Question 18. Please Help Me Understand

We have received a question from a Dear One that will assist many suffering illness:

Please help me understand how sensitivity to the toxins of our environment is fear based.

Not always so, dearest. No, the illnesses we suffer are not always as a consequence of our thinking.

And this is something with which our dearest Carolyn has had to come to terms during her lifetime. Our dearest chose to have certain illnesses to experience. Indeed, much of her life has been afflicted with illness.

And this is also of concern for you, Dear One. There is not always a ‘scientific’ answer; no indeed. Suffice to say, Dear One: As Carolyn, as a consciousness, chose to experience suffering in the form of illness, so too you.

Does this mean, asks our dearest Carolyn, that we will suffer these so-called illnesses always?

The answer, dearest, is simple.

Whatever you agreed to experience will be experienced; there is no getting out of agreements, you understand.

However, just as you dearest (Carolyn) have suffered illnesses and recovered, so too for many who have chosen illness as one of the many experiences to be enjoyed.

We say ‘enjoyed’, Dear One, because as a consciousness, free from the shackles of the human condition, we enjoy all fantasies and all experiences within each.

Acceptance is the key, Dear One. Acceptance gives greater understanding than you may realise. Yes, answers come with the timely advent of acceptance.

Many Blessings to You, Dear One

© 2021 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. Illnesses are not always a consequence of our thinking….

    Prior agreement…

    Acceptance…. Yes, I could do better in this field. I think I remember, Carolyn, you recently posting about the benefits of Acceptance (?).

    Acceptance… hmmm….. So… if I am not accepting of the experience I chose, then I am out of alignment with my true self, which causes an imbalance or turmoil, within.

    Acceptance…. of who I am? Unconditionally?

    My monkey mind is taking over…. I am over thinking this again….

    Thank you and many hugz

    1. Haha… Yes, Ren, I am guilty of ‘over thinking’ too!
      May I suggest that you just ‘sit’ with the thought of accepting ‘what is’, and I do mean ‘sitting with it for as long as it takes’ – a day, a week or more. Trust that, if you’ve asked for a greater understanding/acceptance of your ‘chosen’ experiences; this is what will prevail.

      This does take a certain patience and belief that what you’ve asked for will be yours – a challenge in itself!

      1. My days on the computer are few, hence my delay in reading and replying….

        As you suggest, I have been sitting with the thought of acceptance. However, I have not always sat to think it, often it comes to me ‘from out of the blue’ as I am doing things. (I love when that happens) I am finding that the meaning of acceptance/understanding is becoming lighter to me.

        And thank you for the word of Trust. So very important and valuable. I feel I do Trust and yet, I seem to forget or ‘bury’ the word when faced with a sort of “change” in life.

        I understand the need of patience and feel I am one of great patience as I have been told this throughout my life.

        Thank you Carolyn for making yourself available and offering assistance.

        Love and hugz….

  2. Hi my dear Carolyn,
    I’m still reflecting on your words. I have to tell you that I’ve never seen things from this angle. Thank you for bringing up the subject of acceptance.
    Have a beautiful week!

  3. Christy, I have spent decades doing just that – pondering and pondering the words The C.C. write through me. And, dare I say, confusion has reigned many a day! Hahah! Has that stopped me? Hahah!

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