Dancing is Great Fun – 2012

Pics from our first comp for the year 2012

FATD Autumn Festival

Keith and Carolyn
Dancing is Hot Work…!


We arrived happy to be competing in our first competition for the year (2012). It had been a long summer without any comps and we were both itching to get back to it.

Anyone for Foxtrot…!

 We had a great time at our first comp for 2012… 





Dancing is FUN….!!!


12 thoughts on “Dancing is Great Fun – 2012

  1. OMG! These are WONDERFUL! You make such a dashing and beautiful couple. I must say! I hope you keep posting pics, they are beautiful! Lovely, lovely, lovely! When is your next competition?

    Oh, I think “K” made out up there, hot work but he is the one getting the treatment with the fan!! 🙂 How’d he finagle that?

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you…. 😉
      It’s now 11pm Wednesday eve and we’re just home from dropping off Sweetie at the daughter’s place (or, as we call it, Sweetie’s holiday home) chuckle, chuckle… 😉
      Plus, we had our last practise before heading out in the morning for Queensland. Our next comp is this coming weekend over Saturday and Sunday…. We are really looking forward to this one; it’s always such a great place to visit (Jupiters Casino on the Gold Coast).

      Re the treatment with the fan; I know, I know; he’s a spoilt little possum… !!! 😉

  2. neighaway

    I agree with Four Blue Hills OMG !!! Exquisite . . . & every time you post a pic you look younger & younger . . .Not Fair !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 LOL

  3. Lovely photos, it’s only now that I see this… I have been exploring your page from the past weeks… I’m glad I finally found it :)… You are both graceful… Yes dance, dance, dance.. it really is wonderful! Thanks for sharing this to us 🙂
    dolly xoxo

      1. Lately no… only Last February when I celebrated my birthday 🙂 I miss dancing a lot… so I just dance home whenever I feel like dancing… hahaha 🙂
        I wish to have routine like yours…. One day, i hope.
        See you around Carol dear… xoxo

        1. I know how much you love to dance, so my heart goes out to you in the hope that dancing becomes a reality for you some time in the future…
          It’s never too late either (as long as our bodies last, that is). We have just had a weekend of dancing… My body is now resting and recovering and my heart is light and happy…. 😉
          My birthday is February also…. a good month is February…! What date in February is yours? Mine is the 20th…. 😉

    1. Zumba is great, Michelle; it sure will help to keep you very fit…! It’s quite ‘energetic’; that’s for sure…! I went along to a few classes during 2011 and loved them.
      And, Happy New Year, Michelle… Here’s hoping 2013 proves to be a good year for us all…! 🙂

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