The Pleasure Seekers

We spoke in our previous writing, Dear Hearts, in regard those within the Fantasy for the sake of interesting experiences and enjoyment. They, those approximately two billion within the Fantasy primarily for this purpose seek many and varied experiences with the view of attaining pleasant happenings. However, this is not the case for the pleasure seekers.

We also advised that the pleasure seekers suffered the negative of anxiety. Indeed, they more often than not experience anxiety as the number one energy throughout their time (so called) within the Fantasy; this being a known condition before their arrival, so to speak.

Indeed, all is known by each and every individual soul as to their purpose and the experiences to be had within the Fantasy.

This is a difficult concept for the human brain with which to come to terms. Why would we place ourselves within a negative condition, many ask?

We do so for the sake of experience.

As a soul, or consciousness, we enjoy each and every lifetime (so called). It is, as we have written, for the purpose of entertainment that we place ourselves within any Fantasy – of which there are many thousands.

The Earth Fantasy was originally constructed to remind us of our beginnings. And what were our beginnings?

Our beginnings, Dear Ones, consisted of great fear and angst. We invite you to read our series of books obtainable on-line. However, Dear Hearts, our once ‘free books’ and ‘audios’ have been removed, for now, from this website. We will be asking a small price for what was once free.

As we have already alerted you, our reader; living longer will require the funds to do so. Our dearest’s writings have been made freely available to date; apart from those few published.

This will guarantee our dearest receives the necessary income to ensure her renewed vigour to remain within the Fantasy. Without said income life would not be the enjoyable experience that is the desired outcome for those Light Workers who have been successful in the goal of obtaining Freedom From Fear.

It will be our pleasure to reinstate our dearest’s writings in due course. For those who choose to read the plethora of information will come advancement toward success.

Many Blessings to All

© 2021 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk 

Image Credit: Pixabay


    1. And they wouldn’t have tasted very good, either. Maybe it was a good thing for him they proved elusive! Now, were Charlee and Chaplin to give it a try I just know they would find them!!! And know what to do with them, too…..

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