Episode 11 – Backwards Aging Adventures

You are up early, dearest?

Yes, I am. I found myself unable to sleep and so got up to do a few exercises.

This is becoming your norm, dearest?

Not so much the very early rising, though yes, I am getting up earlier than usual of late. However, the accompanying exercises upon rising are definitely becoming the norm.

And why is this, dearest?

I want to become stronger.

Stronger, dearest?

Yes, stronger. Keith and I haven’t been able to dance the past year due to covid-19. Also K’s knee injury has prevented us from dancing at all since November 2020 when we attended a couple of dance socials. Previous to that there were the lockdown restrictions. I have been able to do a little walking, but haven’t found that sufficiently interesting enough; or challenging.

You like to feel challenged, dearest?

Yes, I do. I’ve always enjoyed movement, be that dancing or walking. However, lately I’ve had the urge to get stronger.

Get stronger, dearest?

Yes, I want to get stronger so that I can do many things I’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t.  One of the reasons was a lack of body strength. I must say, though, that my little sojourn into Pole dancing showed me that my body is far stronger than I thought.

And, dearest, you were saying that you didn’t want to tell of those things you’d like to do, because of the cow reflection‘s cautionary tale. Yes?

Yes, that is right. Or, at least, it was right. I am beginning to feel inspired to speak about some of the activities I’d like to do.

And why is this?

I do believe that I am being inspired to. This is code, so to speak, for:  I do believe my soul is inspiring me.

And why is this, dearest?

I am beginning to appreciate that there may be certain moments when we go beyond the need to maintain our own counsel in regard our desires and dreams.

Indeed, dearest. Tell us more.

I am feeling that there is a point when we become masters of our present and future. In other words: I believe that I will do as I want to do without the thoughts and opinions of others bearing any consequence upon the outcome.

Well said, dearest, yes indeed. And why do you believe this, dearest?

I do believe this to be the case because I don’t care what others may think any more. This used to be a concern for me. However, today I care little whether anyone approves of me or anything I may care to do. I want now to truly be as the Dog Family reflection speaks.

The 90/10 principle, dearest?

Yes, precisely.

Shall we explain the 90/10 principle?

Suffice to say the 90/10 principle asks that we keep ninety percent of ourselves for ourselves; the remaining ten percent being for others.

And it is this principle, dearest, you believe has brought you to this appreciation that you no longer need fear the negative input from others.

Yes, I couldn’t have articulated it that well. However, yes, that is precisely how I view myself today.

A good view, dearest?

Yes, it is a very good view.

Then, dearest, are you willing to tell us of the activities in which you’d like to engage?

Yes, I am willing now to do that. Firstly, I’ve always wanted to go tree top ziplining. We have quite a number of these parks in Australia.

This looks exciting, dearest.

Yes, indeed it does look exciting.

And this activity is one you’d like to do?

It is, yes.

And you believe, dearest, that you will need to be stronger in order to do such an activity?

I do, yes. The Pole dancing showed me a glimpse into what my life can be like with backwards aging, and I want to do those things I haven’t done as I aged. Now that I am getting younger I definitely want to do those things that, as a younger person, I can do.

And you will, dearest; you will indeed.

Many Blessings, Dear Hearts. Many Blessings to All

© 2021 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

Postscript: Just a little correction.

After publishing I remembered that K and I attended two or three dances during Feb & March. It was the final straw for his knee injury. Off to the knee surgeon he went…


    1. Thank You, Harlon. 🙂
      Yes, I’ve realised, of late, that I have limited myself in order to ‘fit’ myself into what others have wanted for me. Can’t do that anymore! I’ve turned the corner and it’s up, up and away… Hahah.
      Always lovely to see you!

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