A Change of Status and a Reversal / And How Shall The Negative Light Worker Fare?

Our dearest has received understanding regarding those here for the purpose of enjoyment and interesting experiences. They are a group of not so merry individuals consisting of approximately two billion souls who confine themselves to experiencing life (so called) with the view to pleasure.

However, Dear Ones, as our dearest is quickly appreciating all is not as it would seem for the pleasure seekers.

We would remind our readers:  As our Light Workers of the Positive overcame the obstacles presented by their Partner of the Negative, their status changed. And to what did it change? It changed, Dear Hearts, to be as those here to experience enjoyment and interesting experiences.

What we have not informed you, our reader, or our dearest and her daughter Veronica was in regard the negatives associated with this group. Oh yes, Dear Ones, there are negatives associated with all human experience.

The greater negative associated with this particular group is anxiety. We spoke briefly in this regard; however, we did not elucidate. We shall now.

In-between enjoyment and interesting experiences comes a sense of anxiety for those here for this purpose. They do not have the ability to go within, so to speak. We shall explain:

The Light Worker, be they of the Positive or the Negative have a sense of purpose. This sense of purpose may or may not be of a conscious understanding. However, at their core is an appreciation of having a purpose.  This purpose sustains them to a degree whereby they are able to progress in the sense of maturing.

Those here for the purpose of enjoyable and interesting experiences lack a sense of purpose; their purpose being rather inclined toward self satisfaction. One could say they lack the desire for inner growth.

Our dearest and her daughter Veronica have, of late, due to the overcoming of their Partner of the Negative, changed status to the grouping of self satisfaction with the accompanying anxiety between enjoyments. Today, at their weekly meeting we ‘flicked the switch’ and restored them to their Light Worker status consisting of motivation toward further progression of maturity.

Our Dear One Veronica suggested that this may be a fourth grouping. That is: 

Those Light Workers who had performed the achievement of freedom from fear would then become as those here within the fantasy for the purpose of enjoyment and interesting experiences, but with the view to continued progress toward maturity. And this is indeed the case.

A new grouping has begun.

Many Blessings

And How Shall the Negative Light Worker Fare?

Well, well, well, Dearest, after receiving the earlier communiqué, both you and our Dear One Veronica wish for understanding in regard our Dear Hearts of the Negative once they too are enveloped within the realm of successful Light Workers.

We have informed you, our dear reader, and our Light Workers extraordinaire, our dearest and our Dear One Veronica, as to what will follow their successful overcoming of the Negative as they succeed in attaining Freedom From Fear.

However, we have yet to advise our Dear Heart Keith and all those who will follow in his footsteps as to their future. We are now pleased to advise:

Of late, as we have spoken, both teams of Light Workers have been at ‘loose ends’, so to speak since their overcoming; the Negative Light Worker struggling more so than their partner. However, both team members have been struggling.

We are pleased to report that since our last communiqué, our dearest and Dear One Veronica are at ease in the comfort of their Light Worker status once more. Their experience of being amongst the Pleasure Seekers (as they have named them) was not an enjoyable one. More on that later.

For our Dear Heart Keith we can advise that he too, given a little more time, will feel more comfortable as he too relinquishes the energies of late and will find himself in the energies, more so, of the Light Worker of the Positive. This will be a new and exciting prospect for him. His work as the Negative Light Worker was not always comfortable, so to speak.

We shall leave this communiqué for now, dearest.

Many Blessings to All

© 2021 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk 


    1. So, was he a ‘pleasure seeker’? What am I saying? All puppy-dogs are pleasure seekers.
      Little Beau and Pebble just sought out their morning run – around the house, of course!

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