Episode 13 – The Fourth Grouping

Our dearest has asked for further information regarding the fourth grouping within the Earth Fantasy.

We shall remind our readers:

The First Grouping are the Light Workers; both Positive and Negative.

The Second Grouping are those here to complete the overcoming of our innate negativity.

The Third Grouping are those here primarily for the purpose of having interesting experiences.

We offer our website ABC of Spirit Talk.net for those interested in learning more regarding those groupings.

Recently we advised our dearest and her daughter, Veronica, that they are the first of the Fourth Grouping with the Earth Experience. It is this grouping of which we shall now write.

A little background information for those limited in the understandings thus far:

Our dearest and her daughter, Veronica have, for some years, been working to rid themselves of fear; they being Light Workers of the Positive. Their respective partners, Light Workers of the Negative, were and continue, to a small extent, to bring our dear ones some forms of negativity in order for all to remain connected, exposed to the realities of the negative energies, and as such, free from boredom.

This surprises our dearest. She was under the impression that once the Light Worker of the Negative was overcome, would herald a complete cessation of such activity.

No, dearest, indeed not. This would indeed limit all to the boredom of sameness. Yes?

Yes, I can imagine that being the case. Yes.

Indeed, dearest, we want all to continue growing, developing and maturing whilst within The Fantasy.

Back to our story:

The fourth grouping was born with the overcoming of the Negative Light Worker – your respective partners. Yes?

Yes, that is what you informed us some months past.

You suffered anxiety for a time, dearest?

Yes, we did.

We then informed you, dearest, that those here for the purpose of interesting experiences (the grouping into which you fell after the overcoming of your partner, the Light Worker of the Negative) had the negative experience of anxiety between those interesting experiences. Did we not?

Yes, you did. And yes, both V and I found ourselves anxious, at times.

Indeed, dearest, you did. We then ‘flicked the switch’ and altered your mindset to one of a similar nature to the Light Worker’s innate sense of ‘wishing to develop and mature’. Yes?

Yes, you did.

And how has that been for you?

Currently I am a little confused. I no longer have the naivety of the Light Worker of the Positive, so to speak. However, there is a limit to the interesting experiences one can have, particularly in a covid world.

Yes, rightly said, dearest. However, and this is the point of our writings this day. You have been feeling without a purpose for some time. Yes?

Yes, that is true. When I was in the grouping of the Light Worker of the Positive combating the negative, fearful energies abounding in the world and within my partner of the Negative, etc., my purpose was forefront and tangible. Now that I no longer suffer from a fearful mindset, and with little to take my interest (due to many factors), I am finding life a bit ho-hum!

Indeed, we see this, dearest, yes indeed. And you wish for further understanding?

Yes, please.

Then you shall have it:

We flicked the switch and enabled you to have a sense of continuation of maturity, adding to the desire for interesting experiences. Yes?


What we did not advise, dearest, was the inevitable consequences of fearlessness; i.e., boredom, dearest, and negativity.

So, how is this overcome?

It can only be overcome, dearest, by having interests that push the boundaries. By this we mean, dearest:  You must take the proverbial bull by its horns and set yourself some goals that will truly test you.

You have been a dancer. Yes?

Yes, I was a ballroom dancer, yes.

Did you enjoy the ballroom dancing?

I did, yes.

And what disciplines did you engage within?

Keith and I enjoyed the Standard ballroom plus our Australian New Vogue disciplines.

You did not enjoy the Latin dancing discipline?

Not that I did not enjoy it. However, K has never had the desire to spend the time and energy to master it.

And you, dearest?

I have always enjoyed the Latin rhythms. We did have a couple of Latin dance lessons, though it was obvious that K wasn’t as interested as I. Apart from that, K now has a knee injury that would, for now, prevent him from dancing any discipline.

And does this prevent you from dancing, dearest?

Dancing the Standard and the New Vogue disciplines require two.

And the Latin discipline, dearest?

I did, for a short time, try practicing here at home the Latin rhythms. However, I soon tired of dancing alone.

Were we to ‘flick the switch’, dearest, to remove the negatives associated with dancing alone, would you wish to continue to learn?

Yes, I would.

Consider it done! 

Many Blessings

Many Blessings, Dear Hearts. Many Blessings to All

© 2021 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. I have got back to the dancing fun! It’s only been a short while, however, I am, once again, enjoying learning the two, three, four and one! There’s a twinkle in my eyes, and my little heart is singing once again.
      Last night I even did a quickstep by myself all about the house.
      Ha hah…

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