Fortune Favours the Brave

Listen while you read

This is what we have just advised our dearest: Fortune Favours the Brave. And what is meant by this?

What is meant, Dear Hearts, is precisely as written: Brave hearts dare attract their fortune. Not always monetary fortune; no. We speak more upon the fortune of good favour.

Our dearest thinks we speak in riddles; and indeed we do. However, not to confuse more than we have we shall begin our story.

It takes a brave and noble heart to venture forward into the unknown; this it does, Dear Hearts. And now we shall be asking our dearest to venture forward into the unknown. We guarantee only a cessation of boredom, knowledge to assist and entice, and a future inspiration to guarantee a pleasant journey ahead. Do you agree, dearest?

Our dearest agrees to anything that furthers our combined effort of bringing Love & Perfection to the Earth Fantasy.

Good, dearest, this is good. We shall begin the next phase of our journey here and now. Yes?

Our dearest nods accent.

Right, dearest, we shall begin.

As we have previously written: Once freedom from fear has been achieved the Light Workers of the World will become more like those who are having the experience of the Earth Fantasy for ‘interest’ sake. That is:

The band of merry men here to enjoy their time within the Fantasy flitting from one interesting experience to the next as the moment arises.

You, dearest, are now, for all intent and purpose, here within the Fantasy for enjoyment sake. Not only are you the example of Freedom from Fear, dearest, you are also now to enjoy the life of enjoyment; as we have previously spoken.

And does this lifestyle hold enjoyment for you, dearest?

Yes, it does to a degree. Of late, during the past months as Keith and I have been dancing I have found myself wanting more. I love the dance, however, I have found myself becoming bored at times. I haven’t the ‘yearning’ I once had. I’ve wanted to have ‘other’ experiences. However, I couldn’t state, at this point, what those experiences could be; only that I don’t now want to spend every weekend dancing.

Indeed ’tis true for you, dearest; we appreciate. Shall we advise?

Yes, please.

Indeed, dearest, we shall: Over the coming months you will find, as you continue to strengthen both physically and mentally, inspiration coming from many quarters. As we stated: Fortune Favours the Brave. It will take a strong mind and heart to take the new inspirations upon yourself.

Are you ready for more challenges, dearest?

Yes, I am. I am looking forward to those challenges. Thank You.

Many Blessings, Dearest. Many Blessings

© 2021 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk 

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    1. Haha… Yes, Barbara, they do!
      I confess I didn’t get a great sleep last night; I kept waking up with very strange inspirations! haha…

      Albeit a little exciting and sleep depriving I know I’m in for the time of my life… 😉 😉

    1. One two and then rock!
      One two and then roll!
      She did – I don’t know what she did… hahaha

      Dorothy, I’m trying to remain grounded, but….

      I’ve never been the adventurous type/outdoorsy type and yet my thinking is opening up in ways I’ve never known. Seriously, I’m not discounting anything!!! 😀

        1. Dorothy, it is indeed, however, the ‘wings’ are new ways of thinking, which is very new and rather exciting. I would like to try to explain:
          As a Light Worker we think greatly of the needs of others (placing them, in general, first) and must learn to think and do more for ourselves.
          Once Freedom from Fear is achieved we become as one of the band of merry men (as The C.C. say) here to experience enjoyment and interesting endeavours. We retain our desire of ‘no harm’ and assistance/betterment for all, but enter the realm of enjoyment as our primary motivator.
          And here I now sit with the thought of wonder as to what adventures this will bring.
          I am quietly amused by this change! I’m thinking of things like ‘snow skiing’ and ‘water’ joys like paragliding ‘water’ sport. Eek.. haha.. things I would never have considered but now see as cool… haha…
          Yes, it’s about enjoying ourselves and lifting the vibrations with this joy.
          Quite a change of thinking, to be sure!

  1. This is so exciting for me, of you and your “New Now” to come. These are such wonderful, enlightening and beautiful times we are in, I get shivers of joy, down my spine. I cannot begin to explain how elated my heart is for you to be experiencing the experience you are in.
    Much love and hugs to you!!

    1. Ren, it is rather new, but, I am so different – my thinking is different.
      I now see what The C.C. have been saying all these years. We, the Light Workers of the world will very slowly (of course) one by one lift our own vibrations and, in so doing, create the domino effect.
      As they have advised – we mustn’t ‘hold our breath’; it is to be a long process. But, as we know, every journey begins with the first step. And I am quite prepared to begin this ‘next phase’ with ‘enjoyment’ as its premise!
      Much Love and Hugs to you, Ren… So good to know you!

    1. Yes, Michael, true words indeed.
      Even though I haven’t truly started this new aspect I’m already enjoying my new thinking. It’s going to be quite interesting to see ‘what comes’.

  2. Chaplin: “I’m pretty brave, the way I climb things and jump from one high spot to another. Does that mean I’ll be rich soon?”
    Lulu: “It says ‘fortune favors the brave’, Chaplin, not ‘fortune favors the crazy’.”

    1. And tell me Chaplin. What would you spend your fortune upon? I’ve seen all your interesting playthings. And your coat tells me you eat nothing but the best. I’d leave all that to Dada, if I were you. He’s got your fortune under control.
      Lulu, you are one cool dude!

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