What to Expect once Freedom From Fear is Achieved

Could we start writing a book?

And what would we write about, dearest?

We could write about what to expect once we have achieved the state of Love and Perfection – Freedom from Fear.

That would be a fine topic. Yes, indeed it would. Who shall start, dearest, this fine topic?

I was thinking that perhaps you would start.

And why is that, dearest?

It is because I do not know what to expect now that I have achieved Love and Perfection – Freedom from Fear. Except to say I am feeling incredibly content with myself and my surroundings.

And this you haven’t felt before, dearest?

No, I haven’t felt this as deeply and completely as I do now. It is simply a wonderful state of mind.

Yes, indeed this is so, dearest. As we have stated; this state of mind will continue for you for the remainder of your so-called time within the fantasy. Though, dearest, this state of mind so evident in its serenity, gentleness and calming composure hides many other intangibles that you will experience.

We have stated that the energies you are currently experiencing are but a small fraction of the energies awaiting. What we haven’t advised to date, dearest, is the side of the coin that will dominate your days when active in that which you have agreed to do; the energies of strong intent to be the example of Love and Perfection. You are beginning to feel the energies at present. Are you not?

Yes I am. I know that those days will come, and I know that I will do as I’ve agreed to do.

Indeed, dearest, you will.

I have had a great realisation since achieving this state of mind. Freedom from fear is achievable for all. Regardless of our circumstances, our so-called health, our social, financial condition; indeed all and any position in which we find ourselves, Love and Perfection resulting in Freedom from Fear is possible.

Indeed, dearest, this is true. And what brings you to this statement?

The realisation that Love and Perfection, or Freedom from Fear is a state of mind that is not dependent upon our life position or condition, but solely dependent upon the manner in which we ‘think’ – has brought me to this understanding. And this state of mind is achievable for all providing there is sufficient desire to be free of all that confines us within the state of mind controlled, as it were, by fear.

We shall continue with our story, Dear Hearts, anon.

Many Blessings to All

© 2021 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk

Image – © Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk / Miss Pebble, January 2021


  1. It’s all a state of mind. When we realise that, it opens up so many possibilities. Just a shift in perspective can achieve so much, so changing how we think on a bigger scale could be monumental. Not easy, but absolutely worth it, as I’m sure you can attest you. I’m not where you are on the journey of Freedom from Fear, but I’d love to get closer and I already fully believe in the power of our thoughts and our perspective. Like you say, this state of mind is open to all because it’s independent of your health, situation, where you live, all of it. Bravo, Carolyn xx

    1. Such a great analogy, Ren. I’m on my way out this morning. However, I’d like to say more when I return this afternoon!
      A post re your question will publish @ 9:20. 🙂

        1. Ren, it’s hard for me to articulate the changes that have come over the past ‘time-out’, especially the last few weeks.

          Suffice to say I am soooooo relaxed. At first I thought it was a ‘cavalier’ attitude that lacked responsibility. However, I am pleased to say that now I realize how wondrous this new experience is. I’m floating through life!

          But, when needed, as was the case with the question you posed; I was at attention doing my work with The C.C. – Oh how I love my work, Ren. Then off I went into my day enjoying each moment.

          1. We do not yet have the words to properly articulate life as it should be.

            Carolyn, I am so stinkin elated for you and your joy of life. I had learned long ago, Joy is our birthright and you are showing how and why that is.

            About 5 years ago, I had an episode that lasted for weeks, where I was so full of joy and could not understand it. I too felt as if floating and my heart was so happy, I thought it may burst. Was the oddest and most pleasant experience ever. I so much wish I could return and stay in that state forever.

            And the oddest part of that wonderful sensation…. it seemed to lead me into this intolerant, EMF life situation. That wonderful joyful feeling became a shadow which I want so much to unveil again. And I believe that is why I was lead to you….

            I am very happy for you Carolyn and can clearly see why you would love your work so much. After all, you worked hard to get to this point.

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