The Necessity For Change Else Boredom Ensues

Meet ‘Bear’ the newest member of our household. 😂 xoxoxo 😂

Yes indeed, Dear Hearts, our dearest is realising the need for change to occur. Without change comes stagnation. Without change comes boredom. Without change comes a lack of desire for change. Yes, this is right, Dear Ones. Without change comes a lack of desire.

We are not advocating change for change sake; no, Dear Hearts, we are not. However, we are advocating enjoyment. And from where does enjoyment originate? That is right; enjoyment originates in variety. Variety is indeed the spice of life. Is it not?

Our dearest has enjoyed her brief ‘time out’. During this time, as in any time-out period, we have offered to our dearest the opportunity for advancement; advancement in the sense of personal development. With personal development comes maturity. Maturity suggests change; and this is precisely what occurs as one matures.

The maturity our dearest has been undergoing during this brief time-out has evidenced many changes for our dearest; the least of which has been the realisation that there will be need of many changes occurring over the coming years if she is to enjoy her life.

As we have written: As the Light Worker of the Light progresses through to Love and Perfection by overcoming the inherent fears, the manufactured fears, the oppositional fears offered by their partner/partners of the Light Workers of the Negative, the once stable and grounded Light Worker of the Positive will become more like those approximate two billion upon Earth (in human form) here for the sake of enjoying interesting experiences.

It is here our dearest Carolyn sits. No longer content to do the same things over and over again, our dearest finds herself searching for interests to amuse her for the coming years. She now knows that without many and varied interests to amuse and entertain, living would become quite boring.

We now say to our dearest to follow her heart. It will indeed be an absolute necessity for the Light Worker of the Light to pursue many interests whilst backward aging. The body and mind must be entertained else boredom ensues.

Many Blessings to All

© 2021 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. Hello my dear Carolyn!

    I was thinking to write you an email and send you my best thoughts, wishes and lots of love and blessings for this year. And then I saw your blog post. I thought to myself, what a beautiful synchronicity.

    Your article is very beautiful, with lots of things to reflect upon. And I totally agree with the following your heart part and looking for meaningful change.

    Have a beautiful day and a wonderful and inspired time in 2021!

    1. I’ve thought of you often over the past weeks, Mihaela; it is wonderful to be connecting with you again – it seems like forever since we last spoke!

      Yes, indeed, reflecting is what I’ve been doing of late. This ‘time-out’ has been quite wonderful, too. I am definitely changed in so many ways. I am so surprised by the multitude of ways that joy has been, and will be brought into my life. The little/big ‘bear’ is one example of great amusement.

      Many blessings to you, dear Mihaela. Here’s to 2021 bringing joyful inspiration.

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