About Carolyn

(I have been inspired to publish the ‘About Carolyn’ page that can be found within our three Free Books. I must also advise that the illness, of which The Collective Consciousness speaks, was resolved; for the most part during 2016. Since that time I have enjoyed good health and a constitution that continues to strengthen and surprise.)


Born in Australia, Carolyn, the daughter of a working class couple, led a privileged life as she bore the burden of a knowing few share. Indeed, this was the case for her as she travelled life’s pathways, meandering here and meandering there. It wasn’t until a life threatening event in her early thirties did she recognise what many fail to recognise. Yes, Dear Heart, Carolyn recognised her immortality, indeed. This advent came to her in the form of a spirit being who gave her succour, and revealed much of the life that lay before her.

Carolyn has led a somewhat sheltered existence. We say this; for, Dear Heart, we, those who assist her upon her journey, have guided her as no other. The reason being, Dear Ones, Carolyn’s soul asked to be the precursor to the new fantasy for Earth. And what is this new fantasy, Dear Heart?

The new fantasy for the Earth experience is perfection. That is right, my Dear Ones. The new experience, we have in process, is for perfection upon Earth.

No more the harrowing experiences of old, Dear Heart. No, we are in agreement:

The new fantasy for the Earth experience is to be one of love and perfection.

Carolyn has, throughout her life, known to a degree the path pre-programmed. However, Dear Ones, this is not to say her life has been an easy journey. No, indeed her journey has been fraught with danger, lack of love, and illness.

Indeed, at this present time, Carolyn is in a state of being home bound. Indeed, Dear Hearts. Carolyn is currently suffering the abuse of illness in the form of exhaustion. That is correct, my Dear Ones. Carolyn is, for the most part, bed ridden. Indeed she types the words we relay whilst sitting comfortably in her bed.

This has been the case for the majority of the writings, indeed. We have advised her that this condition will continue for some good time to come; this being a preordained illness which she agreed to before embarking upon this fantasy.

We would like to say, Dear Ones:

Should you be currently suffering illness, know that this may also be a pre-programmed condition, Dear Heart; not brought about by wild living. No, Dear Hearts; illness is not always as a result of self abuse.

The Little One (Carolyn) has, at times, wondered where she may have gone wrong, so to speak, to be stricken with her illness. We hasten to assure her that her soul’s choice must prevail, indeed.

This is not always an enjoyable experience, as are many of the experiences within the Earth experience. However, Dear Hearts, do not admonish yourself for your ill at ease condition; it may be strictly an agreement your soul has undertaken.

We shall be writing through our dear Carolyn (should she be in agreement) for some time to come, Dear Ones. We have much to say, indeed. We wish to enlighten all who so choose to read our words.

Our dear Carolyn is in thorough agreement, Dear Hearts. In fact, her little heart sings; as she would comment.

The Collective Consciousness


Thank You to my friends; my keyboard is yours. Please proceed whenever you wish.

To those of you who wish to read: Enjoy the words of our souls/consciousnesses who prepare the way for a new beginning upon the Earth experience. My duty and my honour always.

Carolyn Page

© 2014 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness


    1. Yep, probably something like that for sure; mystery illnesses and conditions that will become a thing of the past, in time to come, Charlee.
      Why, even now the advancements are so thick and fast, in human terms, it’s mind boggling!
      Dada sure got a scare with that one – and I did too. 😱
      But we’re both good now!!! 🤗

  1. Oh, Carolyn, ’tis beautiful. “Should you be currently suffering illness, know that this may also be a pre-programmed condition, Dear Heart; not brought about by wild living. No, Dear Hearts; illness is not always as a result of self abuse.”
    And, to be sure, I’m down with that…as long as it has not only a pre-programmed beginning, but a pre-programmed end! lol

    1. Hahah… I’m with you too, my Dear Barbara! Soul’s choice hasn’t always been an easy pill to swallow.. 😝
      The C.C. advised me that I’d dance again – that was sure hard to believe. That last illness wiped out the ‘receptors’ that maintain the body’s balance. It took 1&1/2 years of physio and hard work just to regain my balance, almost a year to be able to walk; let alone dance. 😱
      But, dance I am. Maybe even that elusive comp floor, as they say, will see me on it.
      So, what can I say, but, soul’s choice? ☹️😀

  2. Oh dear Carolyn, how beautifully you narrate everything. But we should always give priority to positive thinking and should not suffer in any case. As we are energy, the energy we will give, the energy we will get. I don’t know if I am making sense but that’s what I think. Much love 🤗.

    1. Indeed, Dear Anjali, your words make absolute sense!
      Positive thinking is key to maintaining a good and healthy life. Through the good, and the not so good times, such as when we suffer illness, positive thinking makes the difference between succumbing to negativity, or bravely standing tall.
      Naturally, it is the ‘hard’ times that prove us. It is then our ‘inner’ strength is needed. And, Anjali, I know that you stand tall in your inner strength. Your words are not just words!
      Much Love to You 💕

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