Her Work is Not Yet Done!

Dear Ones, our dearest ‘can’t maintain it’. And what is ‘it’. The ‘it’ our dearest refers to is the desire to continue with the work that has been her mainstay for the past number of decades. And why is this the case?

This is the case, Dear Hearts, because of her ‘change of status’, as written in the previous post. Yes, Dear Ones, our dearest, now being part of those here within the fantasy primarily for the reasons of interesting experiences and enjoyment, now finds her mindset of a nature unlike that which had been her mindset for most of her life.

“They will have to give me the desire to continue if I am to continue.”

These were her words to our Dear One Veronica moments ago. Yes indeed, now that she has made the crossing from a fear based existence to now a freedom from fear, our dearest struggles, at times, to know what the future holds for her. Shall we advise, dearest?

Yes, please.

Indeed we shall, dearest, indeed we shall. Your work is not yet done. No sir’ee, dearest. Your work is not yet done. Would it surprise to know that your work has only just begun?

Yes, this would surprise.

And why would this surprise, dearest?

I’ve been doing this work for such a long time now. And because I have reached the stage of ‘freedom from fear’ with the resulting ‘change of status’, I thought my work was done.

Never, dearest, your work will never ‘be done’, as you say. No, dearest, there is more, much more.

Many Blessings to All.

© 2021 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk 

Image Credit: Pixabay


    1. I often forget, Dorothy, that I am to be the example of the process of a Light Worker overcoming fear – and, I realise now; the example of what lies beyond that. I’d never contemplated that before the past twelve hours!

      I thought my work was to accomplish freedom from fear then offer the writings and my experience for others to follow, should they want.

      It has been only since receiving this transcript that I can now appreciate there is continuation – to what – will be a surprise! But then, I am a girl who loves surprises.

      Yes, of course your comment rings true for us all. We are all works in progress – becoming surprises!

    1. Ha ha… What is it about puppy-dogs?

      Beau runs for cover whenever there’s loud anything! And Pebble dashes under the table at the slightest squeak!

      Oh, well, Lulu; guess we’ll just have to love you some more.

      Hmmmm…. could there be method in that madness?

    1. Hahah… Sometimes it’s nice to get off the train for a while; spend a little time wandering about getting a bit of a holiday! Then the whistle blows and off we go again…

      Great comment, my friend..

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