Are You Trying To Begin a ‘New Movement’?

One of the questions offered by a participant at one of our dearest’s presentations was:

Are you trying to begin a ‘new movement’?

Our dearest thought momentarily and then replied.

“Yes, I guess you could say that is true.”

And this, our dearest had not thought upon before this question was asked. There was, within the question, the implication that our dearest may be looking for the celebrity and fame that comes from such an endeavour. It was this that sparked our dearest’s thoughts of not wishing to fulfil her agreement; the agreement to head a movement of Light Workers towards the attainment of Love and Perfection.

With hindsight and freedom of thought, our dearest now takes responsibility of the agreed upon endeavour to head the Light Workers of the World onward and upward toward the agreed upon end. And what is the agreed upon end?

The agreed upon end, Dear Ones, is producing the ripple effect, one Light Worker at a time, that will bring an end to the dishonesty, greed, angst, poverty and abomination of the Fantasy of Earth as it now stands.

That is right, Dear Ones. Our dearest now accepts the responsibility agreed upon.

Many Blessings to All

© 2020 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. This is so exciting!
    And is it possible for me to partake in your presentations? I am not totally clear on what your “format” is. Zoom, I presume.

    1. Yes, Ren, I believe the first of the Zoom meetings will begin early in the New Year!

      The C.C. inspired me to create four physical presentations at a local venue to wet my feet, so to speak, and to invite family members along to learn of the work I do and will be doing.

      That was fantastic. Those who attended knew that something was happening (they have been witnessing the backwards aging, for both The Daughter and myself, and were about to explode with confusion). The last of those presentations will be tonight – the 26th.

      I will create a post regarding the Zoom meetings just as soon as I have the details. That, I know, will be something I’ll thoroughly enjoy!

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