A Radical Change of Thinking as We Backward Age

Our dearest has had yet another epiphany.  And what is the epiphany our dearest has had?

The epiphany our dearest has had is in relation to life. Aha, you may say. This is a broad subject. And indeed it is. However, Dear Hearts, this epiphany, although in relation to life, is specific in nature.

Life holds many chapters. Within each chapter is a life within a life, so to speak. We are confusing our dearest. However, we shall continue.

Within each chapter is a life within a life. And what does this mean?

This means, Dear Ones, that each life contains the seeds of many chapters, or splinters of the original.

Whilst within each chapter there is the need for the individual to adjust to the differing personalities that each acquires.

Yes, Dear Hearts; there is the need for the personality, the likes, the tastes, the activities, the scenarios, the experiences within each chapter to adjust to the differing experiences.

It would be boring, would it not, to spend an entire lifetime within one frame of mind, of choice, of activity? Yes, indeed this is true.

Our dearest is, currently, spending time within one such chapter; a varying point of view is the order of the day. This is causing our dearest some confusion. And why is this causing confusion for our dearest?

It is causing confusion, Dear Ones, because the thinking within this particular chapter is new to our dearest. And why is it new to our dearest?

It is new, Dear Hearts, because it primarily consists of singular enjoyment. That is: Our dearest is currently enjoying enjoying herself. Yes, this is true, Dear Ones. Unlike yesterday our dearest is now enjoying the enjoyment of her personality, so to speak. And what is her personality?

Our dearest’s personality consists of enjoyment of self expression in the form of dance, song and music. Currently her mind consistently meanders to this form of self expression, and this, Dear Hearts, is causing our dearest some angst. And why is this?

This is so, Dear Ones, because our dearest’s love to date, and for the past number of decades has been outward. That is: Our dearest found enjoyment in the sending of her energies towards the higher goals of enlightening others in the truth of our beginning, our middle and the end of our current struggle to the beginning of the new fantasy of love and perfection – Freedom from Fear!

And now, Dear Hearts, her work, in the main, has been achieved. There is little now to be accomplished, except her work of enjoyment. Yes indeed; our dearest is now to be the example of enjoyment.

And this, Dear Ones, is taking its toll upon her. Yes, there is confusion for our dearest as she adjusts to this new chapter. Will she succeed? Indeed she will.


Yes, this is indeed true. I feel somewhat confused by my current state of mind. I want to enjoy myself with family and friends. I want to fill my life, my home, my time, with loved ones who are also in a state of enjoyment.

This is filling almost the entirety of my thinking. It seems somewhat hedonistic, which is confusing me. I’ve always been so serious about my work. Yet now, I only want to be seriously out to ensure that my life and the lives of my dear ones are as close to constant enjoyment as is/will be possible. And this is causing me a little angst as I adjust to this new thinking.

I know I will adjust. I am adjusting. I also know that as the example of living free from fear that this new thinking is necessary. It is just that it is almost the opposite of how I’ve lived my life to date.

As I write I am reminded of some advice The C.C. gave some time past. They advised that on the backward progression; that is, as we backward aged our lives would take on almost the opposite values of those we lived as we forward aged.

This is definitely happening. And I am realising it requires quite an enormous adjustment; an adjustment that has been causing confusion.

Knowing this (I am now hoping) will ease the confusion and allow me to more easily transfer into the new values of enjoyment. My thoughts are still in the sphere of uplifting myself and others. However, there are now vastly differing means of attaining this stirring state of mind.

© 2021 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. Hahah…. Yes, Barbara, it seems ironic to me, and yet it is truly the case! I have been languishing between thinking I’ve lost the plot and/or I’ve suddenly become a hedonist in the pursuit of pleasure for pleasure sake.

      I certainly feel much better about my current thinking now that The C.C. have had a little conversation with me. Though I do really think it will take a little more time before I’m fully adjusted to this new chapter of enjoyment.

      As you so eloquently put it: “What a delightful problem!”

  1. Hello my dear Carolyn,
    taking time to enjoy things is always good news. I’m very glad for you. And in some way, your enjoyment is a beautiful example to follow for all of us.
    Have a wonderful and blissful day!
    Hugs and kisses!

    1. My Dear Mihaela, I truly can’t seem to do much else than taking time to enjoy things!

      This way of life/thinking is the reverse of my life thus far. The little dancing that my wonderful K and I have done over the years had an air of seriousness about it as we trained/practiced to improve. Now our/my dancing has taken on such a light hearted vibe; one that is being noticed.

      At the last dance we attended, held by a past teacher of ours, he came to us as we were leaving to tell us that we had danced the most relaxed (and the best) he had ever seen us dance. What a wonderful confirmation that was. And it also is a great example of my general life. Every moment is about enjoyment – light hearted loving and living! I am going to enjoy this chapter for sure.

      As I adjust to the new thinking the old thinking seems to be evaporating right before me. It is being replaced with energies so new and wondrous.
      Many Blessings to You, Dear Mihaela

  2. This is exciting and I loved CC’s words of your “enjoying, enjoying yourself”. For some reason, that made me smile big, chuckle out loud and feel all warm and happy inside for you. If I were in your shoes, most certainly I’d feel as if my heart would explode from the sheer amount of joy felt.
    And to have your past teacher acknowledge and verbalize to you, your change of danceness. (I often make up words)

    I am curious, how is it that your dance partner reflected such joys, so that the ‘teacher’ noticed. Or did You carry the ‘whole weight’ of joy? (if that made any sense…) I do recall that he is also now backward aging, but certainly he must not be at the same “level” as yourself???
    Many hugz and pure joy to you, Carolyn!!

    1. Great question, Ren!

      Keith is so different, too. I know we haven’t spoken very much of the changes that he is experiencing. To sum it up: K is now much like me. He’s enjoying life so much more. Certainly not to the same extent, but, that, in the scheme of things doesn’t really equate to much. When I consider his past personality and the challenges of being the ‘meanie’ (as the Light Worker of the Negative) he is now far removed from that equation. He is so much more relaxed; and I know there’s still more to come – for us both!

      Indeed, Many Blessings for us all, Ren!

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