t think I’ve ever used.

Within a couple of days of rowing 2mins times 3 over a half hour period, my little body was definitely feeling it…  Yeah again!

Am I the only one who loves the pain of sore muscles? Am I a masochist? Do I need to hang up my delight? Please let me know if you too love the feeling of a great muscle exercise; I need a little comforting…

So, it’s been one week of rowing on my rower. I luvvvvv it. I also luvvvv it because now, with the muscle soreness and stiffness, comes the need to stretch…  Another YEAH!

I love yoga, so, you guessed it; I’m now doing yoga, too. I’m just hopping onto youtube and joining in on a video; there are absolutely so many choices.


(I’d say yeah again, but, I don’t want to overdo it!!!)

What about you? Do you love/hate exercise? Does the word send you to the kitchen for a little ‘reassurance’? Do you enjoy a little reward like an extra biscuit because, after all, you’ve just been exercising; something I do all the time!    🙂



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Coffee and Conversation – This & That!

We wish to say a few words, dearest. Yes?

Yes, do go ahead.

Right, dearest, yes we shall.

This evening saw you speaking with our Dear Heart, Veronica. Yes?

Yes, that is so. We met for coffee.

Indeed so, dearest. And what was the topic of conversation?

We spoke of a number of things. Her work; her husband’s work; her inability to see her abilities clearly; the continued backward aging that I, specifically, am experiencing; the rowing machine I hope to have soon; her trip to Sydney that she’ll enjoy soon, and her natural leadership qualities are some of the topics we covered.


Indeed, dearest; yes these and more were some of the topics discussed. Yes?


There was another topic you discussed, dearest?

I’m trying to think…  My birthday; the latest post; A Good Samaritan.

You covered quite a lot in a short period of time, so called. Yes?

Yes, this is generally the case when we get together. There are usually a lot of topics on the agenda.

On the agenda, dearest?

Yes. Usually, when we meet, I am inspired to talk upon different subjects. We don’t mess about, so to speak; we usually have an agenda and get through all that needs to be said.

Indeed, dearest; all that needs to be said. Would you say that you enjoy your get togethers?

Yes, I would say that I enjoy our meetings.

Would it surprise you to know that there will be more ‘get togethers’ to come for you and Veronica?

Yes a little.

Why is that, dearest?

It surprises because Veronica is now working 5 days per week. Last year she worked only 4 days per week; meaning we could get together on her day off.

And yet, dearest, you have been getting together after her work day, plus during the weekend. Have you not?

Yes, this is the case.

Mathematics suggests, dearest, that you are getting together more than was the case last year. Yes?


Yes….. this is the case!!!

And are you enjoying this extra time with Veronica?

Yes I am. We may not be spending as much time together on these occasions. However, we are meeting more often.

Indeed, dearest; and this will continue.

And this is all you wanted to speak about?

Indeed, dearest; yes indeed. We wanted to advise you of this change to come.

Do excuse me; however, this hardly seems an important issue to post.

Why is that, dearest?

I doubt that others will view this as a worthy/necessary inclusion on ABC of Spirit Talk.

Why is that, dearest?

I am used to posting writings that give our readers food for thought, so to speak; subjects that will advance Light Workers in their personal lives.


Do you not think that others would be pleased to know of your daily life, dearest; your intimate personal life?

Ummmm….  No, I hadn’t thought of this, in this way. Are you saying that others will be pleased to read of my daily life; my more personal happenings?

Indeed, dearest, there will be those who shall gain much by way of comradery in the telling of your more intimate details of daily life; yes.

I’ve never been one to divulge much of my personal details. This will be a new journey for me!

Indeed so, dearest; yes indeed.

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