Everything Old is New Again, or Is It?

Yes indeed, dearest, on we go with yet another advice.

The advice we wish to offer, dearest, is for those who wish to have a healthy existence; that is right. This is always a choice. We can choose to exist in a positive or a negative fashion.

In spirit this is all we have, dearest; we either choose to live in a positive or a negative; as above, so below, dearest.

Negativity slowly kills; whereas positivity keeps the organism in tip top condition, so-called.

What is it that you want, Dear Heart? Do you want to be in tip top condition, or do you wish to be within the so-called negative? This is always a choice.

Were you to have answered in the positive, we say:  Well done, Dear Heart, your wish must become your reality. And how is this reality created? It is created, Dear One, by monitoring your thoughts and subsequent actions with direct scrutiny. Only in this way will you circumnavigate your mind’s inordinate ability to deceive. Do not think your mind (your brain) will not try to deceive, Dear Heart; this is as we have created it; it must do as it has been constructed; yes indeed.

However, we have also given the mind a chink in its armour. Love will penetrate the stubbornness associated with its engineering; yes indeed. With the antidote of Love you have been given the possibility of creating a positive change.

Our dearest wonders to where we are leading. Are you not, dearest?

Yes indeed, our dearest wishes for a cessation of our wanderings coupled with an astute understanding of that to which we lead. So be it, dearest. We are leading to the inevitable change that must occur for positivity to have its way. To explain:

We see many upon many adhering to the old. And what is meant by this? What is meant, Dear Ones, is exactly as said. The old is old, Dear Ones. The new is new.

Has the old been of the positive, or has the old been of the negative? This question you must ask of yourself if positivity is your desire. If you have answered in the negative then this will become the new. Yes indeed, Dear Heart, negativity is what you shall have. If you have answered in the positive, then positivity is what you shall have.

Do not doubt this, Dear One; you and only you are in command of your thoughts and subsequent actions. If you desire to be within the positive vibrations, then this will become your new.

Should you require a little help maintaining your desire we suggest this:

Ask for help; that is right, Dear Ones. Ask for help from the one who is but a moment away; yes indeed. Your soul, Dear Heart, is awaiting your call. Ask once, twice, often, Dear Heart. Ask until it becomes your watchword; your daily routine; your constant desire. Ask, and you will receive.

Many Blessings


I have been inspired to add a few words in relation to that which The C.C. has said.

Whenever I have doubt in regard to anything within my day I ask my soul for help. This has become second nature to me. As soon as this energy becomes apparent I hastily yet calmly ask for help, and I receive assistance in the form of a stillness that generally follows a deep breath.

It has become apparent to me that the release from the negativity the energy of doubt creates, and the sense of quiet that ensues asking my soul for help, comes a ‘space’ in which an understanding can evolve. This may happen instantly or sometimes slowly; it isn’t always the same. However, with practise and my deep desire to live positively, this habit ensures as little time as possible is spent within the negative. It has also given me faith and trust in my soul. I know I am loved and cared for. As a human I believe this to be a great necessity, and is the greatest love I know.

I pass this on to you, should you choose to do the same.



© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk

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  1. Another interesting post Carolyn. But I sometimes wonder if I have two souls? The positive one and the negative one, is that possible? Although I might add that the negative one is more destructive than negative and believes that it is acting positively in its destruction of its counterparts efforts. Your post reminds me of a saying ‘If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got’ I think? 🙂 Always good to read your posts 🙂

    1. “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” A great summation, Charlie, absolutely agree.. Hahaaa

      My experience has been similar to yours. I then came to appreciate the ‘negative voice’ as my mind (my brain) and the positive voice as my soul. Remembering The C.C. has said:

      “Do not think your mind (your brain) will not try to deceive, Dear Heart; this is as we have created it; it must do as it has been constructed; yes indeed.”

      So rest assured your mind (your brain) is doing just as it was designed to do. The trick is to know this and learn to decipher the difference, which you seem to have done… Congratulations. 🙂

      The next step is acceptance of this. Once again I need to refer to The C.C.:

      “However, we have also given the mind a chink in its armour. Love will penetrate the stubbornness associated with its engineering; yes indeed. With the antidote of Love you have been given the possibility of creating a positive change.”

      I needed then to learn this. I saw the mind (the brain) as a wayward child in need of guidance. I then basically loved it to death.. Hahaaa… Whenever it came forward with its ‘natural’ negativity I remembered it was engineered this way and I would actually talk to it with words like: “I am so pleased you are mine; together we can have such a great life; you don’t need to be so stressed anymore”; plus gentle words to that effect. I fought hard not to resent it or rebuke it for doing what was natural.

