Episode 37 – Evolving, Learning, and Maturing

Well, well, well dearest; it’s been a while. Has it not?

Since we wrote, you mean?

Indeed yes, dearest. It has been a while since we sat at the keyboard to write.

We certainly haven’t been writing as much as times past. So yes, it has been a while. And what would you care for us to write about this day?

There have been many changes since last we wrote about your day to day happenings. Yes?

Yes, that is the case, yes.

We have, as it were, left you to your own devices, as the saying goes. Yes?

Yes, you have.

As we spoke, dearest, there have been many changes for you during this time. We would like to speak upon the matter of these changes. Yes?

Yes, of course. Please go ahead.

Firstly, dearest, you wanted to advance the ‘dance’. Yes?

Yes, that was our intention.

And how is that going, dearest?

Not so straight forward; would be my first reply!

And why is that, dearest?

My desires haven’t been always strong in regard practice and producing fine lines, etc. I do seem to enjoy being free of many things that used to dominate my life.

Things, dearest?

Over the past few weeks I have enjoyed taking the dogs for walks, and would like to do more of that. The freedom in not having to go to the practice hall, of late, has allowed me to slow down and enjoy the calm moments of each day. I have found that I still enjoy exercising; for instance on my stepper. Lifting weights is still quite wonderful. I’m enjoying the strength that these forms of exercise produce. However, dancing, or practicing dance was becoming a little boring.

I must add that K came down with Covid mid last month and has been experiencing fatigue since then. Practice sessions naturally came to an end and he is still not back to full strength. I believe it has been this ‘time out’ that has brought home to me a lot of the little pleasures of life that would not necessarily have surfaced otherwise.

Indeed this is the case, dearest, yes indeed. We would take your mind back, per se, to a conversation we had together regarding the ‘fourth grouping’. We advised that, once the partner of the negative was overcome, the positive light worker would then fall into the new grouping of those within the Earth Fantasy seeking pleasure; but with the mindset of the Light Worker of the Positive, which is inclined toward evolving, learning, and maturing throughout those experiences. Yes?

Yes, you did speak upon this; and yes, I do remember this quite well.

However, dearest, it would seem that you have not taken the words to heart. By this we mean, dearest:  When the partner of the positive value has overcome the presiding negatives within and has dutifully overcome the negatives abounding within their partner of the negative, there then comes a desire for enjoyable experiences. We reiterate, dearest: Enjoyable experiences!

Are you following our drift, dearest?

Yes, I do believe I am. I have not been enjoying our dance practices. I have not been looking forward to them at all. And yet I am enjoying so many small and ‘natural’ occurrences like walking the dogs, going shopping, cooking, etc. There is no stress or strain associated with these happenings. They are sweet and joyful, so to speak.

And this is the point of our writing this day, dearest. The fourth grouping, in which you and our Dear Heart Veronica find yourselves, will become bored unless you find those events and activities that truly bring pleasure and joy.


Our dearest, Carolyn, has asked that we speak upon the matter of the changes for her Dear Heart Keith during the transitional change associated with the new grouping for the Earth Fantasy.

As we shared above, our dearest and Dear Heart Veronica fell into the new grouping some time past when they overcame all manner of negativity abounding within themselves and the negative behaviours emitted by their respective partners. (We keep this simple as there are numerous advises in this regard throughout our writings.)

Yes, dearest, our Dear Ones, including our Dear Heart Keith have undergone many changes over the past so-called year. The changes are similar; however, the degree of change is not as great.

We venture to explain: Those souls who choose to play the role of the partner of the negative are enjoying their experience, as consciousness, and are not to be thought of as ‘less than’, as some assume. No, Dear Ones, the negative light worker is within the fantasy by choice.

This is quite a difficult concept for the human brain to accept. However, Dear Ones, know this is true. The light worker of the negative, and the light worker of the positive, are having just one of the many experiences open for all.

Many Blessings, Dear Heart. Many Blessings to All

© Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. I do so agree, Dorothy! I don’t believe I’ve ever been so comfortable doing almost nothing…
      Can’t say how ‘long’ this will last, but, for now it’s all I got… lol

  1. Lulu: “We are entirely in favor of more walks with the dogs.”
    Chaplin: “We cats are as well.”
    Lulu: “What do you care if we go for walks?”
    Chaplin: “Anything that gets us the house to ourselves for a while is good.”
    Charlee: “We Hipsters send lots of purrs for Keith to have his full energy back soon!”
    Java Bean: “And we dogs send tail wags!”

  2. Lulu: The dogs are loving my new ‘at home’ moments. They sure are getting more exercise and adventure!
    Thank You, Chaplin and Charlee, Java Bean and Lulu. I just know all the purrs and tail wags will help K to feel better and better.

  3. Aww no, I’m sorry he’s had Covid and still struggling with fatigue. I’m glad there’s a “silver lining” to the time-out for other joys to be explored and cherished. I do hope the fatigue eases for him.

    I wonder what you would say about my father when discussing the negative. His grumpiness and attitude of recent years is quite spectacular!

    Sending lots of love to you, Keith & V xxxx

    1. Yes, Caz, he’s not very happy about feeling ‘mostly’ tired. However, what can you do, but, accept and get on with it. And that’s exactly what he’s doing – not happily, but with some humour (at times)! It’s so hard to be gracious under pressure… 🙂 🙂

      And I believe that’s the story for your father. Likewise, it’s hard under pressure. We never quite know the inner workings of another. However, Caz, we do know our own inner workings. And this I would suggest for you:

      Do as I’ve been directed these past years: As much as possible do refrain from allowing someone else’s thoughts and behaviours to dampen or dominate your day. After all, it’s enough that we have to cope with our own ups and downs. And thankfully, that is all that’s asked of us. Take care of our own thoughts and behaviours; allowing others their right to theirs.

      Not such an easy thing to do; I grant you. Don’t I know it dealing with my own partner of the negative. However, I can truly say: As I leave K to be responsible for himself, his thoughts and behaviours; the happier I am. And, dare I say; he too, left to himself, rides the rough patch out.

      Sending lots of Love to you, Dear Caz.
      It’s a joy to know you.

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