An Example of Backwards Aging

An example is what we have advised our dearest is to be. An example of backwards aging, yes indeed.

Our dearest has turned seventy one. How do you feel, dearest, at age seventy one?

It isn’t easy to put into words how I am feeling because there is such an enormous change in my persona, my desires, and my enhanced mental and physical abilities. It is, at times, quite a challenge to keep up with the changes.

Can you elucidate, dearest?

In regards my persona I feel I am more forthright. Because, in an overall manner, I am stronger I believe this allows me to be more open, more honest in my dealings with the world in general. To give an example:  As I was aging and because of the deterioration of mental and bodily health that goes along with aging there was the need (at least I thought so) to retreat somewhat from the more rigorous forms of life; both mental and physical.

And now, dearest?

As I strengthen both mentally and physically, I feel the ancient sense of vitality that I knew as a young woman. With that vitality comes the inherent sense of quiet confidence. And this is what I am experiencing today.

A sense of vitality, dearest?

Yes, this is certainly the case. As an example:  Yesterday, Sunday, my man K and I went dancing. I am still a little nonplussed by the vitality we both experienced. To say that I am surprised would be true.

Surprised, dearest.

Yes, surprised. I am surprised that I continue to strengthen. Our dancing is forging ahead, so to speak. Some have commented that we are ‘better’ than we were eighteen months past. I know this to be true. I sometimes feel as though I have wings on the floor; my body moves with greater agility and, dare I say; ability!

And this you are enjoying, dearest?

Absolutely enjoying, yes.

Thank you dearest. We shall leave this here for now.

Many Blessings

© 2021 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. That’s a great word, Rebecca – Bold.. Hahah! At the same time life is somewhat quiet and peaceful, too.

      I do believe I’m finding great depth in all things. Simplicity is wonderful, and bounding creativity is also extremely enjoyable. I am loving having many strings to my bow, so to speak.

      And, funnily enough, I am also so pleased to have turned seventy one. I was looking forward to this birthday with unusual delight. Somehow I see it as the beginning of my ‘new’ life building the backward aging momentum in a more comfortable mental space. And, I must add, I am also exceedingly happy and surprised by the physical abilities that continue to strengthen. Wow; this is truly a fabulous ride…

    1. I know, Lulu, that Mama and Dada will absolutely love getting back to the dance floor.

      For us there was the break from Oct/Nov 2019 (due to Keith’s knee injury) and then came Covid. Then happily we were back last Oct/Nov 2020 going to just the one social per week. It was like being able to breathe again.

      Here’s hoping it doesn’t take too much longer!

  1. How incredibly refreshing this is to read. I’m glad two have been lighting up the dance floor and feeling free, more agile and more able. Let’s hope there are a few months at least now of smooth sailing, to continue this forward backwards ageing momentum! xx

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