One Special Night

Yes, our dearest is heading out for a special night out; this she is, Dear Ones. And where shall this special night take her? It will take her to another state; yes it will.

Her home state, New South Wales will be lost to her, for an evening within the state of Queensland. Yes, Dear Ones, our dearest will travel by plane to meet with her life partner, Keith, and together they shall experience this special night of joy; yes indeed ’tis true, Dear Hearts.

We shall keep this our secret. We shall not tell you why our Dear Ones are having a special night out; just that they are!

When our dearest returns we shall again write telling of their adventure. Until then, Dear Ones, we shall say goodnight and goodbye for a time.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

I’ve Been Pebbled! :)

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.

Yes, I’ve been Pebbled. This gorgeous little imp who came into our lives last August has stolen our hearts, and the hearts of all who see her. And she is not shy about flaunting her cuteness. No; she insists on flirting with all.


To remind my readers: Back in August 2017, The C.C. advised there would be an addition to our family in the guise of a Papillon puppy-dog. To say I was surprised would be an understatement. However, within one week she was ours. Her kennel name; ‘Eternal Flame’ didn’t really suit this little bundle of energy and sweetness, so we called her, Miss Fidget.

Now this was not and is not a respectable name for any little self respecting puppy-dog! But, try as we may, her ‘real’ name eluded us!

Then, some time later, in October, they (The C.C.) informed me that whenever I felt bored I could sit and ponder and would be given…  Well, I’ll just quote them here:

“To circumnavigate this boredom we have given our dearest the means to overcome, yes indeed. We have given our dearest the means to explore newness in the form of fantasy; a fantasy that bespeaks of reality. We shall explain:

Our dearest is clairvoyant. That is to say; the future, to some extent, is known to her. However, we shall allow our dearest to know the future of all things. Our dearest only need sit and contemplate and the future shall be given.”


Guess what the first thing was I wanted to know?  You guessed it: It was Miss Fidget’s ‘proper’ name; the one meant just for her. I am very pleased to introduce:

❤  Pebble  ❤

our most recent (and cutest) addition to our family.


And who, with her trusty sidekick, Big Beau; fight a never ending battle for the best morsels of food, the softest turf in the yard, and the hearts of every single human being alike.


Yes, her name is ‘Pebble’ (formerly, & on occasion still: Miss Fidget).


© 2017 Carolyn Page

Exercise – UG! or YAY!

Exercise – UG! or YAY!  (Listen while you read)

exercisewoman-36446_960_720Since beginning my recovery from the debilitating illness I suffered I have slowly reincorporated exercise into my life.

Previous to the illness, which began in August/September of 2013 my gorgeous man and I participated in competition Ballroom Dancing. Overall I would say we practised and danced about 8 hours of every week.

Apart from this wonderful exercise I would do a little yoga, definitely squats and lunges (to keep my legs strong) and walked quite a few kilometres each week walking the dogs. All in all I enjoyed my physical strength greatly and was exceedingly dismayed when the illness prevented me from doing any physical activity for the first year, and very little for the second.

To say my body suffered extremely throughout this time would not be to overstate the truth. My muscles atrophied leaving me very weak and unable to enjoy walking, dancing, or any of the activities I once enjoyed.

Beginning March this year, 2016, I felt strong enough to go to our Sunday Dance Social; a wonderful mix of fun, social engagement and stepping the light fantastic. However, I didn’t, for a number of weeks, have the strength to last the distance, so to speak. Though, I did enjoy the comradery, the music, the people I’d missed so much, and just being able to regain some physical activity.

Some nine months later, I’m a bird of a different nature. Some days I feel as though I have wings, and quite capable of flying, which I do often (every Sunday) around the dance floor now. It’s so wonderful to have lungs that can take in bucket loads of oxygen that make me feel lighter than air. I’m getting my physical back in shape, and loving it.

And this brings me to the purpose of this post: Exercise!

