New Status Brings Struggle

The Necessity For Change Else Boredom Ensues

(The Collective Consciousness gave me these words last April 2021; however, I wasn’t to publish them until now, July 2021.)

Our dearest wishes to have more understanding regarding those whose life experience (so called) is to be amongst the ranks of those here within the Fantasy for the sole purpose of enjoyment. This is indeed the case. And why is this now of interest to our dearest?

It is now of interest because of the recent change in her status. Our dearest now finds herself within the ranks of those here primarily for the purpose of enjoyment; this being the result of the work performed in the partnership with our Dear Heart of the Negative – Keith.

This work now being a fait accompli our dearest and our Dear Heart Keith are no longer confined to the work of the Light Worker of the Positive / Light Worker of the Negative. As explained in previous writings our Dear Ones are now subject to experiences of a different vibe.

This has been met by both in varying ways. Our Dear Heart Keith struggles, as does our dearest to fit themselves into their new experiences. However, time will be the teacher. Both will adjust to their new positions within the Fantasy and all will be well.

In the meantime they are both experiencing various inner tribulations as they come to terms with their new status.

On the one hand our Dear Heart Keith, now not encouraged by his soul to be the aggressor (the negative Light Worker) finds himself at a loss to understand his new reality. He struggles to understand the changes in his demeanour; familiarity being lost, you appreciate. Once again, time will hold the answers.

As for our dearest Carolyn; hers has been a life of service particularly over the past number of decades. We are pleased to advise that time is bringing the answers needed for her. Adjusting to the new experiences has not been the struggle it has been for our Light Worker of the Negative. However, struggle she does, at times.

For those here for the purpose of enjoyment comes anxiety between enjoyments, so to speak, yes indeed. For those approximately 2 billion here for the purpose of interesting experiences comes a state of flux when in-between interesting experiences.

To explain:

Our dearest, being a Light Worker of the Positive has been constant in her desire to overcome fear. This has not always been a conscious appreciation for her; however, this has been the case and has, as it were, filled her days.

It has, ‘filled her days’ for many a long day, so to speak. When in a time out period our dearest revelled in the relaxation felt. However, today her days are not filled with endeavouring to overcome fear. What then does our dearest do?

She does as those here for the purpose of enjoyment. She looks to entertain herself.

As written, those within the Fantasy for this purpose will not and do not remain for long periods within any one pursuit. It is a part of their fantasy to float from one experience of interest and enjoyment to the next; their interest peaking rather quickly and failing just as quickly.

Therefore, Dear Ones, you can see the dilemma a Light Worker of the Positive and the Light Worker of the Negative will find themselves within once their mission of overcoming fear has been achieved. Both will be as flotsam and jetsam for a time as they adjust to their new status within the Fantasy.

Many Blessings

© 2021 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk 


  1. Overcoming fear and having faith is very important. Sometimes I feel if we stop two things in life….that is fear and overthinking….life will become really easy. Take Care Carolyn, have a lovely day 🌷❤️.

    1. Oh Anjali, you are so very wise.
      Yes, I most definitely agree with your sentiments. Fear and overthinking are two things we can absolutely do without.
      Have a wonderful rest of day… 🤗💝

  2. It makes me realise, with stark clarity, just how much I’ve changed when you wrote about being “here for the purpose of enjoyment”. That just wouldn’t cross my mind these days. I remember my first proper boyfriend when I was 16. I had social anxiety, he was outgoing and fun-loving. He brought out the best in me and his way with the world – to have fun, to laugh at himself – was a breath of fresh air. I carried that with me into my late teens and 20s, and I’ll always be grateful to him for that. But I’ve lost all sense of enjoyment. I don’t even have the time for it these days, especially not the last two years. That’s not who I was, nor who I want to be.

    I can understand, from an outsiders perspective, the anxiety between enjoyment and the struggles Keith faces in this unfamiliar path, living on a different vibe altogether. But get there he will. And I hope you keep getting the answers you need, Carolyn, that you keep living on that vibe and moving closer to that which you desire. You’re amazing 💜

    Caz xx

    1. Your ability to be objective causes me to have such admiration for you, Caz. To be able to separate yourself and remain free to appreciate and understand the struggles of others is an enormous boon. You may not fully appreciate your strengths; however, they are there for those with eyes to see.

      Caz, I know there are changes underfoot; changes for me and this site. I only have inklings of them at present. However, I do hope that you will be a participant in whatever those changes bring.

      Sending lots of Love and Hugs

      1. Aww, you are incredibly kind, Carolyn, that really means a lot to me 💜💙💚💛
        I absolutely will be a participant in whatever comes next for you & this blog. I’ll be here with bells on! xx

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