Canadian Maple Tree Reflection

Joy oh joy, what a show!

And this, Dear Ones, is the Canadian Maple Tree.

Oh yes, the Canadians do like a show. Do they not?

“Yes”, we hear you say; you Canadians you.

We jest somewhat Dear Ones. However, do know; should you be a Canadian you will enjoy the spectacle of show. And why is this so, Dear Ones.

It is so because this is the quality of the name. Oh yes, all names have qualities peculiar unto themselves. Just as your name carries the potential for a particular quality, so too all Countries’ names carry a vibe unto themselves.

And what is the quality of the Country name – Canada. This is an easy question.

For those gifted with the love of being Canadian will carry within a little of the energy that surrounds. And what is that character?

Another easy question.

The quality that surrounds is tinged with the need to be open and on show.

In this you have much to give, Dear Canadians. Openness and the desire to be ‘on show’ is the energy with which you are tinged.

A rather delightful energy indeed.

Many Blessings, Dear Ones

© 2023 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk

Instrumental Version of O Canada courtesy of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra conducted by Peter Oundjian

Image @ Pixabay


    1. Hey Charlee: Happy New Year to you and all the Oceanside Animals!
      Canadian Maple Syrup has a permanent seat in my fridge. It is always my ‘go to’ when sweetness is needed. A little is spectacular in almost anything…. Well, maybe just a touch… Mustn’t overdo it.. 😉 😉
      Got you salivating too, Chaplin!? Enjoy brekky!

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