A Startling Understanding and Freedom From Fear

I don’t have to go anywhere to enjoy myself, so to speak. I am totally content enjoying each moment.

This our dearest has spoken this day. She is wondering to where this new found enjoyment will lead.

Indeed, it will lead to more enjoyment without the need to look for enjoyment.

Our dearest is currently enjoying each moment, as she has said. And this will become the norm for those who reach the level of Freedom from Fear.

Our dearest wonders if indeed this state of mind, which is all enveloping within itself, will preclude her from (eventually) losing interest in participating in life in the manner in which she currently experiences. That is: Dancing socially with friends; practicing the piano technique; lunching and dining with family; gathering stores to entertain in her home such as cards, trivial pursuit, darts; and games of varying skills.

The simple answer is: No, indeed. The variety that has come into our dearest’s life over the past months will not only continue to entertain, they will become greater and greater with more interests and family and friends to enjoy.

Oh yes, dearest. You will find the current state of play expanding over time to include a wealth of entertainment at your fingertips. Indeed, there will be little need to venture out, so to speak. All enjoyment will be found within the framework of your home.

Many Blessings to you Dearest. Many Blessings to All.

© 2021 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk

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  1. This sounds excitedly interesting.

    Once again, I am elated for you and your wonderful New discoveries of what can be, when one is free.


    1. Ren, the changes that have come are so different, and yet already I am comfortable in my new life!

      For my birthday, later this month, Keith has set up a dartboard (in our garage). Next comes a Foosball table he found (something I said would be great fun for us, family and friends). I’ve also asked for a table tennis set because we all (grandkids & co) love to play. Our garage is set to be a place where tons of fun can be had… hahah! And I’m now practicing the keyboard we bought some years back when I was ill. I couldn’t play it then, I was far too ill. Now, though, I find myself sitting down whiling away time learning to tickle the keys; it’s such fun – and demanding of concentration, which I’m loving!

      So, yes, my/our new lifestyle has almost turned 180 degrees. And I know it will continue along these lines of enjoyment.

      One added benefit to this, Ren, is my ability to remember. I know that ‘the brain’ is so much more capable than it was. A wonderful reward, indeed.

      1. How very exciting!! And the keyboard use now has got to be so rewarding. I am very elated for you in these new discoveries of life and how life is really meant to be. Thank you!

  2. Lulu: “I know Mama and Dada are looking forward to being able to go out dancing socially again!”
    Charlee: “Yeah, they still have the flier from the last dance they went to from what Dada calls ‘The Before Times’, whatever those were …”

    1. Dear Lulu and Charlee, I know how awful it is not to be able to trip the light fantastic with others on the floor when we’ve been so used to doing so without thought of harm!

      Thankfully, for us here in Oz (touch wood) we have been back on the floor since about November. Not every week, but, almost. We both realise how fortunate we are. Covid19 hasn’t been as effective here as elsewhere on our beautiful planet.

      Hopefully, the new vaccines being introduced will do their work and protect us all – eventually! Then Mama and Dada will, once again, enjoy the freedom of movement called social ‘dance’.

  3. coucou
    Merci pour le partage de ce post super intéressant, tu as raison l’essentiel c’est de profiter du moment présent
    Prends bien soin

    1. Hello Anita, lovely to see you!

      Yes; living and enjoyment each moment is wonderful.

      I do hope that all is well with you and your loved ones.
      Kisses and Hugs to you…

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