‘Time Out’, Dear Ones, For Our Dearest

We are giving our dearest Carolyn a rest period; indeed we are, Dear Ones. Our dearest has been working extremely hard for us now for some decades and needs time out.

This day saw our dearest and The Daughter laughing and enjoying each other’s company. This they have done for some years, each week having a number of hours relaxing, eating, learning and growing. However, this day they both noticed a difference.

The difference being, Dear Hearts:

We refrained, in the main, from interrupting their time together with work related issues. That is ‘almost’, Dear Ones. We almost refrained from interrupting their time together.

And why did we interrupt their together time? We interrupted their together time to reveal a number of future happenings. They were, Dear Hearts:

Our dearest, The Daughter and our Dear One Keith will enjoy presenting ABC of Spirit Talk – Freedom From Fear – in the new year; this they will. Our dearest will keep you informed as to when the ‘get togethers’ will begin. Indeed, we shall all enjoy together the information, love and progress that shall emanate from such meetings, indeed.

In the meantime, Dear Ones, our dearest will be enjoying a little break, a well deserved break from the consistency of the work she has agreed to do. That is, Dear Hearts, our dearest will be enjoying life unfettered by the constraints of the previous decades. However, like all things, Dear Hearts, this ‘time out’ will come to a close at which point our dearest will, once again, be the strongest voice for Freedom From Fear.

Many Blessings to All

© 2020 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. I am, and I will, Thank You, Ren. I was just saying to Veronica (The Daughter) that I really haven’t a thing on my mind. That, in itself, is mind blowing! I generally have a number of issues percolating away. Hahah…

  1. My dear Carolyn, you truly deserve this break and taking time for yourself. I know you’ll have even more energy and vibrant thoughts after this. They’re a time to be productive and present (which you did so diligently) and a time to rejoice and recharge.
    Take good care of yourself!
    Have a wonderful and relaxing day!

  2. Such good advice, dear Mihaela; and I am enjoying this little break.
    I am so surprised by the lack of ‘thought’. I’ve had breaks before but not one as relaxing as this!
    And to you, Mihaela, I send my love and wishes for a beautiful and loving day!
    Much Love

  3. It sounds like some exciting times ahead with Freedom From Fear on the horizon. I think it’s a wise move to take some time out now for the holiday season. Take some time to reflect, be proud of everything you’re achieving and the hard work you’ve been putting in, and find the time to do more of the things you enjoy  ♥ xxxx

    1. Yes, Caz, it certainly does sound like exciting times ahead.
      Though, I’m not sure I’ll be ‘relaxing’ for long… hahah… In the early hours of this morning The C.C. woke me with the request to do the next post, which, of course, I agreed to. So, there’s every chance this little break may be just that – a ‘little’ break.
      As always I will take it all in my stride; enjoying all the things you mentioned.
      Thank You – you truly are a sweetheart.

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