Our Dearest Has Had An Epiphany! And What Has This Epiphany Entailed, Dear Ones?

The epiphany our dearest has had is the realisation that she no longer has the enthusiasm required to continue with the work that has consumed her now for some decades. And what is the work that has consumed her now for some decades?

This is a simple question with a simple answer:

The work that has consumed our dearest for some decades has been the ‘self work’ of ridding herself of fear. That is right, Dear Hearts. Our dearest has been consumed with the work of creating, within herself; Love and Perfection.

As has been the case for our dearest over this period of time, so called, there have been various episodes of work that have been at the forefront of her time, energy and thinking. This is the case for all learning. Is it not? Yes, indeed, as one matures there comes a climbing, so to speak, of knowledge and practical application that, to remain constructive and ever evolving needs a constant spiral taking one upwards. And this, to date, has been the case for our dearest. However, our dearest now finds the work to be lacking interest.

This was always going to be the case, Dear Hearts. It was inevitable that our dearest would lose interest as she gained the knowledge and experience intended by the self work.

So, what’s now; asks our dearest. What am I to do now?

We have planned many things of interest for our dearest. Firstly, we plan to lead our dearest to drink from the well of interest. What we mean by this, Dear Ones, is:

We plan for our dearest to speak about her experiences. However, and here is the well of interest. We do not plan for our dearest to speak from the viewpoint of enlisting Light Workers to join her in the work upon self; no, Dear Hearts. Our plan is for our dearest to speak from the viewpoint of one living the life intended for those who have been successful in the work of attaining Love and Perfection:  Freedom From Fear.

This was always to be the case, Dear Ones. Our dearest has been labouring under the impression that her future work was to be involved in the ‘nitty gritty’ of bringing others into the fore. No, Dear Hearts, this is not to be the case.

Our dearest will attract those Light Workers who want to work upon themselves; yes indeed. The difference will be:

Our dearest will be the example and not the teacher!

Many Blessings to All

© 2020 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. Yes! That makes perfect sense! And it all seems to be getting “easier” for you. Easier? ;….? Maybe the term, “natural” is more fitting. Once again Carolyn, I am truly excited and happy for this shift in your life experience. How beautiful this all is!

    1. Yes, Ren, you are so right. There have been quite massive shifts in my experience lately; ones I’ve been very happy to make.
      I’ve loved my years of teaching, and I know I’ll love whatever being the ‘example’ will bring, too!
      The C.C. advised some years past that ‘others’ will take my place bringing forward more understanding, and dedicating themselves, as I have, to teaching. It will be exciting to see who, what and how this will all unfold.
      However, Ren, I am feeling so good; and as you said ‘natural’ about the changes. There’s that spiral again! Ever onwards, ever upwards.
      Blessings Ren

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