Not All Choices Are Made Willingly!

Our dearest is unwilling, presently, to do our bidding. You see, Dear Hearts, our dearest has been rather swamped of late. And what do we mean by this?

What is meant, Dear Ones, is that our dearest and her Dear Heart Keith have been enjoying regaining some of their physical prowess. What is meant by this is that our dearest and Dear Heart Keith have been tripping the light fantastic on the dance floor. This is something they both enjoy very much and wish to continue to do.

However; and here is the rub. Our dearest is afraid that ABC of Spirit Talk, the presentations both physical and on-line will demand all her energy/all her time.

You see, Dear Ones, our dearest has spent the past thirty something years dedicated to the spiritual aspects of life. Yes indeed, our dearest has spent these years devoted to maintaining life, to one degree or another, working upon her own growth and/or others.

Dance, for our dearest, has been, for the most part, her salvation from her ‘spiritual work’, so to speak.

We have advised our dearest that the future spiritual work will require all her love, all her energy, all her care. Does this mean there will be little time for dance? This has been the query our dearest has pondered upon of late.

You see, Dear Ones, our dearest’s life, although now a delightful pastime has not always been the case. And this our dearest does not want to change.

The anonymity of the past decades has enabled our dearest to enjoy, to the full, the relative unknown state of her life. Presentations on-line and within the physical realm bring the need for greater social interaction, which our dearest foresees as being intrusive into her personal life. This is inevitable; another adjustment for her.

There will be many adjustments to come. Some accepted willingly; others tolerated as part of her choice to begin the process pre-programmed.

We speak openly for our dearest’s sake.  Not all choices are made willingly.

© 2020 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. Wow, Carolyn…this is quite interesting of a situation. I had not considered this aspect of choices before, in what you do. How are you now feeling about it all?

    1. Another beginning, Ren. It seems I’ve been through many beginnings, to be sure!

      I have been a reluctant ‘leader’. I do know that this is my purpose and is my goal; one that will be fulfilled. However, along the way I’ve had many a hissy fit… I have to laugh at my responses, at times. You see, Ren, I rather enjoy my little private life.

      The presentations (at a local Inner Health Centre) of the past few weeks have given me a little glimpse into what my life is to become. Slowly it will become more and more public; something with which I’ve just about comes to terms – just about!

      So, ever onwards, ever upwards. As is generally the case; once a new beginning is embraced it usually turns out fantastic.

  2. Chaplin: “This is very true. Like for instance I was sleeping in my wall hammock the other day when it broke and I got dumped out onto the floor. Totally not my choice to end up on the floor instead of in my wall hammock.”
    Charlee: “I don’t think that’s quite the same thing, Chaplin …”

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