Episode 38 – Backwards Ageing, Dear Hearts, is a Reality

Dear Hearts, it is with great pleasure that we advise you of the advancements our dearest Carolyn has made over the previous few months.

Backwards ageing has taken affect in many of her activities and adventures. To explain:

Our Dear Heart Veronica (The Daughter) advised our dearest of the ‘lack of fear’ with which she has been living her days. No longer burdened by the fear that was all consuming in past years, our Dear Heart is enjoying living her days roller skating away many joy filled hours with, to a great extent, those of, shall we say, younger years. However, Dear Ones, our Dear Heart Veronica is not seen by her companions as one of a certain age. No, indeed not. Our Dear Heart Veronica roller skates with those much younger and, in some cases more than half her years.

And this, Dear Ones, is the same for our dearest Carolyn. She is enjoying, once again, the delights to be found upon the dance floor.

It is with no exaggeration, Dear Ones that we advise she is stronger, more agile and graceful than in times previous to the epidemic that, for the most part, brought a close to her dancing life.

Our Dear Heart Keith, although not quite as youthful as our dearest, has agreed to backwards age with his body structure; and this brings him great fortitude and stamina on the dance floor.

We shall now explain his body structure when backwards ageing is taken into account.

Our Dear Heart Keith – to be more precise – Our Dear Heart Keith’s soul or consciousness agreed to backwards age. However, there were conditions. Keith’s soul did not want to backwards age facially to the extent that our dearest’s soul agreed. This can be seen when the two are side by side, as it were.

Over the past decade, as they have been backwards ageing it has become more and more obvious. Our dearest Carolyn retains much more youthfulness of face than does our Dear Heart Keith.

This has brought many comments and compliments to our dearest. Many are noticing the difference. Indeed, it has been remarked that our dearest has a ‘sugar daddy’; when the truth is; our dearest is older by over one year.

She hesitates, Dear Ones, for the sake of modesty. However, we have advised her that she must ‘own’ this truth. Backwards ageing is to be a major reward for eradicating the fears that are innate within.

Depending upon the soul’s wishes will direct the outcome regarding the outward appearance.

However, Dear Ones, do know that you will backwards age, as a result of the work outlined within our pages. You will appear, however, as your soul has agreed.

Many Blessings, Dear Hearts. Many Blessings to All

© 2023 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

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