Coffee & Conversation – Exercise, Illness and Good Health

Exercise is not to be attempted when one is ill.


Over the past weeks our dearest has had the flu. Yes indeed, Dear Hearts, it is flu weather for those down under, and will be for the short term. We advise, for those subject to illness, a cessation of physical exercise.

We are not speaking of an illness that spans many months and years. No Dear Ones, this type of illness demands more of you; indeed it does.

For those suffering long term illness there is a need for movement; as much as the body allows. Once saturation point has been achieved, the individual must take care not to over indulge. Yes, Dear Ones; there are those who, subject to their energy levels, will overdo exercise particularly when ill.

No, Dear Ones, it is not to those individuals we are referring. We are referring to those suffering the short term effects of climate changing illnesses. To you we speak, Dear Heart.

Do not expect too much of a body already absorbed in removing waste. Yes, Dear One; waste is the by-product of illness. Is it not? And herein lies a clue for all suffering illness; short or long term.

The body’s ability to deal with waste is undermined by illness, and should not be underestimated.

Over the past few weeks our dearest has been laid low by illness; yes indeed. Her natural calling is to exercise. However, we advised a cessation until her energy levels increased. This morning our dearest spent two minutes on her much loved rowing machine; engaged in twenty squats, one hundred steps on her mini stepper, and followed with a number of body stretches.


To say our dearest enjoyed herself would be true, Dear Hearts. Her hope is for a progression back to her usual amount of time, stretching and challenging her body. She has not liked the lack of tone that has been the result of her inability to render her muscles flex.

However, Dear Hearts, and this is the point of our article. For those who willingly choose the path of the Light Worker, a shortcut of sorts will be given to those who choose to advance in the realm of health. We, Dear Ones, offer to you a reduction of sorts. Yes, Dear Ones; we shall assist in the sense of acquiring the result that you work for; yes indeed. We shall ensure your fitness goals are met with a decrease within your exercise regime. Yes, that is correct, Dear Hearts.

When your goal is health we shall assist in all manner of ways; reducing your need to overwork.

Many Blessings

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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  1. Sorry to hear you have been ill, you take it easy and take your time with getting back to full health. I am always one for light work, which is perhaps not the best philosophy in the workplace but that is another matter!

    1. I will (take it easy) Ste J, I haven’t really a choice.. hahaaaa.. cough, cough, sniffle, sniffle….
      I haven’t suffered a cold or flu for some years, so this has really surprised me. I’d forgotten how miserable it can make you feel. That being said, though, I am on the mend. It was fabulous to get back to sitting on my rower again… Row, Row… I don’t completely understand that; it just really feels great.
      Yes, I agree: Light work is certainly good in the workplace; but that is another matter.. 😉 😉

    1. Thank You, Richa. I am feeling better with each new day.. 🙂
      I really enjoyed this post, too. To know that I won’t need to overdo exercise to reach my fitness goals sure sounds great! 🙂

    1. Thank You, Jo; it’s lovely to see you.. 🙂
      I’m looking forward to your next post. It’s always such a pleasure to visit with you..
      Sending much Love.. 🙂

    1. Hahaaaa…. I agree, Resa, and I used to walk and walk and walk.. 🙂
      I’m not quite up to walking at the moment. But, I did do the little exercise routine written in the post. Rower, squats, stepper and stretches.. That’s about it for today. It’s going to be very interesting to see just what exercises I’ll be inspired to do; and how much! Life is neverrrrrr boring!
      Love You.. ❤

  2. A shortcut would be welcome here 🙂 I hope you are feeling more energy every day and soon regain your full strength…leaving the flu just a distant memory ❤ Hugs from me and Mr. D.

    1. Yes indeed, Helen. I don’t know how this will work just yet, but if it means less work and time spent, but with a great outcome, I’m all for it (I’m sure I’ll be posting as it happens). 😉 😉
      Thank You… 🙂 This is my second day of feeling somewhat human again. Hopefully, by the weekend I’ll be back to normal strength…
      Hugs to you and Mr. D.
      (Hahaaaa… I love saying/writing that… ❤ )

  3. Oh dear, the flu is terrible, hope your feeling better soon, it usually takes me two weeks. As for the other work thing, Ronald Reagan once said, “Hard work never killed anyone, but why take the chance.” 😀 x

    1. It has been quite terrible, Charlie; my man K has had it for almost 5 weeks. I’ve been somewhat better – almost 3 weeks for me, and not as ill as poor K… Like most men, though, he’s soldiering on as best he can… Thank goodness we are both now on the mend… 🙂

      Hahaaaa…. Love the Ronald Reagan quote, and I agree with it 1,000%. It’s going to be a very interesting exercise (pun intended). 😉 😉

      1. Yes come to think of it, it has been 6 years since I had the flu so the two week recovery has probably flown as it takes a week or two to rid myself of a cold lately. Glad you have both turned a corner though 😀

        1. I had to take K to the hospital emergency room last Monday week where he collapsed. They got a bed for him in the ER. He was vomiting, couldn’t maintain balance and was in a terrible state. The wonderful doc gave him an injection, which helped tremendously. They took blood and she checked him over quite thoroughly. Then she checked his ears. It seems he had developed labyrinthitis, which is inflammation of the inner ear and probably caused by a virus. Poor love; he was really in the wars, but was back to work in a couple of days.. He is a wonder!
          My last bout was during 2013. Hopefully, it will be, at least, another 5 years before I see it again… Only kidding – I’m hoping ‘never’.. hahaaa…. 🙂

  4. Dear Carolyn
    Sorry to hear that you have been ill
    I wisj you à quick recovery, thank you for this great share
    Have a Nice week end

    1. Gratefully accepted, Anita.. 🙂
      It is now Sunday morn; a beautiful sunny day here in Oz. And…. hurrah…. I am the best I’ve been for some weeks… I’m almost back to full strength… 🙂
      Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.. 🙂

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