Finances Required For Living Longer!

We will not be asking our dearest to allow comments, Dear Ones. She is still in ‘time out’ and has allowed us to create this post. Back she goes to her bed to dream pleasant dreams!


Finances Required For Living Longer!

Our dearest has not only conceded to live free from fear and healthily, she has agreed to live longer!

This was not something our dearest felt obliged to do. However, now that she has tasted a happier, healthier lifestyle with all the benefits of being without fear the thought of living longer no longer holds any negatives for her.

And this will be the case for many as they venture forward into the state of Love and Perfection – they will experience freedom from many of the negative states of mind that once precluded them from wanting a longer life.

Finances or the lack of financial backing would have been a reason to fear living longer. After all, finances are required to obtain a pleasant life. Shelter, food, clothing, and the like are necessities; as are enjoyment, holidays and day to day pleasant happenings. Without financial backing would come a cessation of those things that make living enjoyable, so to speak.

However, our dearest is now realising that along with backwards aging comes the ability to create those opportunities to make life comfortable. For those who do not have the means to provide the finances to last the extra years of life that freedom from fear will bring; will create the means by which those necessary finances can be forthcoming.

That is right, Dear Hearts, you will have the wherewithal to provide for yourself the means of support needed.

Not only will you choose to create the opportunities for financial means, you will also enjoy the stability and creative endeavours that will be forthcoming. This is a guarantee, Dear Ones:

For those who choose freedom from fear will come the means necessary to provide the financial support needed for the extra years of life.

Many Blessings to All

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