The Time Has Come, Dear Ones, to Thank You

The time has come, Dear Ones, to thank you for your participation in bringing the new fantasy into being. Yes, Dear Hearts; you have jointly been responsible for the journey that has brought our dearest thus far. And where is it that our dearest has been brought?

Our dearest has been brought, by your participation, to a place of security. Yes indeed, our dearest is now secure in the knowledge of backwards aging as being one of the rewards of ridding herself of fear.

She no longer cares whether or not others agree. No, Dear Ones, our dearest is assured within and no longer has need of acceptance or approval from others.

This point of clarity has been a needed aspect of her evolution. To do as she will do, this clarity, as highlighted by the backwards aging so evident, has reached the state whereby it cannot be denied. Only now can she fulfil her mission. And what is her mission?

Her mission is, as it has always been, to bring the Light Workers of the World to a place of trust. This place of trust could only be achieved by her absolute ability to remain steadfast in the belief in herself.

Our dearest has been, in times past, a competition dancer. Unlike many who have graced the competition floor our dearest did not need the acceptance or approval of those who judged. She remained confident in her abilities. We now know that this attitude has been achieved in regard her mission. She is now beyond the need of acceptance and approval. As we have stated:  She is now ready to move forward with her mission of being the example that ridding one’s self of fear will bring for those Light Workers who so choose.

Those of you who have communicated with our dearest, liked, read and commented upon the articles we have published hold a value you may or may not recognise. However, it is not necessary for you to have cognizance of your participation. Suffice to say you have each contributed to the journey. Each will be rewarded; each will benefit by the invaluable effort put forth.

Many Blessings to All

© 2020 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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