      This created a softening effect over time and eventually my brain responded to my efforts and began to dissipate in its volume of negativity. Today, with a lot of practice behind me, I believe my mind (my brain) sits quite comfortably in the knowledge that it doesn’t have to be the negative regulator anymore.

      Occasionally it will revert, but, I am aware of this pretty much instantly and use the antidote of acceptance of its natural reaction to life; love, being the antidote, and my soul’s desire to help me in all things. This keeps me in a constant air of feeling loved and cared for… A very nice place to be… 🙂

      1. Aha, that’s good advice, see if I talk to my negative side it’s usually in a cockney accent “ shat up you little nonce or I’ll put a bullet in ye” I can see how your approach could produce a more positive outcome 🙏😀

        1. Hahaaaa, Charlie; I can certainly understand your dilemma! 🙂
          Here’s to being sweet and kind. This could cause your brain some confusion, but, anything is worth a try… 😉 😉
          Indeed, Dear Heart. We stand by our dearest’s attempts to cajole the brain into submission. With your brain, Dear One, a suggestion would be an attempt to sweet talk your otherwise incorrigible brain with thoughts of Love. You are more than capable of this, we know. We will not be tattletales, Dear Heart, however, your sweet talk is more than satisfactory. Is it not?

  2. Great reminder that we are in control of our thoughts! Let’s make them positive to instill the potential for great change ⭐ So motivating, Carolyn.

    1. Yes indeed, Christy, it is extra good to know!
      I’m with you all the way. There is such potential for great change, as you’ve said…
      Love You… ❤

  3. Another very inspiring post, Carolyn ❤ I am trying to practice living in the positive, with some setbacks of course from time to time. XXX

    1. It is well worth all the effort, Helen; as no doubt you know.
      I believe those ‘setbacks’ can and have, at times, been a great inspiration for me to soldier on. They’ve also given me an indication of just how far I’ve come, too. Not that I’m advocating setbacks! 😉 😉 But, they do have their benefits..
      Loving having you on board, Helen. It really is a great beginning for us all… ❤

  4. Dearest Carolyn,
    I am asking my soul for help, today.
    Anger wants to well up. Confusion and hurt reign.
    9 are dead,16 wounded in an attack by a driver in a van.
    Have the violent actions of radicals come to reality in my home?
    i think and feel this is beyond the scope of positive and negative fantasy forces.
    Much love,

    1. “i think and feel this is beyond the scope of positive and negative fantasy forces.”
      As sad as this is, nothing is beyond the scope, etc… This is as it is and will be so for some time to come. Many are carrying out their prearranged plan of action to experience the negative. This information is within the free books, and also within ‘Bringing of Light’. I’d love for you to re-read the text; particularly from page 11. I’d like to place a little excerpt here:

      “Indeed, Dear Hearts, there are still many who have not completed this task. They are to be found upon the Planet of Love, and will continue to experience negativity until they have overcome.

      This can only be achieved, as it were, by experiencing negativity; their goal being to eventually overcome to the degree whereby they will no longer be in need of such conditions.

      As stated in our previous volume; we expect a further few centuries will bring completion for all. Until that time, Dear Hearts, those who have need will continue to experience and create negativity upon the Earth Fantasy.

      As already stated, Dear Hearts; we ask that you not fear those who are yet to achieve 100% elimination of negativity; they will not, nor cannot harm you. This is as arranged, Dear Ones. The Light Workers are remote, as it were, from those souls.”

      Sending you Love, Dear Resa.

  5. Granny has a lot of conversations with her inner self, Carolyn and when she can’t hear it, she asked me. I always know how to bring her back to her feelings😸 Great piece of writing again, it’s good to be conscious 🙂 Pawkisses for a positive day 🙂 ❤

    1. Hahaaaaa… Yes, Binky, I’m quite sure that Granny seeks you out whenever she is in need; you are certainly her go to pussy-cat.. 🙂
      And, you said it so well: “It’s good to be conscious.”
      Just about sums it up… 😉 😉 ❤

  6. Dear Carolyn
    Thank you so much for good advice
    I try to have health existence especially since I’m with my love
    Have a very Nice day

    1. It seems, Anita, we are tested even more when we are with a ‘darling’. There are compromises to be made as well as joys and good times. This can bring out the best in us, and the ummmm not so good… Yet, all in all, our horizons widen and the opportunity for growth and development expand wonderfully.
      Hoping you have a great week, Dear Anita… 🙂

  7. Excellent post ! I have begun to understand the importance of staying positive for the past few months, earlier I was looking for some logic or reasoning in everything for me to get convinced and to stay positive. Now I have been learning to think positive irrespective of the circumstances. Thanks a lot for a wonderful reminder to keep me on track. 🙂

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