#La Boheme

What a joy filled afternoon and evening we had in Sydney treating ourselves to an opera by Puccini with the Opera Australia Orchestra, ending our day seated by one of the world’s most spectacular harbours enjoying a coffee and a treat.

The weather also treated us. It was a beautiful sunny summer’s day with just a hint of a cool breeze coming in off the water – truly delightful.

We started with dinner at a favourite restaurant of ours at Circular Quay. As we ate a magnificent meal we were entertained watching the ferries coming and going packed with crowds on board.

It always amazes me how many people can be seen at night around the Sydney foreshore. It is quite a wonderful city with many delights to be had. I noted many accents and differences of language. We truly are a multi-cultural country with many tourists seeking enjoyment. And this they do find.

Naturally, over the past few years, because of the Covid epidemic, the lights were ‘turned down’. However, today the lights are shining and the crowds have returned. It was wonderful to sit and ‘people watch’. So much excitement, and so much to see!

After that wonderful meal and feeling quite replete we set off into the plush surrounds of the Sydney Opera House – a coffee whilst we waited to be seated – magnificent.

I would have loved to take a few pics of the cast and the action. However, no filming or images are allowed once the lights go down.

Here are a few snaps we took.

Carolyn xoxoxo

© 2023 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. Lulu: “It’s nice that things like this are happening again! It has been a long few years without them, at least, that’s what Dada says! We dogs wouldn’t know since we don’t get out to the opera much …”

    1. This is true, Lulu. It has been a long time without so many of the things we humans used to do.
      I know though, that life went along for you puppy wups just about the same as always. Except, it did get a bit more energetic in your household, what with Java Bean coming into your life. Run girl run!
      You sure are lookin’ real fit… No surprise! 🙂

  2. Yes, Michael, it’s iconic! We have, over the years, seen some extraordinary stage shows, concerts, etc., in our beautiful Opera House. One American who springs to mind is the incredible Tony Bennett. I have loved and enjoyed him since a child. He sang in the Concert Hall during 2012 and remarked that the acoustics were fabulous. He was, even then (mid 80s) an unbelievable singer and performer – made even better by the sumptuous surrounds.
    We are looking forward to our next visit… whatever that will be… It is a great venue!

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