Coffee & Conversations – Exercise – A Short, Yet Necessary Advice

We have a few advices we would like to give our dearest.

Of late, the past number of weeks, we have been waking our dearest during the night to exercise. Yes, indeed we have. Our dearest is quite used to being woken during the evening so this has not come as a surprise. However, to be awoken to exercise has been a new experience for her. And why have we done this?

We have done this so as our dearest can exercise; namely, Pilates, in the quiet of the early morning energies. This also gives our dearest a number of hours rest/sleep before having to start her day, so to speak. And this is one of the advices we wish to advise.

Having exercised it is then necessary to rest. Yes, indeed this is true. We see many rushing from a period of exercise into the turmoil of their day. This causes the body, and the mind, to be in a state of flux.

Yes, Dear Ones, if it is stability of body and mind you desire then rest must follow exercise. A simple advice, however, one that requires attention.

Secondly dearest, we advised yesterday, whilst you and our Dear Heart Veronica were enjoying each other’s company, of a number of events to come.

We shall not name the events here, dearest; you appreciate; only to say that you will be inspired at the appropriate time.

A short, yet necessary advice dearest. We are hoping to see the results of your new exercise programme on the dance floor. Yes, indeed we are.

Many Blessings

© 2021 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk 

P.S. Move with Nicole is my ‘go-to’ for a host of enjoyable Pilates routines.


  1. I love this! Woken to do Pilates! That actually sounds injoyable. I often awaken in pre-dawn hours. Never fathomed using that time to do some Pilates. Hmmmmm…..

    1. I totally agree, Christy!
      I must tell you – My tush was so sore from the different exercises I’ve been doing with the Pilates that it was almost uncomfortable. However, last night I got to do one of Nicole’s gentler workouts that incorporated lots of stretches.
      Ahhhh…. My tush is now almost back to normal. I can now sit on it with ease. Hahahhhh..

  2. Charlee: “Our Dada does his exercise in the mornings.”
    Chaplin: “Yes, two days a week he uses the weight thing in the garage, and three days a week he uses the rowing machine in his office.”
    Lulu: “I don’t like it when he uses the rowing machine because it folds down where my bed is so when he uses it I have to move to my other bed.”
    Charlee: “So you could say that around here, Lulu is the one who wakes up to exercise, although she isn’t the one doing it.”

    1. Hahah, Charlee – understood!
      I still have my rower, but now it stands idle in the spare room, gathering dust. No, not dust – I didn’t mean to say that. I keep all things dust free. Well, most things… hemmmm… hemmmm…

      Dada is very wise to be doing such a great workout regime. Those muscles won’t stay strong on their own. &

      I know that you, Lulu, wouldn’t really mind being woken to Dada’s exercise. Any attention is good attention!
      Right, Lulu?

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