Another Revelation Following the Removal of Fear

Our dearest was back with her most favourite friends this day; yes, indeed she was. She, and her Dear Heart Keith, once again sought the company of some whose company was not to be had for over a year. Was this thrilling for our Dear Ones? Indeed, it was.

Our dearest and Dear Heart Keith had been to a small number of dances over the past months; enthralled to have been able to return to the dance floor. However, this day saw them tripping the light fantastic in the fashion that suits them best. Yes, Dear Ones, our dancers love to ‘step out’, as it were. And this they were able to do this day, much to their delight.

We have some further news to impart, dearest. May we?

Yes, of course. Please go ahead.

Indeed we will, dearest, indeed we will:

Since being free of fear our dearest has brought many forms of entertainment into her life; this being necessary, you understand. For, without ‘fear’ and the corresponding negative thoughts and feelings there comes the need to fill the vacuum; you appreciate.

Indeed, our dearest is reading (via her iPad) the remainder of the Harry Potter series started during the time of illness some years past. Also, to add to this we envisage many titles, authors and varying types of reading matter gracing the light of her iPad, in time.

Our dearest continues to tickle the ivories, so called, as she learns the language of music. This was always something our dearest knew would become a part of her life, though, in the latter portion.

Indeed there are many influences about her at present to thrill and entertain. And this evening we want to add to the delights to come.

Our dearest will, in the near future, make known an ability not hithertofore known. Yes indeed, Dear Friends, since the eviction of fear from our dearest’s life, a portal, of a type, has opened. This ‘portal’ will lead our dearest and all those who attain the level of Freedom from Fear to an ability unknown to any.

We will keep you informed as it makes itself known to our dearest. Indeed we shall.

Many Blessings to All

© 2021 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk

A Pixabay Image – Altered


    1. Yes, please dance with me; we make a wonderful couple!

      I am so delighted to be back at our favourite dance, Rebecca. I know it’s a little like having a favourite child – we ought not, but, it often happens!!! Hahah…

      Sending lots of hugs and kisses

    1. Yes indeed, Michael; and the list keeps growing!

      Mind you, it’s the piano keyboard and dancing that head the list for me… Just can’t stop my feet a’tappin to the music, or taking flight upon a dance floor.. Hahah

      Lovely to see you. I do hope all is well for you.

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