Episode 14 – An Unexpected Condition, and a Wayward Little Dog

We would like to speak with you, dearest, regarding pushing the boundaries. Yes?

Yes, certainly. What is it that you’d like to say?

You have been ‘pushing the boundaries’, so to speak, since last we spoke. Have you not?

Yes, I have been ‘pushing the boundaries’, as you’ve put it.

Would you care to elucidate, dearest?

I found myself becoming bored since achieving ‘freedom from fear’. This was an unexpected condition in as much as previous to this achievement I’d always had so much to do, mentally. Overcoming the innate fear we humans suffer, plus the work of overcoming the negativity my partner of the Negative emitted gave me very little time for much else. However, I soon learned that, once I achieved freedom from fear, I didn’t have sufficient to do to keep me free from boredom.

A surprise for you, dearest?

Yes, it was indeed very surprising.

And, pray tell, dearest, how are you now faring?

I believe I’m doing okay. Thank You for ‘flicking the switch’, so called, on the sense of aloneness I felt dancing the Latin style of dance by myself. Since then I’ve been practicing quite frequently and very much enjoying myself; I’ve certainly seen progress.

You have another goal of late, dearest.

You speak of the goal of mastering, disciplining Pebble. Yes?


Indeed we do, dearest, yes, indeed we do. Shall we supply our readers and our listeners with a little background?

Hmmmm… I’m beginning to think you will also be enlightening me somewhat too!

Aha, yes dearest, we have been keeping some secrets from you. Shall we proceed?

I’m all ears!

Good, dearest, this is good because we are going to enlighten you. We suggested some years past that a little dog was in your future. Yes?

Yes, you did, and I travelled down the expressway to collect her from the breeder.

Indeed so, dearest, indeed so. She was a wayward little soul. Was she not?

Ha ha.. Yes, you could say that. In fact, I call her a little diva. A very head strong little diva!

She refused the lead, dearest. Is this correct?

Yes, she did refuse the lead. Indeed, she refused most any form of discipline.

And now, dearest?

I decided, some weeks past, that I wanted to train her as best I could to accept the lead, plus more. She would never stay still for me to groom her, until now. Every day for the past few weeks I’ve had the routine of placing her upon a table to groom her coat and then place a halter about her body. This was, ordinarily, something she refused and would make an enormous fuss. This fussing caused me to give up; hence grooming and walking her became a thing of the past, until now.

And this we see, dearest. Indeed, this evening you had quite a breakthrough.

Yes, I did. After placing the halter on her and leaving it on for a few hours each day for a couple of weeks I then attached a lead and walked her around the backyard. She wasn’t at all happy about this the first few times. However, I was quite firm with her, raising her front legs off the ground by lifting the lead every time she baulked or refused to walk.

And this evening, dearest?

I was inspired to groom her and then take her for a walk outside on the roadway. I was thrilled. She behaved herself enormously.

Yes, indeed, she did, dearest. This pleased you?

Absolutely, yes it did. I was determined that she should enjoy life as much as possible. Learning to be disciplined will guarantee more enjoyment for her; as it will for me.

For you, dearest?

I enjoy the connection I have with her. However, it was limited by her unwillingness to be disciplined and ordered in her comings and goings. I’ve always said that dogs, like children, are a joy to have around providing they are pleasant in their attitude, and teachable. There is so much enjoyment available to those who are open, humble and willing.

Indeed, dearest; open, humble, and willing to give life the chance to show what is available to the strong of heart and mind; yes indeed.

You said that you had been keeping secrets from me in regard Pebble.

We did, dearest. We shall explain:

Pebble is a very intelligent dog. Yes?

I believe so, yes.

You are strict with yourself in regards discipline. Yes?

Yes, I like to be ordered in all that I do. Not perfect, but definitely I enjoy being and feeling ordered.

You enjoy the security that order heralds?

You could say that, yes.

And the little Pebble brought disorder into your life. Yes?

Yes, she did. It wasn’t until I began to be honest with myself in regards having an undisciplined dog in my life (that I couldn’t give my heart to because of her wayward attitudes) that I then felt the need to give her the time and effort needed to train her to the point whereby both of us could enjoy the other.

And this you have done?

I believe so, yes.

And this was the secret we kept from you. The little Pebble has been precisely what she was meant to be, providing you with an experience; one that you have learned from, and one that will hold you in good stead for the experiences to come.

And this we say to all. Whatever is at play within your life is precisely as it should be.

Many Blessings, Dear Hearts. Many Blessings to All

© 2021 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. I know you to be quite an ‘ordered’ individual (like myself). To have a little diva in my life brought disorder, as I mentioned above. Now, after reading your comment, Dorothy, I’m wondering if your gorgeous puppy represents a similar energy for you as Pebble has for me?

      I can honestly say now – the title I gave her ‘Little Diva’ doesn’t fit anymore. She has become, in a very short time of strict disciplinary action, almost the opposite; thank goodness. I have always adored her, but now there is calm and obedience. We have both been winners.

      Beau, on the other hand, was a rescue dog for us back in 2013. Chalk and cheese; they couldn’t have been more opposite. He was the perfect little pooch – obedient, and loved any attention from grooming to walking. He was, and is, a sweet little soul. We adore him.

      And now, because I am determined that Pebble should have the opportunity for a great life, and with her change in attitude and behaviour, I’m finding myself warming to her as I did and still do toward Beau.

      All the best with your puppy training.❤️ You both deserve the best.

    1. Oh, Lulu; there you go again with your profound understanding of us mere mortals. Yes, we do need all the help that you (and your kind) are able to offer.
      I remain eternally in gratitude and love, your humble friend.

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