Dog Family Reflection

DOG Family (General)   (Listen while you read)


Ever true, faithful, loving, loveable; a true servant, humble and willing.

This is true for the dog family. However, are you going a little too far with your love?

Do you think that your love is being abused?

Could you be overindulging your loved ones?

These questions need your concern at this moment in time.

We ask that you investigate how much you are giving to others and see if perhaps (just perhaps) you are giving too much!

We can do this in life at times; give too much. We can overburden ourselves with the idea of giving away all of our love, all of our care. Do we not? Yes, indeed we do at times.

We do not want to see you giving all of you away. No, that would not be a good thing, ’tis true. For, when we give ourselves away what do we have left? You need not answer this question. However, you do need to answer this one.

How much do you think we should give to others and how much do you think we should keep for ourselves?

Now if you answered 50/50 you would be wrong, my dear friend. No, we need to keep 90% to ourselves. That’s right; 90% must remain with us. Does this surprise? Yes? Good; we thought it may surprise. We’ll tell you why it is best to keep 90% to yourself. Yes? Yes, good. We shall tell you why you need to keep 90% for yourself and give only 10% away.

You need all of your care, dear friend. Do you not? No? Are you saying that you do not need 90% for yourself? Well, if you think that, my dear friend, you shall not have 90% for yourself. And if you do not save 90% of yourself for yourself you will be doing yourself an injustice.

Think upon this for a while. Look about you at those who lavish attention upon themselves. Now look about at those whose attention is primarily on themselves and 10% on others. Do they look happy to you, dear friend? Yes? No?

Keep this in mind as you go through your days. Be aware of those whose self attention is greater or lesser. Give this some time before you reach your conclusion. We would be most happy to hear the results, dear friend.)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit: Petr Jilek/


  1. That’s a good point to remember 90% for ourselves and give 10%. It’s like the 10% tithe to the church rule. Great reflection and also my thank you for the tag game. It has taken me awhile to put it together and I did have to ahem, cheat or rather alter the rules a bit.
    ~Have a wonderful rest of the week!
    Donuts Do Me In!

    1. Yes, I thought that too regarding the church tithing; it seemed quite appropriate. However, I found myself questioning this after I’d written the reflection and had created the audio. I needed to do as the reflection suggests and think upon this. I posted the reflection and then, after a couple of hours of contemplating, I came to the conclusion that it was indeed a good balance and one which, I believe I live today.
      Yes, I too understand the need to errrr… cheat a little; most of us live such busy lives. 😉
      Thanks for getting back to me. And you too, have a great week.. 🙂

    1. Thank you sweet girl… 😉 I think that you admire this because you would like to do this too… It will take a number of years. However, you too will do things such as I do now…. Have patience; it will come… 😉

  2. Yes, I needed to think about this for a few days too – 90/10 ? Last week three sales attendants in a ‘poshish’ fashion shop didn’t acknowledge me as I browsed the store. It was pointed out later that they didn’t give their energies away . . . makes sense 

    I’ve always been a giver myself. I was taught that it was the holy thing to do. ‘Give the shirt off your back’, was a saying in our household.

    Still working on not giving my shirts away !

    Yeh to the Bow Wows of the world 

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