Oh yes, I know it’s a dirty word for some; an extreme annoyance at times; a duty and a bore. However, I also know my body needs it like it needs to breathe. Without it I’m stuck in gobbly stuff that glues my cells together in such a way it seems I’m melting, as gravity takes my skin and bones lower and lower; with the added insult of wrinkly skin adding to the unsightly scene.   UG!

I’ve always loved movement; any kind of movement, and now I’m back to doing a few sets of squats, a set or two of lunges, some planks, a few tummy exercises, arm exercises (without weights) and am loving it.

What do you think? Do you exercise? Can you exercise? Do you love / hate / are you ambivalent regarding it? Have you any suggestions we may use? I’m always up for learning something new. So go on; have your say. I’m waiting to hear from you!

© Carolyn Page 2016

I Love Books

I wrote the following during 2012. I didn’t publish it then; but now I think I will…..


I Love Books (Listen while you read) 

I’m not a book reader…. I’ve become a blog reader over the past almost year; however, not books.

I really enjoy books – I really enjoy seeing them sitting side by side with their colourful covers. I love the smell of new books. I love to know that someone has reached inside themselves and pulled out words that offer solace, or adventure, or heart warming memories for another.

I love books; not to read. My partner, on the other hand, devours books. He reads everyday the works of his favourite authors. There are about 6 writers he loves to read. They are all of the same genre, which would bore me silly; however, he adores them. I adore buying them for him. I carefully caress the book to ensure that its quality is the best available. I ensure the salesperson doesn’t damage my purchase. I offer the book to Keith like a wholesome piece of cake fit for a king.

I love books. I love to watch him read knowing that he is devouring the words with relish. I love books…

We have many books decorating many shelves, nooks and crannies. I love books. I watch as the bookstores in my mall close down. I watch as small independent stalls spring up, here and there, offering books for $5 that once brought a princely sum of $29.95.

I hope that printed books will always be. I can’t smell a kindle, or caress a cover appearing on my screen. I love books. Maybe I will change. Maybe I will be inspired to read books, printed or e. I love books, and now I love blogging, where I can read the works of others like you. Isn’t that wonderful and mysterious…! I love books.

© Carolyn Page 2016

Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen

Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen  (Listen while you read) 

Carolyn in Copenhagen. Cold and wonderful. I will return someday.
Carolyn in Copenhagen. Cold and wonderful. I will return someday.

What can I say about Copenhagen? Where to start? Such memories exploding within my mind; memories I shall enjoy forever, to be sure.

It’s a longggg way to almost anywhere from Australia. Twenty three hours in the air and we arrived at Heathrow Airport.

Four days in London; what wonderful memories I have of London. However, for now, it’s all about Copenhagen.

We arrived January 1st 2016 to find ourselves surrounded by calm. Were I to summarise, ‘calm’ would be the word I’d use.

I loved the bikes, the canals, the restaurants and food, the people, the snow, the delights, the history, the museums, the Fisketorvet – Copenhagen Mall; the boat tour, the city tour, the cinema, plus, plus and plus.

Many Copenhagen natives ride bicycles. It was snowing, and they still rode bicycles! They rode their bicycles in lanes provided specifically for them; very wide, generous lanes either side of the road. We were delighted to see this.

Walkers are not forgotten either. Large walkways, either side of the bicycle lanes, provided ample space for pedestrians. So civilised, I thought often as I strolled the city; for, it was the city I enjoyed for 7 days and 7 wonderful nights.

Our hotel was within walking distance of the Fisketorvet, where we enjoyed a number of incredibly scrumptious and nutritious meals. And that reminds me… English was spoken everywhere. What a joy we felt everywhere. No stress, no strain; just peace, and appreciation for a country so welcoming to others.


It was early in December 2015,  The Collective Consciousness (The C.C.) advised we would be going on the overseas trip they’d told me of during 2014. I wasn’t quite recovered; however, I put my trust in them (as usual) and Keith and I began to plan our trip. We left on December 27 2015; the day they’d given as the departure day.

