Home Sweet Home

Yes, Dear Friends, our dearest has been spending time at home; this she has. She has also been dancing with our Dear Heart Keith; though, not of late.

No. It is our forlorn duty to advise that our Dear Heart Keith is suffering from a knee injury; one that has been ongoing for some time. He is to visit, shortly, with a specialist. We shall keep you updated with the results.

In the meantime, our dearest Carolyn is continue practicing Pilates, the piano technique, shopping to her heart’s content, and spending her days in physical and mental comfort.

Only this past day our dearest was reminded of her backwards aging videos. We have a link to the first video and the last video taken in the year 2017. We shall leave this up to you, Dear Ones, as to whether or not you can see a younger Carolyn in the second of the two videos!

Her physical form continues to exude greater youth, as does her mental frame; there being many small differences appearing on a regular basis.

Our dearest’s dancing friends now openly admire not only her physical abilities but also her appearance.  To quote one friend:  “What is your secret? You don’t have a line on your face.”

This, as our dearest agrees, is not quite the case. However, along with a face full of character there is also youthfulness not otherwise seen in many.

Won’t you join with us as we progress along the path to Love & Perfection? If it is Freedom From Fear you would like, as our dearest lives, we would delight in your company.

The first step being knowledge, Dear Heart. Yes, it is firstly knowledge you need if you too would like to backwards age.

Many Blessings to All

© 2021 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk 


  1. Aww I’m sorry about Keith suffering with his knee – I hope the specialist can be of help, I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Let us know how he gets on.

    Sounds like you’re keeping busy & out of trouble, Carolyn 😉
    Sending lots of love your way xxxx

    1. Yes, Caz, it’s so sad for him! This knee injury continues to limit his, otherwise, agile frame. He’ll be seeing the specialist mid next week. Here’s hoping he can be of help – poor Keithy!

      This reminds me. He had to get a few preliminary x-rays. He was quite chuffed when the nurse mentioned his strong body. She said that normally people of his age (70 soon) present not as strong as he. I could tell he was rather delighted with this comment…. 🙂 However, he too is backward aging!

      And yes, Caz, I’m keeping kind of down the middle line, so to speak. Because I can, I’m out shopping almost every week day for a while. Then the house needs my attention, there’s always things to do, and clean, and enjoy.

      We have been so fortunate here in Oz. The pandemic hasn’t really affected us much; due to the closure of our borders early last year. We truly are in a very good space on the whole.

      I haven’t been inspired to visit with anyone (virtually) for months. I do wait upon my soul to do these things. Hopefully, I’ll get the nod to give you a visit. I always enjoy them!

      Lots of Love

    1. Anjali, Thank You so much. You are such a wonderful soul.

      Although I wasn’t given to make comment I did receive your post (via email) where you spoke of your beloved husband and father. I do hope they are progressing well and overcoming their health difficulties. It is such a stressful time for so many!

      And I do hope that you and your little one are happy and well, too.
      Many Blessings

      1. My pleasure Carolyn.
        My husband and father both are doing well. There is weekness but with time I guess that will also go. Yes, it’s very stressful time. Situation in india at present is worst. I hope we all come out of this soon.

        You take care,
        Love and hugs – Anjali

  2. Charlee: “A knee injury for a dancer is no good!”
    Chaplin: “Yes, Dada twisted his knee one time scooping out our litter pans and had to skip dancing for like a week. And that wasn’t even really an injury.”
    Lulu: “I hope you two appreciate that Dada is always scooping out your litter pans.”
    Charlee: “We don’t have to ‘appreciate’ it. It’s an expected service that humans perform.”

    1. Chaplin that is what happened to Keith’s knee. He ‘twisted’ it. Not whilst picking up poop – I don’t think? But now when he twists on the dance floor it’s ouch, ouch, ouch! We haven’t been dancing for two whole weeks. And, worst of all; we had to leave the last dance early because, you guessed it, he twisted it again, but this time he couldn’t untwist it.

      “Charlee: “We don’t have to ‘appreciate’ it. It’s an expected service that humans perform.”

      I do believe you are right on the money, Charlee. We humans are definitely here to serve. Just ask two little dogs named Pebble and Beau. They will most heartily agree!

    1. Thank You, Catherine. He is off to a specialist this coming Wednesday. Hopefully, he’ll hear some news that will, at least, assist him to walk free of pain in the not too distant future.

  3. Dear Carolyn,
    I rarely use the Reader. Nonetheless I have found your posts, here.
    I need to go back to your blog, and see what I’ve been doing wrong.
    Sending love! xoxo

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