“The Way To Know Life Is To Love Many Things”

Of late, Dear Ones, our dearest has been enjoying life ‘at home’ more and more.

We offered this information to our dearest some two years past. However, it has taken this long for our dearest to truly begin to appreciate the gravity of our advice.

A Startling Understanding & Freedom from Fear

It is now becoming quite evident to our dearest that she is quite content entertaining herself. By this we mean:

Crossword puzzles, trivia games and learning to tap dance are now gracing her hours. She has remarked to our Dear Heart Keith, and The Daughter, Veronica, how entrancing her new interests are becoming.

Our dearest loves to learn. And this, Dear Hearts, is the bottom line:

 Anything that broadens our dearest’s mind has always, and will continue to be the catalyst worth repeating.


I am remembering a quote attributed to Vincent Van Gogh. It was while enjoying the Van Gogh Alive Exhibition in Sydney recently. One of his quotes hit me quite hard. It was:

The Way to Know Life is to Love Many Things.

Vincent Van Gogh

And I do! I now have a pressing need to enjoy many forms of entertainment. Where once ‘the ballroom dance’ was all encompassing (and a great love) it cannot fulfil the need for the variety of enjoyment that has become a ‘must’ in my life.

The C.C. (the Collective Consciousness) has advised that variety is ‘the spice of life’. And this is becoming more and more evident within my life.

When ‘freedom from fear’ is achieved there is left a tremendous void; one once filled by fear. If we do not fill that void, boredom with its consequence of negativity is inevitable.

I now fully realise the value associated with the need for continuing to add value to my daily comings and goings. In this, I understand the never ending enjoyment inherent within allowing the ‘new’ to become a constant.

Many Blessings to All

© 2022 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk 


  1. “I understand the never ending enjoyment inherent within allowing the ‘new’ to become a constant.”

    A wonderful message to receive as we enter a new year of opportunities and possibilities! Happy New Year, Carolyn. I’m looking forward to embracing the new!!

    1. Dear Rebeca, if anyone could, you would. 💕

      In truth, though, this has been quite the journey for me. It has taken a lot of ‘confusion’ to reach this place of knowing; which is, by the way, The C.C.’s form of teaching. As they say: Whilst within the state of confusion there exists a chance for change to occur! That is: The mind becomes ‘open’ to possibilities.

      This is a great segue into your comment. Yes, may we all experience new opportunities and possibilities in the coming year. What a fabulous New Year Resolution.

      Happy New Year, Rebecca

    1. It is a fabulous quote, Dorothy! I remember that sense of ‘awe’ as I read it. Obviously, it had a deeper meaning for me at that precise moment. And it now makes ‘personal’ sense, for me!
      Happy New Year to you and your loved

  2. Lulu: “Our Dada also likes the word games! Although he doesn’t do the crossword, but he plays a few other ones. He and Mama are also getting back to the studio, they went to a dance a couple of weeks ago and had a lesson last week. Dada says it’s weird to be out of the house, which probably means he needs to do it more …”

    1. Hahahah.. I appreciate those sentiments, Lulu! It does feel somewhat odd getting out and about.
      I’m so pleased for Mama and Dada. Though, I do wonder how they are faring? Muscles that haven’t been used for a while have a tendency to let us know we’ve neglected them… Hope not, but…..
      Word games are soooo good. And ‘trivia’ questions have taught me many useful things… 😉 😉
      Lots o’ Love to all
      Happy New Year

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