They also advised I would not suffer the exhaustion of the past 2 years; I hoped this would be the case. It was. I enjoyed walking everywhere. My dancing days had come to an end during September of 2013. My legs weren’t strong anymore; I’d barely been able to use them for over 2 years. Yet, here I was enjoying health; vastly contradicting my recent ill health. I was so thankful; and continue to be.


The secrets of Copenhagen lie in its civility; I believe. Nowhere have I enjoyed such respect from the natives of another country. I can only assume their mentality is greater, incorporating a desire for peace and goodwill as the foundation for many; a long way from the terror and bloodthirstiness of old.

This, I now understand, is the mystery The C.C. spoke about; the change that is on offer for all; the change from the harsh realities of man’s past, to the adventure of becoming, as many in Copenhagen exhibit – respectful, peaceful and calm within, and without.

I shall always carry these precious memories.

© 2016 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World

Anzac Day in Australia

Norm and Renate
Norm with his beautiful bride, Renata

ANZAC: Australian & New Zealand Army Corps 1914 – 18.  Lest We Forget.


I’d like to share a poem written by a friend of mine: Norman Ronald Casson.

Norm was a special man. He loved life. His nature was sweet, which echoed tales of fun and laughter. A ‘big’ man, he towered over me, and most.

Norm passed in 2011. He wrote many poems and always shared a joke or two.  We loved this man, and miss his smiling face. His eyes held such an honest gaze with an intelligence that belied his unassuming gait.

One of Norm’s most attractive qualities was the way in which he saw ordinary events in such great detail, both physically, and in that elusive quality of the ‘heart’, as is evidenced by his poetry. 

Here is one of his ANZAC remembrance poems:

(Listen while you read) 

The Vigil

I met an old digger on Anzac day and the

look in his eyes seemed so far away,

He’d marched before dawn and now out of breath,

had remembered his mates and their untimely death.

And he spoke of a war long before my time

where just to survive, you grew old while still in your prime

And he said….. Eleven of us volunteered from my home town,

there wasn’t even enough uniforms to go all around.


And a sergeant thought he’d get a country boy fit

with latrine duty, digging the pit.

Then herded onto boats and Dardanelles bound

to fight Johnny Turk upon his home ground.

Three days at Pozieres almost drove us insane,

the German big guns, the shells fell like rain.


And the mud at the Somme could bog a man down

with a ninety pound backpack, you’d easily drown.

The devil must have taken note, as we sprang from the trench

and charged head long for the barbed wire fence.

The orchestra of gun fire played all the time,

sleep was a luxury so hard to find.


Then Armistice Day, I stood all alone,

ten of my mates would never go home.

So I’ve marched each year down to the square;

stood at attention at the stone monument there.

But I can put faces to those names graved in stone

and at least, in my memory, I can bring my mates home.

Poem © Norman Ronald Casson


© Carolyn Page

Thank You

Thank YouMy dear Friends,

Thank You all so much for the past 18 months; I have had such a wonderful time meeting you and sharing my life with you.

My guidance informs me that I am to do ‘other things’. At this point in time I know not what those ‘other things’ are; only that my time will be ‘taken up’ doing them.

And so, please know that I will be forever thankful to you for sharing this time with me.

Be well, and we shall speak anon…

Carolyn Page

Resa of Queen’s End ~ Ballroom Lux

Resa of ‘Queen’s End’ is a designer extraordinaire. Her talents are vast, as is her heart. Enjoy her creativity…


Resa said:

Did you ever design a magic gown that seemed to light itself?

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Well, this “Art Gown” inspired by Carolyn from ABC of Spirit Talk turned out to do just that.

I love Carolyn’s “Reflections” and she has been a joy to me for almost a year now.

When I realized she enjoys Ballroom Dancing and loves a Waltz, I saw flowing white swans.

After she told me gold was a favorite color, I saw this modern fabric called Liquid Lamé. I decided to combine it with the most delicate of traditional white netting, shimmered and dotted with gold. Would these diametrically opposed fabrics work together?


Visiting Resa’s  ‘Queen’s End’ will be a delight for you. There you will find the most fabulous creations.