What an incredible experience K and I had. At last the day came for us to venture to the Entertainment Quarter in Sydney to immerse ourselves in the spectacular Van Gogh Alive exhibition.

Did we enjoy ourselves? You betcha!

Would we recommend it? If you love art, and delight in grand classical music playing throughout; then you’re in. Come join me in a few snaps we couldn’t resist.

No Ordinary Art Exhibition

“Created by Grande Experiences, Van Gogh Alive gives visitors the unique opportunity to immerse themselves into Van Gogh’s artistry and truly venture into his world. Traditions of tiptoeing through silent galleries and viewing paintings from afar in quiet contemplation are forgotten as visitors find themselves interacting with art in ways they never imagined. From start to finish, visitors are surrounded by a vibrant symphony of light, colour, sound and fragrance that has been called an ‘unforgettable’ multi-sensory experience.”

Lots of Love to All xoxoxo

© 2022 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. Tanya, we were both enthralled and mesmerized by this exquisite experience. If ever you get the chance, please do; I’m sure you couldn’t help but love it.
      I have uploaded (to the post) a magnificent video I found. It takes me back to Saturday and the pure beauty of it all. 💕

    1. This was one of the most enthralling art exhibitions I’ve ever seen. I do hope that other galleries take heed. Not only were the images captivating; they were also mesmerizing as they lit up many screens on the walls, pillars, and floor! Also the enchanting music took me to another sphere where day to day thoughts did not partake.
      I have such wonderful memories. And I learned so much about Van Gogh in this way, rather than sitting, as they say, alone in my own thoughts.
      Did I say I enjoyed it?.. I sure did..

  1. Lulu: “Wow, look at that place! Our Dada says it looks like a funhouse for grownups!”
    Java Bean: “Why wouldn’t just a regular funhouse also be for grownups? Don’t grownups like to have fun?”
    Lulu: “Hmm, I guess not …”

    1. Lulu, Dada was right. It sure was a funhouse for this grownup! After two hours of fun, I wanted more, please!
      Java Bean, this little grownup would love to see ‘your’ version of a funhouse! Wow; I just know I would love it…

  2. Sorry for my late response. We were in Ottawa for the past week and just returned home last night. I LOVE Vincent Van Gogh and am delighted that you were able to experience this amazing event. You look like you are having so much fun!! Sending hugs!

    1. We did have such fun, Rebecca. I didn’t know I would be touched as deeply as I was.

      Have you experienced this type of art exhibition? It truly transported me as I’ve never experienced before. All my senses came alive simultaneously. All my loves intertwined, as it were. The music, the stillness, the almost rapture of witnessing Van Gogh’s various forms of technique throughout his painting life; with many of his quotes dripping tenderly here and there delicately recreating his life. It was fantastic.

  3. Fascinating story of yours. Since even before I becoming teenager then Vincent van Gogh was one of my absolutly favorit painter and since still is. Have then since “hunting” museums and exhibitions all over Europe and still do. Probably many think and tells about VvG was being weird, maybe right so I most be weird too. Fortunately, my better half is huge heart lady (she like the artist too) carries over with me, so we have four well-chosen reproductions – can’t afford any real VvG paintings. 😀 😀

    1. Vincent was reportedly a very sensitive man; this can be seen in his paintings and many of the quotes attributed to him. In the latter part of his life he concentrated on painting those things he dreamed and felt.
      Like many, of his personality, he worked long and hard to perfect his works; possibly obsessed with detail. However, his paintings are evidence of his enormous talent.
      I am so green with envy that you have some reproductions of his work. How lucky you are to be able to visit the museums and exhibitions of Europe with your huge heart lady. 🙂 🙂

      1. From many descriptions it is said that VvG was a very sensitive personality – both his weakness and strength. All our parts of the world have their “strengths” and “weaknesses” where we each have our “local” advantages. 🙂

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