Entertainment Within the Home

More and more, Dear Ones, our dearest finds herself seeking quiet; hence her love of peace and calm. Recently our dearest found herself in such a setting.

On a day trip alone, due to our Dear Heart Keith’s business being elsewhere, our dearest sought out a small cafe in which to eat. To her delight, the once Italian style restaurant had been changed to an Asian style restaurant. To her joy she indulged in a much loved cuisine of Laksa; vegetarian, of course.

Was it the food, or the quiet ambiance, or the humble service people that brought such serenity? Indeed, Dear Hearts, it was all of the above.

And this will continue to be the case. Our dearest wishes not to mingle in the melee of the usual. Her delight is now foretold in the quiet, so to speak.

And this will be one reason why our dearest will find great satisfaction garnering entertainment within her home. That is, Dear Ones, having all forms of entertainment available at her fingertips will not only allow her to enjoy such entertainments; it will also allow our dearest – choice. And to what choices do we refer?

We refer, Dear Ones, to life. Indeed we do. We refer to the choice that suits.

Many Blessings, Dear Ones, Many Blessings

© 2021 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. Hello Kally, wonderful to see you!
      Yes, it’s been inspiring of late to find so many things to do at home. This evening Keith and I have just finished playing the game – Ticket to Ride. It was quite complicated and very enjoyable. We thought we’d best tackle it ourselves before we introduce it to others. Hahah…
      I’m so glad you found this post inspiring. It’s amazing the changes that happen when we are true to our own personalities!

  1. Charlee: “We also seek out entertainment within the home, including climbing on things, jumping from platform to platform on our wall tree, staring at birds and bugs outside the windows …”
    Chaplin: “… sneaking up on Charlee and pouncing on her and making her squawk …”
    Charlee: “That’s not entertainment.”
    Chaplin: “It is from where I’m sitting.”

    1. Oh guys, you’ve given me some ideas!
      Climbing, jumping, a wall tree, staring at birds and bugs. But, we haven’t got a Charlee to make squawk.

      Oh well – Keith will just have to do…..

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