Episode 12 – Finding My Fit

You are feeling good, dearest?

Yes, I am feeling good; Thank You.

And may we ask why you are feeling good?

Yes, of course. I am feeling good because I do believe I’ve found the exercise regime that suits me.

Indeed yes, dearest, we have been avid spectators of your investigations of the past weeks.

Yes, I have been investigating the various forms of exercise these past weeks, and I do believe the best form for me lies in compound exercises that incorporate working many muscle groups simultaneously.

And why is this, dearest?

My goal is to be as healthy, fit, and as strong as I can be. However, I am not looking to be a bodybuilder, as such. At first, when investigating the various exercise regimes, I thought I may like to become a bodybuilder. With further investigation I realised I would need to invest more energy and time to this, than I wanted to. This reminded me of the dancing of the past. In order to become a top level performer there was the need to spend a lot of time and energy in pursuit of this goal.

Your goal is then what, dearest?

I want an overall fitness level that will take me into whatever activity I’d like to do. Also, and this is very important: I do not want to be dependent upon going somewhere, such as a gym, or a park in order to achieve my goal.

Indeed, dearest, we watched as you wielded the free weights.

And this is my goal. You advised that I firstly concentrate on the lower body doing squats and lunges, Nordic and reverse Nordic curls, etc. At the same time I continued doing some upper body exercises with free weights; however, I was to concentrate more on the lower body. Added to this was a small amount of walking and stretching.

And this you have done, dearest.

Indeed I have with very pleasing results.

You feel stronger, dearest?

I am stronger, yes. Then yesterday you advised that I should incorporate tummy exercises into the mix. I was inspired to search on the internet and came across a fitness coach emphasising compound exercises. She showed seven such exercises using free weights. This morning, upon waking, I set to work. Instead of doing the usual single muscle exercises, such as those I’ve been doing to date, I did the seven multiple muscle group or compound exercises. This took only half and hour (going very slowly and with good technique). An example of this was: Instead of doing squats on their own, a compound exercise incorporates, for instance, doing a shoulder press with appropriate weights as you rise. The exercises got my heart singing; my breathing very strong, in order to feed my muscles and, at the end feeling as though I’d done so much more than usual in a quarter of the time. So yes, I do feel as though I’ve found ‘my fit’ for now.

For now, dearest?

Yes. Never say never! This is definitely the fit for now. However, as I progress so may the exercises; definitely the weights used; even the location.

Meaning, dearest?

We all know that our needs, our desires, our values, etc., change over time. If they are not changing we are not progressing.

Indeed, dearest, you would be stagnant. Yes?

Yes, this has been my experience. With this in mind I am more than happy to continue along this path knowing that as I get stronger and fitter my needs will change. When and as this happens I am more than happy to change my lifestyle to suit.

And this is the point, dearest. Without change there is stagnation. Yes?

Yes indeed. In all aspects of life this is true.

Shall we leave our communication here for now?

Indeed yes, we shall.

Many Blessings, Dear Hearts. Many Blessings to All


    1. Oh, if only it was that easy for humans! 🙂

      But I must say – I am having loads of fun finding ‘my fit’….. And I’m even getting some muscles! Who woulda thought?

      Lots o’ Love


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