Question 17. Do You Ever Experience Guilt For Not Being Productive?

Caz, a woman of incredible worth, has asked this question. Caz can be found at Invisibly Me – Live a Visible Life, Whatever Your Health

Thank You, Caz; I do believe we have all suffered from this insidious energy.

Do you ever experience guilt for not being productive?

Yes, Caz, indeed guilt is an energy of enormous negative influence; one that needs to be supplanted and thrown to the wind whenever it raises itself.

It’s not often that I do not have something to do, Caz. However, when this does happen I, inevitably, feel a twinge of discomfort. Should I be doing something?

As a much younger woman I always felt guilt when inactive. Over the years, though, I’ve managed to whittle away at the reasons why.

As a young person I was led to believe that my worth was intrinsically intertwined in my ability to earn money and to contribute to the family’s finances. Long before this I was taught that my worth was associated with the household chores I was given and expected to fulfil.

In retrospect these conditions upon my worth may seem quite reasonable. However, like most of us, our self esteem is built upon the subtle and not so subtle expectations of others. It does now not surprise me to find those seemingly innocuous attachments lingering in and throughout my life.

It has only been since coming to terms with the expectations of others and the debilitating effect they can, at times, have upon us that I can now see them coming, so to speak.

So yes, I do suffer from guilt, but, only momentarily.

Many Blessings

© 2020 Carolyn Page
ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. It’s fascinating to read your response to this – thank you for taking the time to so thoughtfully answer the question, Carolyn! You make a good point with how our self-confidence and esteem are often inexorably tied, even to a small degree, to the perceptions of others, how other things of us and judge us. That’s where I think some of this perpetual guilt comes from too, but you’ve said it far better than I could. I’m glad your guilt is only fleeting. That’s how it should be. Guilt was supposed to be useful, but much like other evolutionary factors like the stress response that ‘should’ have been useful, it often becomes toxic and applied in all the wrong situations.


  2. Perhaps when I was younger I felt guilty if I wasn’t working at superwoman speed, I think I wanted to prove I could do it all: work, mother, relationship, and all perfectly. I realized that I can usually do two of the three fairly well, but the third would slip! It took quite a while for me to think that was all right. 🙂

  3. Thanks for answering such a great question from Caz. I love her blog. She seems to be doing so much so it seems only fitting that she would want to slow down and have a relaxing day. I think it’s all about balance. Your words are great here in response to her question, Carolyn.

  4. Hello my dear Carolyn,
    I loved your answer. And I think we all feel guilty sometimes and feel that we’re not productive enough. Because of our expectations or other people’s expectations of us. Yet, I think that the most important thing is to stay connected with your inner guidance and know when it’s time to be productive and when it’s time to rest and replenish your energy. I think there has to be a balance between the two.
    Have a beautiful and blessed Sunday!

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